Kyrona with her daughter Sheannah at 6 months old.
Kyrona with her daughter Sheannah at 6 months old.

Kyrona Unity Hope is a remarkably accomplished, experienced and empowered spiritual woman. She is a shining star whose beautiful light and deep level of compassion embraces and inspires everyone who connects to her energy. Today she is a happily married mother to six children ranging in ages from 22 to 8 months of age – which has provided her with a unique breadth of understanding and experience in most matters relating to parenthood and children.

Her life story is as inspiring and diverse as her work, throughout her first 30 years of life she survived and grew through many of life’s really big challenges. She has experienced 20 years of her life disconnected from Spirit and her soul self – during this time being a very successful student, athlete, career woman and activist – ‘living the 3D dream’ in the eyes of the world, while as she says living the heartbreaking truth of that existence, knowing the deep dissatisfaction, loneliness, anxiety and fear that co-existed within her throughout this time. All these experiences have given Kyrona a deep level of understanding and compassion, as well as a unique ability to offer REAL solutions for REAL people in a REAL world.

Mastery and Ascension Frequency HealingKyrona is a respected, qualified and skilled frequency healer and teacher who in the name of the Light has been facilitating individual, family and group healings across the globe for over seven years – practicing through her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing® business . She has a key for spiritual communication and as guided by Spirit continues to write and publish many wonderful, insightful and empowering articles and videos, present at major events, conduct workshops, create many perceptive healing tools.

Kyrona is gifted with the ability to channel through divine powerful healing song and her ‘Celestial Resonance Light Language’ supports both our Earth and all those who are blessed to experience its profoundly moving and healing resonance. Her healing song is featured in the unique Symfoniq® range of audio-visual light language healing tools, co-created with her soul friend Rebecca Taubert through their Inspired Insight partnership.

Kyrona’s inspired passion for supporting the young children now entering our planet and their parents is profound. The information and tools gifted to the world through her are perceptive, practical and so very needed right now. This blog and the community it continues to create are one of the central means by which she is able to achieve this aspect of her Service.

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Kyrona has studied and mastered several different healing arts on her journey through this life. She has practiced as a frequency healer and teacher for over seven years. Through her Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing® practice she have facilitated hundreds of healing sessions for clients both face-to-face and at a distance, individually and in groups, adults and children, throughout the world. Nowadays she works mainly as a distance healer, working extensively with new frequency children and their families, either directly or through her healing circle attunements.

She is currently certified both as a Crystal Light Healing Practitioner™ with honours and as an Essence of Angels® Practitioner. She is passionate about these two synergistic methods of healing, resonating strongly with the technology and wisdoms within them that she feels are so needed at this time. Importantly these two healing processes allow her to freely flow through each healing journey as guided by a client/groups specific needs in the moment and by Spirit, channelling and weaving in her own unique spiritual gifts as she progresses, adding further dimensions to every healing session. This freedom creates unique, beautiful and impactful experiences for all. No two healing sessions are ever the same, rather they are tailored to each individual, best meeting their unique needs in that moment of time.


Kyrona launched New Frequency Child at Utopia Retreat on the 16th October 2009. She is very passionate about this program at this time.

Kyrona, Darryn and their blended family on their wedding day.

Kyrona, Darryn and their blended family on their wedding day.

As the biological mother of a 21yo son, 18yo daughter and 7 month old new frequency child/daughter, as well as a step-mother to 22yo and 18yo daughters and a 10 year old son (crystal child) who have all lived with her full-time, Kyrona has much experience and wisdom to offer. Because of her unique life situation and hands on experience, the breadth of her knowledge and experience is remarkable, spanning children of all ages and both sexes, of differing cultural backgrounds, of indigenous heritage, of differing levels of consciousness and differing spiritual beliefs. Furthermore Kyrona was a sole parent for 16 years and unawakened for much of that time, adding a further dimension to her real world parenting experience.

Darryn, Kyrona & Sheannah at 37 weeks.

Darryn, Kyrona & Sheannah at 37 weeks.

As destiny would have it – in early 2008 at the age of 40 & 41 respectively, Kyrona and her husband Darryn were contacted by an insistent loving soul who wanted to enter Earth and wanted them to be her parents! It was not part of their plans at the time; in fact Kyrona and Darryn had only married one month earlier, with the clear intent not to have any more children. However this love filled soul and Spirit were both very insistent that this journey was an important one for both of them to accept… so it wasn’t long before they decided that it was indeed a journey they would love to begin. Little did they know what blessings were to come and the absolute perfection of everything that was to follow?

Kyrona ……   “The wisdom, technologies and tools that have birthed through me onto the planet as the New Frequency Child program began channelling through a few months before I conceived my new frequency daughter Sheannah Harmony Hope. The journey of conception, pregnancy, birth and the first year of her life have been profoundly love filled, healing, inspiring and educational. At the same time we have, of course had our moments, there have been a few tears, some tired days and adjustments to be made both personally and within our family unit. With the support and guidance of Sheannah’s higher self / guides, the Divine Goddess, Archangel Michael ( who works so closely with all new frequency children), as well as many other healing masters/energies of the Light, we have never been alone and have remained protected, nurtured and guided throughout.address>The guidance and support channelling through to me during this time has without any doubt directly contributed to an easy conception, a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy, a deeply intimate and empowering home birth and a healthy, balanced, supper intuitive, intelligent thriving, happy, playful sparkling baby.

Sheannah at 7 months!Every day of Sheannah’s life has been precious, timeless, full of wonderful growth, learning, wisdom, a love so big that my heart may burst, lots of laughter, play and adventure. Now that we have settled and the steep learning curve has evened out, I have been asked by Spirit to share the information and remarkable tools that Sheannah and I have been gifted with, with the world.

I feel so deeply loved to have been gifted the journey of creating, birthing and parenting a New Frequency Child at this time in my life and our Earths transition. I am honoured through this journey to have been chosen by Spirit to use my spiritual gifts to support New Frequency Children and their specially chosen parents – it is truly my inspired passion!.”, October 2009


A representation of the beautiful healing energies Kyrona Channels through her healing song

A representation of the beautiful healing energies Kyrona Channels through her healing song

From the very beginning of her awakening journey, Kyrona received channelled information from several sources telling her that she held a huge key for communication and that she would, as a part of that key, sing the language of light.

It was in late 2006, upon holding her crystal wand for the first time, that Kyrona began a personally life-changing reconnection to her cosmic Sirian soul group Neeandah. As a result of this reconnection journey, her celestial resonance light language song and the healing frequencies and technologies associated with it, began anchoring through. By July 2007 her first light language healing transmission had birthed and was successfully launched, through a series of concerts, to the global market as the beautiful audio visual healing symphony called SYMFONIQ®. By mid 2008 she had begun integrating this beautiful song into all her healing sessions.

The beautiful and sacred light language song that flows through Kyrona today is a true blessing in her life. She finds herself in daily service channelling through these frequencies, while connecting to remarkable Earth and Etheric crystals that enter her life as needed, in order to reconnect Earth and Cosmic Grid Points, weaving in beautiful frequencies as guided by Spirit, gridding and creating a state of Celestial Resonance, to support the Earth and Human evolutionary journey at this time.

In addition healings facilitated through my Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services, are profoundly impacted by her light language song. The songs that come through are unique to each individual, reconnecting them through their DNA to dormant aspects of their soul potential. Reconnecting them to Earth and Cosmic Gateways that they are ready to once again access and to all the gifts awaiting them therein. To experience and observe the magic, emotion and healing power of these reconnections is beyond words.


As a qualified and very successful Marketing Director with over 15 years experience, who was over the corporate world and fully committed to her new spiritual path, Kyrona was inspired to open a Marketing Company that specifically targeted the Spiritual Industry in January 2001. This business called LIVLIF grew organically, with some remarkable clients showcasing its work and recommending its services to their peers. At the same time Kyrona’s unique skills grew, better servicing an industry that had to date been so poorly misunderstood and mishandled by marketing firms.

Only a short few years latter Kyrona partnered up with her dear soul friend Rebecca Taubert (who had contracted her services to Kyrona’s business over previous years and become both invaluable and inseparable in its service provision). Thus the pair began a whole new era of service delivery under the name Inspired Insight. As their experience grew they were able to really refine their skills and master the art of “Frequency Marketing” – which is a new way of approaching the marketing of all businesses who want to successfully operate in the new world.

Today the purpose of Inspired Insight is to lift the standards of spiritual industry communications and presentation to a level that reflects its importance and significance to the world. To support and assist spiritual individuals to manifest their destiny and purpose. And to create spiritual healing and empowerment tools to support humanity at this vital time of Earth and human ascension.

It is as a result of my remarkable creative partnership with Rebecca, through Inspired Insight, that Kyrona has been able to so joyfully and beautifully bring her light language tools in the form of Symfoniq® and her wonderful New Frequency Child tools to the world. She is no longer actively involved in the daily marketing activities of this company, Rebecca has taken over this role, however she is involved on both a strategic and advisory basis as needed.


During sabbatical in early 2008 Kyrona was introduced to a product range that is recognised as a world leader in NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING. She was immediately interested in the concept and researched the process, products and this truly new world company thoroughly. What she found excited her, she could see the frequency of those who were offering testimonials in relation to these products shifting so dramatically and she was observing not only the obvious health benefits they were experiencing (including for many the release of excess weight) but more importantly the dramatic and quick shifts in their levels of consciousness.

As a result of these observations she decided to try the lifestyle program herself – the results were remarkable to say the least. By releasing the toxicity in her body, and flooding it with the highest quality organic nutrition, Kyrona quickly released weight that she had not been able to release for years despite her best attempts to do so. Better still she felt an immediate and dramatic increase in her energy levels, mental clarity and emotional balance. Additionally several nagging physical symptoms simply stopped. She simply felt fantastic in her body and realised that the process was greatly supporting her ascension journey.

It is true that many of us ignore our physical bodies when we begin reconnecting to our soul selves and ascending – we forget that ascension occurs through our body and that it is vital we maintain our body in optimum condition!

Kyrona is convinced that in addition to energy work, we all need to detoxify our body through nutritional cleansing to support and enhance our frequency shifts – making it an extremely beneficial practice to support our physical, emotional and mental and spiritual bodies. She is also convinced that it was this nutritional program that supported her physical body, a body that was not meant to be able to conceive and carry a baby due to earlier operations, to easily conceive and experience a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy and birth at the age of 41.

Furthermore she has observed how this stunning organic nutritional cleansing technology continues to have remarkable results with the new children! Children love the taste and one serve a day will provide them with the nutrition they require for healthy growth and holistic wellness, which they cannot access from our bankrupt food supply anymore. It supports them to keep their energy high, it detoxes their little bodies (of the many chemicals in our toxic world), and it supports their brain chemistry allowing them to remain balanced, centred and happy.

This is why Kyrona now fully encourages every-body to embrace this remarkable technology for themselves, to LIVE LIFE AND LOVE THEIR BODIES! As a result she completed training as a Cleanse Coach in 2008 and synergistically includes this remarkable product range and service into her healing practice as appropriate.

If you wish to learn more about Kyrona visit her website.

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