IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT to all Celestial Temple Members (VIDEO)




Where to from here: –

  1.  Be sure to join me for Tomorrows November Healing Circle – the final event of the Celestial Temple.
  2. Know that ALL SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS ARE BEING TURNED OFF as of now.  So you will not be charged anymore and you do not have to cancel your subscription.
  3. You can still enter the Customer Hub members area until 30th November – at which point it will be turned off.
  4. KEEP AN EYE OUT for the email I will send you at some point over the next week!  It will advise you of the offering that I am guided to give you, both as as a thankyou and energy exchange to compensate you for your pro-rata remaining membership term.  Remember in every case it will be more valuable in monetary terms than the value of your remaining membership.
  5. FINALLY again thankyou.  Please know I am going no-where, we are still connected through the field that is the Celestial Temple, we will still share our journey and I will still be offering all my usual services – they will get more and more amazing as my energy improves.  For now surrender and make the space, for we both have the opportunity to re-align and share in new more resonant ways into the future.
Kyrona is a passionate leader in the area of cosmic consciousness & conscious evolution. She is the anchor, founder & principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL). High Star Priestess and anchor of its Star Temple known as "The Celestial Temple" which is a multi-dimensional energy field wrapped around out Earth/Sky. She is globally renowned as the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language & for her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services! She is a pioneer of 'Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology', facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Online Workshops globally! Kyrona is a member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School & currently completing her Associate Level Qualification through the school. Ultimately Kyrona's calling is to spread the wisdom, ascension frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance as far and wide as she can, to support Earth & Human Evolution.

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