23 August 2019 Mars/Venus Sacred Union- MILA Downloads

The 24/25 August –  Mars/Venus Sacred Union Downloads Page

Kyrona2016Hi starry friends BLESSINGS and love flying your way during this blissful, high frequency, potent day!

I thank you so much for joining me in the Celestial Temple for personal & planetary SERVICE this day!



Welcome Message From Kyrona


For some reason, I cannot get this file to upload off my phone, but after many tries, I did get it to load onto my facebook page!!!  So above is the video on my facebook KYRONA Page – if you can’t see that, please follow the below link… it is preparation for today’s ceremony!


So today’s downloadable support files include: –

  • A powerful Celestial Resonance Galactic Shamanic Healing Journey “CEREMONY” (MP3) –  30 minutes long
  • A Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Sacred Marriage Transmission (MP3)  5 minutes long, taken from within the ceremony (you had the opportunity to download and work with this as preparation for today’s ceremony).
  • A download of the PICTURE OF THE BOOK COVER you will work within your Ceremony
  • Pictures of the crystal grid created to support you today (view or download)
  • If you wish to read it – I recommend the Paper referred to in my video DEEP ADAPTATION here  



  1. I encourage you to take time today to firstly watch the welcome video, it will help you make the most of the Sacred Ceremony!
  2. Look at the Grid Picture – this grid is a supporting today’s ceremony.
  3. Look at the picture I have shaved of your book cover (familiarise yourself with the symbols on it)
  4. Select 2 crystals one feminine & one masculine – to hold during your ceremony, if you don’t have them, ask for etheric crystals to be placed there.
  5. Create a quiet uninterrupted time to listen to today’s MILA FULL Ceremony including the light language codes.  This will re-run your personal energy session for you! 
  6. For the next 3-7 days listen to the sacred marriage transmission or full ceremony as you desire.  Working with these every day to allow the energies to really settle down.
  7. Take it easy, rest, ground, get into nature as much as possible, nurture, love yourself!  You may also like to read this article full of great tips on how to clear and alleviate lightbody symptoms.

Follow your guidance with all these things, trust it – you can’t do anything wrong!  You are totally protected by the energy and overseers of the Celestial Temple!

Any technical issues listening or downloading – refer to bottom of page for support.

Access your files NOW below...



1. The Grid Pictures for Today’s Event

Full Grid supporting today’s event & supporting you over the coming week… its actually my personal altar, it’s working for you at this time!


Optional  Download the Grid Picture

2.  View or Download the sketch of the book cover your connect to today.


light language support

3. Listen and/or Download the full Mars Venus Sacred Union Galactic Shamanic Healing  Ceremony

Download the Mars/Venus Sacred Ceremony audio


4.  Listen to or download the SACRED MARRIAGE TRANSMISSION (this was shared with you when you booked the event, in case you haven’t got it, here it is again)

Download the Sacred Marriage Transmission audio


Technical Support

Having Challenges Accessing the above files?

Tips for listening and downloading
If you are having issues downloading to your computer or android WATCH THIS VIDEO and it will explain what to do. IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE & are trying to download WATCH THIS VIDEO. If you are still having issues - submit a support ticket (or just listen to the audio's on this page).
Listen to audios without them stopping & startingTo watch a HELP VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC CLICK HERE Step 1: Press PLAY - watch the download line/bar* start to move across the screen. Step 2: Press PAUSE straight away. And now watch the download line move across the entire way. Step 3: ITS TIME TO LISTEN - Press PLAY again & listen to the full journey uninterrupted.
Kyrona is a passionate leader in the area of cosmic consciousness & conscious evolution. She is the anchor, founder & principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL). High Star Priestess and anchor of its Star Temple known as "The Celestial Temple" which is a multi-dimensional energy field wrapped around out Earth/Sky. She is globally renowned as the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language & for her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services! She is a pioneer of 'Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology', facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Online Workshops globally! Kyrona is a member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School & currently completing her Associate Level Qualification through the school. Ultimately Kyrona's calling is to spread the wisdom, ascension frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance as far and wide as she can, to support Earth & Human Evolution.

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