About Celestial Resonance Living Light Language

About YOU and Living Light Language     More about Kyrona’s Celestial Resonance Style of Light Language Why is the light language I channel called Celestial Resonance? I have called the living light language I channel Celestial Resonance for some specific reasons. Firstly, when I am cchanneling I can see and feel the symphony of Celestial Beings that come through with each transmission. I am also aware of the unique way in which this language connects to Earth & Cosmic Gridpoints, opening portals of potentiality.  Aligning and harmonising our multidimensional selves with Celestial Flow. Finally the resonant frequencies of my voice and the energetic choir supporting me, creates large vibratory responses in all levels of your being and the environment in which you are in – facilitating transformation and harmony, moreso than simply musical sounds. As a Siriun Emissary to the Galactic Federation of Light – I hold within me lightcodes that allow me to channel this language. In fact I have cchanneled light language as I do today in Early Lemuria, Early and Late Atlantis (both on and off the planet) and in Ancient Egypt.  I have been initiated in this life by Master Thoth and Lord Melchizadek to channel Celestial Resonance Living Light Language and to perform the ceremonies that I conduct.  You can read more about this journey HERE. “Kyrona your work with me is about the connection to the cosmos… and activating this within others. Holding your frequency as you journey is impacting the collective greatly.  You are the star being, who speaks in music and light to reconnect and activate the Earth.  Hold this within.” Master Thoth 9th April 2011 It is my souls contract and greatest joy to share these frequencies with you and our Earth Mother at this time – to support our growth, transformation and ascension into fifth dimensional reality. Thankyou from the depths of my being! Kyrona Unity Hope Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Channel About Celestial Resonance Living Light Language If you are new to the experience of Living Light Language you are not alone!   You are probably trying to understand how it can help you, how it works, where it comes from, why it impacts you so deeply in a way that you can’t put words to and what you should do to ensure that you make the most of each listening experience.  Well on this page, I hope to answer some of these questions for you, to demystify the ever so magical and mystical technology that is Living Light Language! Light Language is beyond hearing, beyond words! Well I am sure you are familiar with the sublime healing properties of sound and have experienced some form of sound healing in your life to date.  Light Language is a multi-dimensional form of sound healing  and as such is very different indeed to the traditional sound healing  you experience via beautiful music, the sounds of nature, crystal bowls, tuning forks, chanting etc. You see Light Language contains within it way more frequencies than simply the sound that you hear when you listen to it.  In fact when you experience a transmission you are hearing only a very small portion of a huge etheric symphony of frequencies, keys and codes that are weaving within and around you!  Some people like myself are blessed to be able to hear and even see these frequencies using their clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities. Furthermore, Light Language holds within it profound technology which is really beyond our human mental comprehension?  Of course this is absolutely perfect, as human words and our mental plane would simply limit the far-reaching impacts of each and every light language transmission. In fact it is actually because living light language by-passes our mental plane and connects deeply into our emotional and spiritual planes that it is so incredibly effective at shifting energy, opening doorways of pure potentiality and increasing frequency | consciousness to create truly breathtaking healing impacts and positive change. The technology, frequencies, keys and codes within each and every Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transmission are different.  They emanate forth from the creator Gods or ‘Elohim’, from varying multi-dimensional Celestial Realms and Beings, from the consciousness’s and grid points of the Planetary & Starry Beings, the Great Central Sun, Mother Gaia, the inner Earth Realms and more.    Each transmission opens up a portal through which frequencies flow from these locations into you  – connecting into your DNA, weaving throughout your entire physical/etheric being, bathing you with celestial particles and frequencies, the elements of creation, sacred geometry, light codes and more. So this is why Light Language is so very different to traditional sound healing.  This is why even though you may not be aware of anything other than my audible voice you can experience such big physical, emotional and even spiritual responses – while listening and for some time thereafter. And this is why Light Language has been such a significant healing practice throughout all previous Golden Ages on Earth and why it is now returning once again – as we enter a new Golden Age upon our planet.  I have been present in all those ancient times channeling light language, and have returned once more to help re-introduce this incredible and vital technology to Earth at this incredible time.   About Your Experience when experiencing a Light Language Transmission? So I hope by now you have had a little wander through the transmissions page on this website and experienced at least one Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transmission for yourself.    If you haven’t please take a moment to do so now, before reading on. Most people  will usually feel the impact of this light language in their emotional body first.  They may feel tears welling up, joy, a feeling of coming home OR they may even feel anxiety or fear (these are simply part of a clearing and releasing process). It is common to experience varying physical sensations such as tingling, heat, a feeling of hands being placed … Continue reading About Celestial Resonance Living Light Language