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Divine Blueprint Self Mastery (DB1)

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This workshop is for everyone, the only pre-requisite is that you have had a Divine Blueprint Ceremony. During the first 6 modules of your Divine Blueprint Mastery Journey:- - You will learn how to commune with your Higher Self and your Divine Blueprint. - You will experience profound & powerful Galactic Shamanic Journeys to further refine & activate your divine blueprint. -You will learn how to intimately connect to & commune with the PERSONAL PLANETS (The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury & Jupiter) & the CONSTELLATIONS in the heavens above & within your Divine Blueprint. - You will gain profound insights into who you are, your life, & how you live it. - So if it's time for you to access TRUE ANSWERS to the BIG QUESTIONS of your life for yourself! Questions like; “Who am I?”, “What is my destiny & purpose?”, “What is my perfect career/relationship?" etc... this workshop is for you! The final 6 modules dive deep & take your mastery up a notch - the knowledge, skills & DNA activations will empower & change your life! You will attune to, connect & commune with the OUTER PLANETS (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) and Chiron. These celestial beings are the powerhouses in your Divine Blueprint, they detail life agreements you made when you came to Earth & create times of initiation & growth. You will learn to attune to these initiations to discover how to minimise challenges & maximise potential, ensuring you flow with the Divine Plan for your life and shine!

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