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kyrona_profilepic_fb2“I offer 3 incredible services to assist you to anchor, attune to, activate and embody your Divine Blueprint!


Each of these service options is profound and powerful, each will absolutely change your life!  These options have been created to ensure that everybody can afford to access to this VITAL Star Temple Energy Work, at this vital time on Earth, regardless of their budget!  To make your decision easier please review the below comparison/price table!  I look forward to sharing a journey with you !” Kyrona



ALCHEMY Ceremony AUD$120
POPULAR - Online Self-Paced Package
3 days to access to "2 hours of MAGIC that will change your life!" Your Alchemy Package includes:-
  • A compulsory 1 hour preparatory training video by Kyrona
  • A map of your Unique Divine Blueprint (Your Natal Chart) PDF File
  • A 30 min audio Divine Blueprint Ceremony facilitated by Kyrona
  • A compulsory 15 minute debrief video by Kyrona
  • Energetic space held for 72 hours by Kyrona & the Celestial Temple
You DO NOT Receive
  • A FULL hour one-on-one energy session with Kyrona
  • A 25 min MP3 Audio Recording of YOUR unique ceremony
  • A Mp3 Audio Recording of YOUR UNIQUE SOUL SONG
  • An MP3 Audio 'Overview' of your ceremony
  • Your Full  Natal Chart Report PDF File
  • A Crystal Grid Anchored into the Celestial Temple permanently & pics.
  • An intuited drawing of YOUR Akashic Record Book Cover
No matter where you life, your time-zone or how busy you are, this is for you!
ULTIMATE Ceremony AUD$330
The Premium Package
With this PREMIUM PACKAGE You Receive
  • An FULL Hour one-on-one energy session with Kyrona
  • A 25 min MP3 Audio Recording of YOUR Unique Ceremony
  • A Mp3 Audio Recording of YOUR  UNIQUE SOUL SONG
  • A 20 min MP3 Audio 'Overview' of your ceremony
  • 4 Pictures of YOUR Crystal Grid that is permanently anchored into the Temple.
  • An intuited drawing of YOUR Akashic Record Book Cover
  • A Map of Your Divine Blueprint (Your Natal Chart) PDF file
  • Your Natal Chart Report PDF File
SOUL SONG Ceremony AUD$210
The Abridged Package
With this 'Abridged' PACKAGE You Receive
  • An individual 20 min energy session with Kyrona
  • A Mp3 Audio Recording of  YOUR UNIQUE SOUL SONG
  • A Map of Your Divine Blueprint (Your Natal Chart) PDF file
  • Your Natal Chart Report PDF File
You DO NOT Receive
  • A FULL  hour one-on-one energy session with Kyrona
  • A 25 min MP3 Audio recording of YOUR unique ceremony
  • A 20 minute MP3 Audio 'Overview' of your ceremony
  • Your Crystal Grid Anchored into the Celestial Temple permanently & pics.
  • An intuited drawing of YOUR Akashic Record Book Cover

What clients are saying about their Divine Blueprint Ceremonies!

  • WOW WOW WOW Kyrona, fantastic. I truly truly am grateful that I found you one day on FB!! I still don't quite understand it all but I do know I'm very powerfully drawn to your work. My Divine Blueprint Ceremony felt very powerful. I had full blown goosebumps from head to toe when entering the temple. When Master Thoth placed his hands on my shoulders there were pins and needles. So intense and amazing. I've been really asking for a third eye awakening too. I feel as though I can definitely be of great healing and guidance to people however I'm still not sure how to do that. So I guess this new alignment with your tribe and your work is just my next step. So excited for this journey. Thank you so much for everything. Complete Divine Blueprint Ceremony:  Sarah B, Albany Canada
    "So Intense, Amazing - Powerful" Albany, Canada
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy CatherineKillmierThank you for the healing sessions they have been wonderful & life changing! Since my divine blueprint & individual healing sessions with you I have managed to get off anti-depressants after being on them for about 15 years! I am definitely more present & happier & am starting to remember who I am & what I came here to do!  I'm losing weight, coping better with life & am healthier & happier than I've been in years. Even my aches & pains have lessened & I'm integrating my light body symptoms more easily. I've always been super sensitive to everything but I'm definitely better able to cope with daily life. I'm starting to reclaim my power! I can't thank you enough as it's made a huge difference to my life! Can't wait to see what I'm capable of now & in the future! CATHERINE: Melbourne, Australia
    I am healthier & happier than I have been in years!
  • KatyKeelFirstly Kyrona I would like to thank you so much for the Divine Blueprint journey, as a trained astrologer I got it and the galactic shamanic journeys were just Wow, ambrosia for the soul. I have always felt a soul connection with the planets and stars, and your techniques make this so much clearer to me, enabling me to access so much more wisdom from the planets. I particularly loved seeing the objects in each planet, and meeting the BEings (Chiron is very handsome!) and I love working with the orbs. I actually got a huge amount out of working with Chiron, as in traditional astrology they don't teach too much about him. The description of the core wounding (Chiron in Aries) was so accurate, I know once that is fully healed there is nothing in this world I can't do. I have done a lot of training in energy work, however your techniques all seem so natural to me, and very close to my heart. Recently I decided that sound healing would be the next direction for me, and recording my spiritual songs, and then I found your Light Language and it just transcends everything. It reminds me of a time and place that I miss very much.  Whenever I think about learning Light Language I get shivers and goosebumps. There is nothing I would love more & this is why I am going to enter your Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation Workshop!  I know my career is going through a very deep transformation. I feel this is a big part of it. I absolutely love your workshops, MILAs, transmissions, and would like to go right through to DBP practitioner, as it would go so well with the energy healing and astrology that I do with clients. Feeling very happy and grateful..... Katy K: Annual Member of the Celestial Temple - London, UK
    'As a trained Astrology - I GOT IT! I absolutely love your ceremonies & workshops!'
  • Hello Kyrona, I'm so grateful for this event!  ADivine Blueprint Alchemy Testimonial Austra McCormickfter i finished my Divine Blueprint Ceremony, I felt like I had been to another planet & my journey went without a hitch. I felt very tired and over coming days my kidneys really hurt, but as I'm a healer, I have been doing healing for these issues and drinking plenty of water.  I can say that after this Ceremony I feel differently about things I would never have considered doing before. I intend to commence your Divine Blueprint Mastery Workshop as soon as possible - I know this is a necessary next step for me to take. I believe everyone should experience this Ceremony! I have mentioned it to a friend who asks me always why her life isnt working how she wants it to! "Go for it its amazing!!!!" Thank you kyrona Hugs and blessings to you xx
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY (2015 New Year): Austra M- Adelaide, Australia
  • Testimonial Divine Blueprint Alchemy Angie Arciero Kyrona,  the Divine Blueprint Alchemy event was awesome! What a way to end the year and move into the New Year feeling new. Your preparation videos certainly provided the grounding necessary in understanding the wonderful work you do and what we were about to receive. I would not change a thing about the entire event. I experienced the Divine Blueprint Ceremony itself very powerfully, especially throughout my body; the feeling of stepping into the Celestial Temple with you and being present for my sacred ceremony was divine. Within 24 hours of the event in my sleep I was processing issues that have created fear in me about stepping out in the world and found myself the observer calmly releasing them so I would no longer fear it. It felt exciting to surrender this and know that the best is yet to come. With Infinite Love and Gratitude! "  UPDATE: Post event Angie upgraded to get her personal "SOUL SONG" and stepped into the "Divine Blueprint Mastery Workshop"
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY (2015 New Year): Angie A - Quebec, Canada
  • Divine Blueprint CeremonyHi Kyrona, I want to express my thanks to you for the Divine Blueprint Ceremony you performed for me.  All the time I felt a lovely light energy with me.I now feel sane and normal, than I have ever felt. I feel accepting of myself like I've never felt before. I've always felt attached and affected by the past, which I don't now.  Thank you for all the effort that you've gone to! I appreciate it immensely.   I am now working with the Soul Song Twice daily and it has brought great happiness and sometimes tears. Thanks again!
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Gail F; Melbourne, VIC Australia
  •   Divine Blueprint Alchemy CatherineKillmierHi Kyrona, I wanted to thank you for my Divine Blueprint Ceremony, it was awesome! My soul song is amazing & even involves throat singing, which I have been known to do from time to time! The crystal grid is also fabulous, with many crystals I already work with, including the red garnet for my sun - I own a red garnet that zapped me when I touched it, so I knew I had to have it! My book cover also includes a pyramid (I've always been very connected to ancient Egypt, Greece & Atlantis) & Archangel Michael's sword, which I also work with! I truly felt like I was coming home & resonated very strongly with the ceremony & feel like I've found what I've been looking for my whole life - it just makes sense! I've always worked with white light but this is on a whole other level! Thank you so much, I feel much more grounded and present & things are already starting to change for the better - it has been truly life changing & very powerful & perfect for me! I can't wait to continue my journey! Blessings,Catherine"  Victoria, Australia UPDATE: Catherine has gone on to complete Divine Blueprint Self Mastery & become a Celestial Resonance Channel!
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Catherine K; Thornbury, VIC Australia
  • Testimonial for Divine Blueprint Alchemy EventWHAT A RIDE - BUT SO WORTH IT!  I FEEL LIGHTER & LESS VULNERABLE! A few hours after the event I had a huge argument with my husband. Things had been pretty rough between us in the past because I am chasing my dream of fulfilling my life purpose, standing in my own power, and refusing to lock into a life that he wanted me to live for our financial security. I was confused by this argument because I thought we had resolved all this tension long ago. The day following the event I secretly cried often. I was so sad that I literally had my mouth turned down all day long. Raw emotion was pouring out of me and I was so miserable I couldn’t even speak. Unwelcome imaginings of divorce visited my thoughts but I dismissed them and retreated, preferring solitude. I was numb. To my utter surprise, the next morning (two days after the event), was like nothing had ever happened! No raw emotion, no sadness …. nothing but the loving, affectionate companionship of my husband, and the usual unconditional love of my adorable child. That painful, torrent of emotion had turned off like a tap, and left me a little dazed – but feeling stronger and more capable than ever of living my life the way ‘I’ want to live it. Kyrona said “if you are having big energy work – people tend to react, clash, mis-commune, bounce off each other, lash out at each other …. (it can be for so many reasons), but basically we are trying to embody more light, we are clearing, releasing, shadow dancing, this life stuff & past life stuff etc.” I felt like I had had a major shift. I had released a massive amount of pent-up ‘stuff’. It was as though I had taken a really strong grip of the all the burdens on my shoulders ….the low self-esteem, the self-doubt, the crippling fear; and purposefully put them on the ground. I am continuing on my journey feeling much lighter and less vulnerable.  Thankyou!  
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: Shauna B; Sydney, Australia
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy SharonWalkerDear Kyrona, your Divine Blueprint Alchemy program is amazing! I loved it. The initiation was extremely powerful for me and even gave me very important messages for me and my husband. Your work is awesome! I can't even put into words the new world I am delighted to be experiencing of myself since yesterday when I finished my Divine Blueprint Alchemy initiation. Thank you so much. You are a sweet shocking surprise in my life.  You make who I know myself to be real.  I would like to invite you to be interviewed on my radio show @  - Love Sharon" " Energy Ecstacy - Quaker Hill, CT, USA
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: Sharon W; Connecticut, USA
  •   Divine Blueprint Alchemy KateHi Kyrona! I want to quickly let you know I LOVED the whole 11:11 Gateway Divine Blueprint Alchemy experience... It's blissful to connect with your recordings and go on such a beautiful honourable galactic shamanic journey... I intended the experience to be a new beginning for me...a gateway of course...and I feel so much happiness finally taking root in my self! I felt more magnetic after the ceremony, more present in a way that could just fully appreciate the feeling of a shower etc in a space of vibrant sacred gratitude.  And your grounding technique- pouring liquid haematite into my Earth Star chakra- works like nothing I've ever tried...probably because the ceremony enabled me to finally BE here...I've had such a hard time grounding myself previously. So THANKYOU and bless you! The stars shine brighter for me now too. xo" Freelance Artist- Tarwin Lower, Australia
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: Kate VN; Tarwin Lower, Australia
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy ChristineCowinDear Kyrona, Thank you so much for the Divine Blueprint Alchemy Event, it was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed my journey with you to anchor, attune and active my Divine Blueprint. I am so looking forward to the coming days to face what I need to to clear. Light and Love from Christine."  Lifecoach - Newcastle, Australia
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: Christine C; Newcastle, Australia
  • Dvine Blueprint Soul Song LeilaEsberHello Kyrona, thank you so much, for the natal chart and soul song! I loved my soul song , listened to it twice immediately!  It was a welcoming home ceromony with family of light present.  You are very gifted with your divine voice & very powerful! My heart felt the vibrational frequency.  At the time of ceromony I was guided to just lie down - I saw many mandala shapes, beautiful colours and designs, it was very peaceful.  I was so up- lifted & felt totally complete!  Love and Light, Leila E" Cantebury, Australia
    Individual Divine Blueprint "SOUL SONG": Leila E; Cantebury, Australia
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy AnnabelleHi kyrona, I am very grateful for my soul song - it was beautiful!  I am also grateful for the incredible energies I received yesterday during my ceremony with you. I know why you call it 'soul song' - my heart centre seemed to be singing along. Understanding every word.   Today I feel, for the very first time - that spirit has merged with my physical form.  I sense open space not just around the heart anymore, completely around the body and beyond. Deeply grounded and fearless. Again, very grateful to have found you. You have changed my life :) Blessing, Annabelle" Sydney Australia
    Individual Divine Blueprint "SOUL SONG": Annabelle J; Sydney, Australia
  • Divine Bluperint Ceremony GregMakehamDear Kyrona, my Divine Blueprint Ceremony..... in a word or two.... utterly amazing!!!! I really did feel the energies and even experienced visions both during the time of the ceremony and when I looked at and listened to the downloaded files. This does explain a lot about me, and many things are now making a lot of sense. I fully resonate with all of this. I knew there was a reason why I was drawn to this site.  Thanks so much !!!!   Blessed Be, Greg" Perth Australia
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Greg M; Perth, Australia
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy AnnabelleHi kyrona, I would like to say thank you! I feel very grateful to have been guided to you you for the 11:11 Gateway Divine Bluperint Alchemy Event. Wow amazing! I felt the energies going through me during the ceremony. I grounded myself and went on with my day feeling great. I went to the gym around two hours later and in the middle of a weights sessions there was influx of energy pouring in from the top of my head. The room became very bright like someone have turned on a switch. I felt very dizzy and almost collapsed with 5kg dumb bells in my hands. I did read the warning at the end of the ceremony about how huge the energy work was and to honour the process - so I immediately stopped and refrained from working out for a few days after too! I went to the bathroom and cried the biggest, deepest cry of my of my life! I have NEVER FELT HAPPIER! Over the last week has been a emotional roller coaster, along with chest pains. For the first time in my life I feel grounded and comfortable in my body AND I don't feel the need to go 'back home'... I finally remembered!  You are a blessing Ky. Thank you!"   Annabelle J; Sydney, Australia
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: AnnabelleJ; Sydney, Australia
  • Divine Blueprint Alchemy CatherineKillmierI just completed the Divine Blueprint Alchemy 11:11 Event, which i enjoyed so much I decided do do the full Divine Blueprint Self Mastery Workshop straight away! After the first initiation module of the Mastery Workshop - I have to say this journey with you has been LIFE CHANGING ALREADY - I can't imagine what is to come as I continue through the rest of this workshop! Blessings, Catherine" Thornbury, Vic, AUS
    Divine Blueprint ALCHEMY: Catherine K; Thornbury, Australia
  • TracyWainstein So I looked at my Natal Chart, LOVED IT, and LOVE all the crystals. Your drawing was gorgeous, love my book cover!! Very artistic ;) As for reading the Astrology Chart, yowzers, lots of information! Thank YOU again Ky!  You are an extraordinary Being of Light!!  I feel so grateful and blessed to have been Divinely guided to you.  Thanks for my sexy Divine Blueprint Ceremony "make-over". Much Love Sweet Soul!!   Tema, USA
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: TraceyW; Laguna Niguel, CA, America
  • SylvianneGianinaHi Kyrona, thank you very much for a magnificent experience during my Blueprint Ceremony. I had been awake nearly all the night before my ceremony, wrestling with strange energies. So I decided to stay in bed for my 7am sessin with you. Even before it started my husband who was getting up could sense a powerful stream flooding me, I could feel instant relief of all the tensions of the night and by the time it was completed, I felt completely rejuvenated for the day! I know it has made a huge shift within me & I can't wait to start my journey with your Online Divine Blueprint Self Mastery Workshop now! With love, Sylviane G, FRANCE
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: SylvianneG; Jouanvins, FRANCE
  • Thank you for your touch and light for the healing, sounds and love and joy felt so clearly in the beautiful reading and soul song that you have done for me. It's taken such a long time for me to send you a message in written words, but you have often been in my thoughts, especially as I sense a movement of change or beauty & clarity in myself as I go through my day & of course each time I listen to my soul song again - in these moments I send you much love and gratitude and hope you feel my joy, honor and love for you, touch you lightly on your shoulder and in your heart. Thank you so much you have moved my world and being.... You inspire me in so many many ways, I could go on and on..... I am So happy to have found you, you can't imagine! It feels like suddenly I have answers to so many questions and feelings and all in the one person - you are such a gift Kyrona, I feel truly blessed and guided to have connected with you, thank you from the depth of my heart. With much love, joy and enormous thank you's xxx
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Kristina H, Paris France
  • Dear Kyrona, you are so very special and dear, how can I thank you enough, I am overwhelmed at the kind action you have done for me. I bless your heart again and again, as I do everyday when I listen to at least one of my lovely light supports. This new information sounds right on and I will use it as best I can to help me through these changes and to grow and build my life into something more spectacular than I can even image at this point. Once again this information has come to me in divine timing helping me to understand my personal challenges with my relationships that I experienced this very day. I chose to deal with them by going to the special spot in my yard where I first went to listen to my divine blueprint ceremony and setting up a beautiful crystal grid that I'm learning to make from your most fantastic examples (Thank you again - your grids are fantastic beyond description). MY light language meditations are so beautiful and comforting like a warm hug and they make me smile and light in my heart. I know and feel very secure that my divine blueprint is perfect. I am using all the mp3s, crystal grids and charts you have created for me to support myself, as much as, and in as many ways as I can think of and feel very blessed to be so supported in this way. You have gone above and beyond in doing this for me and I am very grateful.
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Kathy P; Alberta, Canada
  • Dear Kyrona, thank you for taking me on this journey! I feel in a sense like I got to go home, something my heart has ached for my entire life. When you expressed how happy and excited Master Thoth was to see me I felt so happy I cried. Secondly, I want to get back to you a little later with more feedback regarding my ceremony. The reason is I have listened to my ceremony two evenings in a row now and both times I almost immediately fell into a deep, powerful sleep. I know there was a lot going on in those sleeps, and probably being asleep was the easiest way for me to assimilate the energy and information. I know that it is strengthening me. I would LOVE to continue working with you and I am intensely interested in everything you are doing. Thank you again! Love, Lana.
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Lana N; Vancouver, Canada
  • In relation to my soul song & audio files:   I am speechless :-)   Wow... You really are such a special, beautiful, talented, magical, caring, soulful, joyous, kind, intelligent heart based person (and that doesn't even come close to how I feel).  I'm so thrilled to have your support & connection. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.. thank you!! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everything & feel I'm connected once more; beautifully supported by our wonderful Universe.  With much love, appreciation & thanks ... And some really BIG hugs, Hayley Oxo In relation to the astrological overview:   Wow!  I made a cup of sleepy-time tea, hopped into bed and read my beautiful Astrological Info you took time out to write for me.  Words cannot express how appreciative I am to have that information.  I sat there with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face at the same time, you're very beautiful to have done that, again Thank You from the bottom of my heart.  There are so many points in that of which you write that I definitely relate to and it has been a magical insight into the depths of myself..... Kyrona, you are exceptional and so incredibly beautiful to have provided me with such detailed insight and guidance.  I look forward to our future sessions and send you much love, smiles, light and blessings. Warmest wishes, Hayley oxoxoxo
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Hayley M; Melbourne, Australia
  • Wowow, an absolute energy enhancement.  I am still feeling very emotionally moved.  As I listened and felt the vibrations through your voice my head felt like it was been brushed lightly. Even now as I write my head is tingling. My hands they feel like they are humming.  It felt lovely when I placed my hand in yours Kyrona, it was like we are sisters and through you I was returning home. When I placed my hand on my symbol my hand immediately started to pulse.  I have this feeling often when I do hands on healing. Today this feeling intensified, then when you said to place my hands on the Hologram I could feel my energy becoming one with the Council and all Light Beings present for my very special Divine Blueprint Ceremony. It all seemed so familiar. When the Crown was placed upon my head...golden light encompassed my being.  Tears of joy and emotional memories streamed down my face as I listened.  I have been drawing spirals as shown for the last 25 years just never linking them up to a triangle.  The name of one of the peaks of my Maunga (mountain) is Ruawahia in English Arcturus/my Nanny Hine-nui-te-po was one of seven sisters that were  likened to the seven sisters of Matariki which in English is Pleiades. I felt very connected. I have a Hologram of the Flower of Life with the figure of a human being in the middle,  on my wall in my Sacred room.  This was copied from the manual that I received when I initiated into Melchezadek Healing back in 2000.  I also have the Mayan Glyphs painted about half a metre down from the ceiling encircling the room. Amazing  I’m still not grounded so once I finish writing this I will go barefoot in my garden. Since last Tuesday when I tuned in for my ceremony with you and then receiving my Reports and Overview, each time I read a segment it is as if I’m clicking into place. One sensation I have noticed that I have not had before is my right outside of knee pulses. There’s no pain associated, just weird.  My sleep pattern has me waking at 2.30am each morning, this has been like this for the last month, sometimes surges of energy.  I acknowledge the planetary alignments/shifts taking place and through deep breathing, calm myself back to sleep. Kyrona, thank you so much for completing my connection with my Divine Blueprint.  I am Shamanic also and have my special taonga that I incorporate at times. I feel blessed to have connected with your taonga.  I will enjoy the shifts of energy as I integrate all that has been revealed to me through your very special gift of my Divine Blueprint Ceremony. And yes I absolutely love every part of my Ceremony. Arohanui Mere”
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Mere B, New Zealand
  • Hello Kyrona, Thank you so much for the Divine Blueprint ceremony. It was very beautiful and divine experience and I am sure it will keep me growing and expanding throughout my life's journey. The photos of the crystal grid you created to support this ceremony are very dear and beautiful to me. I am honored and grateful to work with you. Love and light, Rina
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Rina G, Geneva, Switzerland
  • That friend... was unbelievable ( me bowing to you and your guides, I am not ashamed to say that I bow to only a few beings). You are amazing to me! I wish I had the words to honour your gift or relate my gratitude. I will work hard to be worthy of the this wondrous thing you have shared. I am so moved by your generosity, it gave me the chills, I look forward to listening to it often i will treasure this gift always as deeply as I treasure my connection with you. You are Blessed and so I am for knowing you in this incarnation I know in my heart we have crossed paths for a reason, at this, the perfect time. I Love You Kyrona
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Shannon N: South Carolina, USA
  • Dear Kyrona, This was such a beautiful surprise - thank you! I am in awe of your talent and devotion in lovingly and creatively expressing your path of service. I'm deeply touched by the transmission you gifted me. It's quite powerful. I love your sweet, angelic voice on these recordings. You are so gifted! These transmissions will help and heal many. I'm pleased that astrology is unfolding in such a unique way within you. It's my honour to have helped in introducing it to you. With much love and gratitude, Allison
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Allison Rae; Sante Fe, USA
  • Kyrona, I just wanted to say a hearfelt thank you for my divine blueprint ceremony. It was wonderful to hear your voice and connect with you in this divine way! I have listened to it twice alread, it is wonderful and powerful, thank you so much. I have felt releasing of energy and shifts throughout my body during both sessions so far. I did laugh out loud along with you, when you were sharing about the crystal grid & crystals that came through & about communication etc... It was spot on! I really did appreciate you going into more depth and the giving of extra tips ( I am very Gemini in this way!) as I really do want to understand all of this better to be able to navigate the twists and turns of my life path. I know I will work with this empowering tool for the rest of my life, thankyou.
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Desley P; Brisbane, Australia
  • Dear Kyrona, Wow! Wow! wow! The journey to the Egyptian Star Temple in the Thoth Mystery School, was amazing. I saw where I was going before you actually told me where we are going. I didn't see the golden emblem on the first book, but I knew that I held this book many times before. I kissed it before I opened it and kissed it again in honor when I closed it. The book at the Mystery school, was just engulfing my whole body not just my hands. I was flying in the midst of my constellation. I actually have to say I can't wait to go back and do it again. It was a wonderful journey and this is a fantastic healing tool for me to work with from now forward. Thankyou, Angela
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Angela M, New York USA
  • Hello Kyrona ~ I wanted to quickly say "thank you!!!!!" from the depths of my heart for the Celestial Resonance Divine Blueprint that you so graciously created for me. As I listened to the CD I was immensely inspired and uplifted. I felt such gratitude for the energies, information, knowledge, insight, and wisdom that you shared with me as you navigated thru my astrology chart. You truly have a special gift to be shared with humanity! I feel honored beyond measure to have been a part of this with you. There are no accidents that I was drawn to your work. It is thru your gifts that I will be led to my own gifts in a more empowered and clear manner. Thank you, dear beautiful light-filled soul! With Love, Grace, and Gratitude, Julie
    Complete Individual Divine Blueprint: Julie S; Minnesotta, USA

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