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 Announcing the release of the first range of Devine Designs Products – “The SCENTual Range”


Hi beautiful soul – I am so so excited to share with you my first range of Devine Design product!!

The SCENTual range of gorgeous, quality jewelry pieces that ooze healing and wellness!

Combining crystals, lava beads, alchemy symbols and essential oils – all super charged energetically by me, to bring you the freedom of Aromatherapy on the GO!

If you are like me,  you love diffusing essential oils around the home. You don’t like to wear commercial perfumes as their toxicity and overwhelming scents are too much.   As a result you have been placing essential oil on your wrist (which only lasts an hour or so, not the whole day) or on your clothes (which runs the risk of staining them permanently, while leaving marks on your clothing all day long). Well let me liberate you from this tedious and innefective process – I am excited to introduce you to the “SCENTual Range” of Lava Bead Jewelry & Essential Oil Lockets!

Truth is I simply adore these pieces, my daughters love them, my mother & friends have even requested them – realising what a great solution this was for all of us!

With your devinely gorgeous SCENTual jewelry pieceyou will be able to go to the gym, the supermarket, to your workplace OR commute on the train/bus/plane and have an essential oil diffuser right beside you the entire time! The unique design of these jewelry pieces is so effective you will only need 1 drop of your favourite oil per day, and best of all no more oil stains on your clothing!

This range has been made super affordable for everyone – so visit my SHOP, click on DEVINE DESIGNS.   Please note you will need to look at the sub-menus to review the products available (these are lava beads, lockets, bracelets and even CAR CLIPS)!   One last thing, do be quick, at this  initial launch,  stock is limited to 10 pieces per item!  More to come of course!

Have a look below at how beautiful these SCENTual Range pieces are! Kyrona




For more details & to purchase your SCENTual jewelry piece go to my  SHOP, click on DIVINE DESIGNS NOW – note you will need to click on the sub-menus to see the product options; lava beads, lockets, bracelets and even CAR CLIPS!





Kyrona is a passionate leader in the area of cosmic consciousness & conscious evolution. She is the anchor, founder & principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL). High Star Priestess and anchor of its Star Temple known as "The Celestial Temple" which is a multi-dimensional energy field wrapped around out Earth/Sky. She is globally renowned as the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language & for her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services! She is a pioneer of 'Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology', facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Online Workshops globally! Kyrona is a member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School & currently completing her Associate Level Qualification through the school. Ultimately Kyrona's calling is to spread the wisdom, ascension frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance as far and wide as she can, to support Earth & Human Evolution.

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