ONLINE Celestial Resonance Workshop (CR1)

Fully realise your potential as a channel of Celestial Resonance!

“Is your light language channel opening OR do you want it to?  Are you already channeling light language but do not know what to do with your gift OR do you simply wish to expand your light language skills further? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!”

Celestial Resonance WorkshopThis ‘one day’ face-to-face OR ‘3 Module’ Online Self Paced  Celestial Resonance Level 1 ‘Initiation & Activation’ Workshop is truly magical.  You commence your life changing journey by becoming initiated as a Channel of transformational Celestial Resonance Living Light Language – being accepted by the Celestial Beings in our Solar System to be a channel for their frequencies keys and codes.  This initiation offers you a huge energetic upgrade and DNA activation – that will result in your BEing a portal of the Celestial Temple here on Earth and holding within yourself the technology of the Celestial Resonance Symbol or Orb.

After your initiation you will then be guided how to work with the holographic Celestial Resonance Symbol, to open and enhance your channel in order to let the frequencies, keys and codes flow.  Kyrona will share an incredible amount of wisdom about how your light language skills will evolve, the “process” of mastership, using light language as a healing tool and much more.  This Celestial Resonance workshop is the first step in the journey to fully realising your potential as a channel of Celestial Resonance Light Language (a potent fractal within the broad spectrum of light language), it will provide you with all the knowledge, connections and skills you require to continue your journey towards mastership of this profoundly empowering healing tool.

Note:  If you are already a light language channel seeking a new skill OR wanting to gain more understanding of what you are doing and what you can do with it.  If you are opening slowly to your light language skills OR you simply feel a calling to become a light language channel this workshop is for you! Do refer to testimonials below and also to the examples of graduate transmissions.

Please understand, this Celestial Resonance Workshop is about supporting you to uncover and nurture the full beauty of your unique gifts and the sacred keys you hold, so you will not end up sounding like Kyrona or even working in the same way as her, because your journey to mastership will allow you to find your own unique fractal within the spectrum of living light language.  You will however be initiated to channel the powerfully transformational fractal of light language that is Celestial Resonance & you will walk away from this workshop with the skills you require to commence and even complete your journey of mastership as a Light Language Channel.

The Divine Blueprint Mastery Workshop (DB1: both Level 1 & Level 2)  is the pre-requisite to this Celestial Resonance Workshop. It is highly recommended that you follow on and do this workshop directly after DB1.

Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Channel

This is the certification badge graduates recieve – for their websites and print media.

This is a workshop of the new golden age, it originates from the stars, and is re-birthed from practices/technology/wisdoms of past Golden Ages in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt – if you are called to be initiated through this workshop, you have worked with light language technology before during these times, you have been a Star Priest or Priestess, you have come to Earth from the stars – it is time for you to RE-member and RE-connect to your light language lineage and gifts.   In stepping into this workshop YOU will be one of the first to experience these teachings & learn these skills as they are once more shared with the people of our New Earth!  In this golden age we are taking it to the next level, no longer do we need to separate from society and live in temples, we become the temple (we bring Heaven onto Earth, into our physical bodies) and walk around among the people living and enjoying every aspect of Earth Life.

To date there is 100% success rate!

So far all individuals who have entered this workshop have completed their journey by actually channelling Celestial Resonance Living Light Language.  This is possible because of the incredible energetic upgrade this workshop offers, the temple technology behind the workshop, the Siriun Discs Kyrona Holds within her that activate students and the incredible support offered by the Celestial Realm for this workshop!  Of course there is no pressure, this workshop aims to get you started on a mastership journey and offers you all the tools you need to successfully navigate this – but lets face it, it is great to see this level of success!  Please watch the testimonial videos below to see what students have to say about it!!

Check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page!

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 Discover the magic behind the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language you will channel!


Details relating to the Celestial Resonance  Workshop (CR1)


  • Time Commitment Required - read more

    • If you are lucky enough to access a rare One Day Live Workshop with Kyrona it will run from 9am – 5pm OR
    • ONLINE & SELF-PACED  through the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light HUB – featuring 3 Modules that includes a full 6.5 hours of  Video Training & Q&A Sharing Support!


    Online Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation (CR1)

    This is a self paced format that also offers live Q&A/Sharing support.  It features 3 module.

    * Students journey through the 3 modules watching the 6.5 hours of Training Video’s and downloading relevant support materials.

    * They then connect with Kyrona during any of her regular LIVE Graduate Sanctuary Support Webinars, for Q&A/Sharing and to practice.

  • Pre-Requisite - read more

    The Divine Blueprint Mastery Workshop (DB1 : both Level 1 & Level 2)  is the pre-requisite to this Celestial Resonance Workshop. It is highly recommended that you follow on and do this workshop directly after DB1.

  • Workshop Inclusions - read more

    • either ‘one day’ face to face with Kyrona, receiving wisdom, guidance, support, inspiration & experiencing Celestial Resonance Living Light Language live!   OR access to the amazing self-paced online training 24/7 for life!
    • A comprehensive student manual.
    • Upon completion you will receive a full colour Certificate.  As well as a certification badge that you can use for your website & print media.
    • You will be listed on this website as an Initiated channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language.
    • You will be added to the Private Facebook Group where all initiated channels from around the world get to share/connect and more!


    In most cases, if you can get a group of 10+ people together to do one of more of these workshops – Kyrona will bring the workshop to you. Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.

    Contact to discuss this opportunity & find out dates that would be suitable.


Enter the ONLINE Celestial Resonance Workshop Level 1 – Attunement & Activation Course NOW!

Your Investment is Only AUD$440

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What is your next step after attending the Celestial Resonance Level 1 Workshop?


    Participation in Celestial Resonance Level 1 Workshop – symbolises the beginning of a significant mastership journey – that in fact will never end.

    You will leave the workshop channelling Celestial Resonance OR you will have anchored the keys/codes and gained all the skills you require to to open to this gift in perfect time.  This being said to date, even those who had never channelled light language prior to this workshop, have been channelling it at the end of this incredibly magical day!  There is no pressure, every persons journey is unique at this point.

    You will go home and let the light language flow, getting comfortable with it, discovering your own fractal within the range of Celestial Resonance, learning and growing every day.

    You may decide that your elevation through the levels of mastery/responsibility in the Celestial Temple will end here and that is perfect.  Alternatively you may wish to take your journey forward and enter PHASE 2.


    Your decision to go to this next level may be instant (you may choose to sit all 3 workshops over 6 days – which is very common) OR you may take some time to master your light language further, before deciding that you wish to take the next step!

    The next step is to go through the levels of initiation and learn how to begin supporting your clients, friends and family – by becoming a Certified Divine Blueprint Practitioner.  Which will allow you to perform Divine Blueprint Ceremonies –  to anchor,  attune to and activate peoples divine blueprints.

    Its time to take Step 3 – Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop (DB2) (1 day)


    The majority of people choose to do this workshop directly after they complete Divine Blueprint Self Mastery and Celestial Resonance Level 1 workshops.  So they actually complete 6 consecutive days of training with Kyrona.

    The DNA Activations and Initiations you experience in this workshop are the BIGGEST to date.  They create a mastership process within you that will continue for many months!  Everyone one comes out of this one day workshop feeling different, more connected, empowered and very aware that they are the stars/planets & the entire universe – the co-creators of their reality.  Alchemists…

    At the end of this workshop you will be awarded the title Certified Divine Blueprint Practitioner.

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What Graduates of the CR1 Workshop are Saying!




I am overjoyed to share this amazing first time effort from the delightful and talented Star Priestess Kristina Hayball-Cecco from Paris, France – who graduated from Online CR1 in August 2013. She bought this through only 5 days after graduating from CR1 and here is the message she wrote when she posted this on our workshop private facebook group!

kristina“Hi everyone just a little feedback from our Module 2 CR1 Webinar – Oh my heart  loved the initiation, the journey, energy, colours & sounds. I had to do it twice as I fell asleep within minutes the first time round – was totally gone! Felt a lot happening in my throat & heart at the beginning of the of the transmission. Was amazed to see pretty much all the planets appearing in the same form as they did in DB1, Venus came again to put flowers in my hair! It was like connecting in with ‘old friends’ again. I didn’t receive any spoken messages, but they all sung/toned to me which was beautiful. The image of my wand looked more like a thin sword – was really really long & had a light blue energy/aura glow to it – my favourite colour. I have recorded my first try at singing Celestial Resonance Light Language which I did a few nights ago but have felt really shy about sharing it!  I am feeling really blessed, in awe, in love with our webinar, initiation & the possibilities, realities & beauty it has opened up for us. So grateful for the journey it has opened up for me. Thank you so much Ky & Darryn, so so happy to know you both, to know all of you in this way! Feeling much love for everyone & excitement & joy for the journey that has begun Xxxx”  Kristina, August 2013

So Kristina has kindly allowed me to share this with all those contemplating stepping into this magical workshop.  After listening and feeling the amazing energy she is channelling in her first ever attempt (that she even made into video with pictures of bubbles in her back yard) – do continue below to view the other amazing testimonial videos from recent graduates!!

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