ONLINE Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop (DB2)

Online Self Paced OR Face-to-Face!

“Do you feel the calling to BE of greater service and offer the Transformational Healing Gift, of Divine Blueprint Ceremonies, to your clients? Wish to expand your client base to a global market?” 

The ultimate goal of this workshop is for you to be able to offer Divine Blueprints to your clients & to grow your spiritual business globally!

Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop by KyronaThroughout this ‘one day’ face-to-face OR ’ Module’ Online Self Paced  Divine Blueprint Practitioner Level Workshop  you will be lovingly guided and supported by Kyrona and her Celestial Resonance Living Light Language in every way.  You will learn from her great wisdom and experience, gained through performing innumerable Divine Blueprint Ceremonies to clients from all over the world – since she was initiated herself to do so by Master Thoth and Lord Melchizadek in 2010.

There is a small preparatory interactive remote workshop that must be completed prior to commencing this face-to-face the full Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop journey.  This is delivered online  and can be undertaken at a time that suites you.  You will be given access to this preparatory training upon registration.

It is fair to say that this Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop is huge!  At the commencement of the day you will be initiated as a Practitioner of this sacred healing/light language art – an initiation that will create a profound mastery process within you that will continue for long after the workshop.  Throughout the training Kyrona will share with you all she knows about the technology behind these sacred ceremonies and about performing them for individuals. She will teach you how to perform these ceremonies for your clients and you will also get to practice.  You will leave confident that you can do this, when you are ready.

Both the Divine Blueprint Mastery (DB1) & Celestial Resonance Workshop (CR1) workshops are a pre-requisite to this Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop.  For face-to-face students it is recommended that all 3 workshops be done together as a week long 6 day workshop if at all p0ssible.

This is a workshop of the new golden age re-birthed from practices/technology/wisdom’s of past Golden Ages in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt – if you are called to be initiated through this workshop, you have worked with this technology before during these times, you were a Star Priest or Priestess – it is time for you to RE-member and RE-connect to your gifts.   In stepping into this workshop YOU will be one of the first to experience these teachings & learn these skills as they are once more shared with the people of our New Earth!  You will join Kyrona in offering these services to the people, and be one of the first Certified Divine Blueprint Practitioners in the world at this time.

This is the certification badge graduates receive for their websites and print media.

This is the certification badge graduates receive for their websites and print media.


This skill offers an incredible opportunity for creating another great revenue stream for your business, supporting you to be of greater service to our Earth.  Kyrona charges clients AUD$330 per session for this once off service, you will be able to charge whatever you wish – but regardless it is guaranteed that your investment in this training will be fully rewarded and quickly!  Your clients benefit, you benefit, our Earth benefits – it’s a win/win/win!!

The Results Speak for Themselves!

So far committed graduates of this workshop have been offering this vital service to their clients within 3 months of completing this workshop.  Their clients have been excited by the new service and keen to book their ceremonies.  And the graduates have actually recouped the cost of the workshop within the first month of offering the service!

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Details relating to the Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop (DB2)


  • Both workshops have an online pre-training component that will require approximately 4 hours to complete.
  • The Face-To-Face Workshop requires 1 day from 9am – 4pm daily  OR
  • Self Paced  Workshop facilitated through the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light HUB – features 2 Modules that include 5 hours of  Video Training & Q&A Sharing Support!

Workshop Dates: 



    Online Divine Blueprint Practitioner (DB2)

    NOTE:  You will be given access to your pre-training upon registration.  You will also need to purchase some software prior to this preparatory workshop, see ‘you provide‘ below for more details.) 



    In most cases, if you can get a group of 5-10 people together to do one of more of these workshops – Kyrona will bring the workshop to you. Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.

    Contact to discuss this opportunity & find out dates that would be suitable.

: This workshop is limited to 30 students only.

Pre-requisite:  Both the Divine Blueprint Mastery (DB1) & Celestial Resonance Workshop (CR1) workshops are a pre-requisite to this Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop.  For Face-to-Face students it is recommended that all 3 workshops be done together as a week long 6 day workshop if at all possible.



  • Password protected comprehensive pre-workshop preparation training is provided.  You will be given access to this upon registration.
  • Either ‘1 day’ face-to-face with Kyrona, receiving wisdom, guidance, support, inspiration & experiencing Celestial Resonance Living Light Language live!  OR access to the amazing self-paced online training 24/7 for life!
  • A profound and life changing DNA activation and initiation – which will energetically continue to integrate for months after the workshop.
  • A comprehensive student manual.
  • Upon completion you will receive a full colour Certificate.  As well as a certification badge that you can use for your website & print media.
  • You will be added to the Private Facebook Group where all initiated channels from around the world get to share/connect and more!

You provide:

  • For Both Workshop Options:  If you do not already have astrology software, you will need to purchase & install some.  I recommend a product in the pre-paratory workshop that costs around US$69 .
  • For the face-to-face workshop:  Your airfares and accommodation, costs for meals and expenses.
  •  For the online workshop: Your computer access, internet access and printing costs.



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What is your next step after attending the Divine Blueprint Practitioner Workshop?


    You will leave this workshop, with all the energetic connections, tools and skills you require to perform Divine Blueprint Ceremonies for your clients.  Most likely you will wish to practice of family/friends a few times.



    Whenever you are ready, you can offer this service to your clients.  You can expand your client base globally.

    You will be listed on as a Certified Practitioner of Divine Blueprint Ceremonies.

    You may decide that your elevation through the levels of mastery/responsibility in the Celestial Temple will end here and that is perfect.  Alternatively you may wish to take your journey forward and enter Step 4.

    STEP 4 – higher levels of training are currently in development.  You will be advised when they are launched!

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