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(pthc) 9yo Pedo Blow Job.23 [EXCLUSIVE]


(pthc) 9yo Pedo Blow Job.23 [EXCLUSIVE]

While the root cause of pedophilia is not yet known, there is a growing belief that the scientific community will find the cause of pedophilia, and provide treatments that will cure the condition. Unfortunately, the pedophile does not need to be cured if he or she does not want to be. The United States has many programs similar to the PATH Foundation, except they seek to reduce violence, not cure pedophilia.

Violence is very common among pedos. In some cases, it is a result of the cognitive impairment due to sexual dysfunction. In other cases, pedophiles can be violent due to some type of fear-aggression, or reactive aggression. In some pedo cases, the aggressive behavior is a result of him/her being driven to violence by his/her need to control and dominate the child. Either way, most pedophiles are driven by a need to control others.

The most common form of treatment for pedophiles is the use of sex offender therapy. This therapy is designed to help the pedophile realize that pedophilia is a mental illness and thus he or she is not normal. This causes the pedophile to alter the pedophilic behavior and provides them with the skills to control their fantasies and their urges.

Some pedophiles can, however, be cured if they are willing to work on it. Whether the pedophile is cured or not is not only determined by the therapist, but by the person being treated. One can only hope that people who want to seek help will always seek help. However, many pedophiles are not likely to seek help as they do not want to admit they need to be cured. Unfortunately, even if they do admit to being pedophiles, many of them still want to continue their habit. If this is the case, they should be legally required to seek help. Right now, there is no law that compels pedophiles to seek help, so many do not even realize they are pedophiles. 3d9ccd7d82


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