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Soerjono Soekanto Pengantar Sosiologi Pdf Free

Soerjono Soekanto: A Pioneer of Indonesian Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social behavior. It examines how people interact with each other, how they organize themselves into groups and institutions, and how they influence and are influenced by their social environment. Sociology can help us understand the complex and diverse issues that affect our lives, such as poverty, inequality, crime, culture, religion, politics, and more.


One of the most influential sociologists in Indonesia is Prof. Dr. Soerjono Soekanto (1942-), who is widely regarded as a pioneer of Indonesian sociology. He has written many books and articles on various topics of sociology, such as social change, social problems, social theory, social research methods, law and society, and more. He has also contributed to the development of sociology as an academic discipline and a profession in Indonesia.

Biography of Soerjono Soekanto

Soerjono Soekanto was born on January 24, 1942 in Surabaya, East Java. He completed his primary and secondary education in Surabaya, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Airlangga University in 1960. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1964, and then continued his studies at the University of Indonesia in Jakarta, where he obtained a Master of Law degree in 1968 and a Doctor of Law degree in 1973.

He began his career as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of Airlangga University in 1965, and then moved to the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Indonesia in 1970. He became a professor of sociology at the University of Indonesia in 1981, and served as the dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences from 1984 to 1988. He also held various positions in academic and professional organizations, such as the Indonesian Sociological Association, the Indonesian Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, and more.

He retired from his teaching position at the University of Indonesia in 2012, but he remains active as a senior researcher and consultant for various institutions and projects. He has received many awards and honors for his achievements and contributions to sociology and society, such as the Satyalancana Karya Satya from the President of Indonesia, the Bintang Mahaputra Adipradana from the Government of Indonesia, the Honorary Doctorate from Airlangga University, and more.

Works of Soerjono Soekanto

Soerjono Soekanto has written more than 40 books and hundreds of articles on various topics of sociology. Some of his most popular and influential books are:

  • Sosiologi: Suatu Pengantar (Sociology: An Introduction), first published in 1973. This book is one of the most widely used textbooks for sociology courses in Indonesia. It covers the basic concepts, theories, methods, and applications of sociology in a clear and comprehensive way. It also discusses the development and challenges of sociology in Indonesia and other countries.

  • Fungsi Hukum dan Perubahan Sosial (The Function of Law and Social Change), first published in 1978. This book examines the relationship between law and society from a sociological perspective. It analyzes how law influences and is influenced by social change, how law reflects and regulates social norms and values, how law resolves and creates social conflicts, and how law contributes to social development.

  • Pribadi dan Masyarakat: Suatu Tinjauan Sosiologis (The Individual and Society: A Sociological View), first published in 1985. This book explores the interaction between the individual and society from a sociological perspective. It discusses how individuals are shaped by their social environment, how individuals express their personality and identity through their social roles and statuses, how individuals communicate and cooperate with others through their social networks and groups, and how individuals participate in social movements and change.

These books are available in print format at various libraries and bookstores. However, some people may prefer to access them online for free. There are some websites that offer free PDF downloads of these books, such as [this one]. However, these websites may not have the permission or the license to distribute these books, and they may also contain viruses or malware that can harm your computer. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and cautious when downloading these books from these websites.


Soerjono Soekanto is a pioneer of Indonesian sociology who has made significant contributions to the development and advancement of sociology as a science and a profession in Indonesia. He has written many books and articles on various topics of sociology, such as social change, social problems, social theory, social research methods, law and society, and more. His works are widely used and cited by students, scholars, and practitioners of sociology and other related fields. He is also a respected and honored figure in the academic and social circles of Indonesia.

If you are interested in learning more about sociology and Soerjono Soekanto, you can read his books and articles, or you can search for more information on the web using Bing. Bing is a powerful and reliable search engine that can help you find relevant and reliable information on any topic. You can also use Bing to find images, videos, news, maps, and more. To start using Bing, just go to [] and type in your query.

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