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Kendra Hathaway
Kendra Hathaway

The Wrong Number Movie Dual Audio 720p

From the Available Presets list on the Sequence Presets tab, choose the 24p preset that matches the frame aspect ratio and audio sampling rate of most of your footage. 24p presets are located in the DV-24p, DVCPRO50 > 480i, DVCPROHD > 1080i, and DVCPROHD > 720p folders.

The Wrong Number Movie Dual Audio 720p

You can edit video for delivery to mobile phones, portable media players, and other portable devices. Selecting a project preset that matches the requirements of the target device is the easiest way to get started. When you are done editing your movie, use Adobe Media Encoder to encode it with the audio and video characteristics correct for the target devices.


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