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Chips Challenge [2021]

Chip's Challenge consists of a series of 148 two-dimensional levels (149 in Microsoft's version) which feature the player character, Nerdy Chip McCallahan,[3] often called just Chip, and various game elements such as computer chips, buttons, locked doors, water and lethal monsters. Gameplay involves using arrow keys, numeric keypad or mouse to move Chip about each of the levels in turn, collecting enough chips to open the chip socket at the end of each level, get to the exit, and move on to the next level.

Chips Challenge


Unlike a typical puzzle game in which every level presents only slight variations on the same theme, Chip's Challenge offers such a wide range of tasks to perform and sub-goals to reach on your way to the exit, that no two levels feel the same. The main goal is to escape, but the subtasks needed to accomplish this varies so widely that it's impossible to find a universal strategy. Among other things, Chip will negotiate mazes, race against time limits, avoid thieves, turn off force fields, deal with water, fire, and ice hazard, avoid chip-eating creatures. And he must do all this in addition to collecting all the computer chips on the level to open the exit door.

Made with two of the spiciest chili peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper Pepper and Scorpion Pepper, this straight-from-hell chip now turns your tongue blue as a badge of honor to prove you completed the challenge!

There are six chips in the beginning room; they can be collected as such: 13U 2L 3U 3L (2D, 4R URU collecting the right chip) 2D 3L ULULD, go to swap the toggle wall, and then return to the spot just left and then LUDL. Now, swap the walls one last time, which allows Chip to drop into the pyramid and take the chip. The top four chips are blocked out by a toggle wall wedge; move the blocks with open walls U, and then switch the walls which allows the wedges to be removed.

Nerdy Chip desperately wants to join the "Bit Busters" computer club, led by Melinda the Mental Marvel. However, before she'll let him in, he must prove his intelligence by passing the initiation test. 149 increasingly difficult levels, including a few hidden ones, await Chip in this tile-based puzzle game. Use tools such as keys, and special shoes to bypass obstacles. Manipulate switches to and use dirt blocks to build bridges across waterways. Avoid enemy creatures, grab all the computer chips in the level, and hurry to the exit: On top of everything else, there's a time limit!

HOT CHIP is a tortilla chip made from the hottest chili in the world that will tantalize the mouths of even the strongest natures. HOT CHIP Challenge is an unique experience that most people remember for a lifetime. The product is perfect as a challenge for friends, partners or as an original gift.

Hot Chip is the hottest chip in the world. These are classic tortilla chips, which at first glance may seem like any other. Thanks to the unique mix of spices, it is the hottest potato in the world, and its consumption will be etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

But that's pretty standard when eating chili. But if there is anyone who should avoid this challenge, it is pregnant and lactating women, children, people with stomach problems or in short, those who are narrowing some long-term difficulties.

Our chip is truly the hottest in our country, and the proof is more than 250,000 units sold throughout Europe. The popularity is also confirmed by the challenge videos on Youtube, which together have more than 20 million views!

Although computer games were once much easier than today, we were able to sweat a lot when playing them. Many brought simple graphics, but the logical tasks in them required finding a solution for long hours. One of the games that will thoroughly ventilate your brain is Chip's Challenge. The plot of this game is relatively simple: you play Chip McCallahan, who would very much like to belong to the elite Bit Buster nerd club. You will meet Melinda, who runs this club and she will offer you membership herself, but it has a condition, you have to go through a number of rooms where you will solve logic puzzles and collect computer chips along the way. You control a Chip and your task is to get to the goal that opens when you take a certain number of computer chips. The chip is controlled by arrows or mouse and can only move right, left, up and down, ie it does not shoot, does not jump, etc. There are several types of walls in the game (ordinary, invisible, opening, "disappearing"); sliding blocks; teleports; multicolored locks (blue, red, green, yellow) and keys to them. At the level, Chip can also come across something that can kill him - water, a bomb, fire and several types of "monsters" that have different movements (one of which chases Chip). A great game to develop logical thinking for you and your children.

Sometimes children react so severely to the chip that they have to go to the hospital, McClatchy News reported in January 2022. Three students from Lodi High School in California were sent to the emergency room after eating the chip, and nine others became sick the same week from trying the challenge.

School officials and medical professionals urge parents to monitor their children when it comes to trends and challenges such as the One Chip Challenge, and have a conversation about the consequences.

Shove T block 7 2R, then move URU to free a pathway up and allow the use of the rest of the T. To free the H, knock H block 3 2R, and move 3D to free the left of the H. With the left side free, knock block 6 2R to completely free the H. Now, head to the K and use the six loose blocks, then throw K block 6 2L to use the rest of it. You cannot get the eight blocks that are in the two clumps of the N, so move N block 5 (counting unusable ones) 2L, then continue DLDL 3D 3R and use this block. This frees the rest of the N's east side. Push the remaining loose block 3D U and east, and then move I block 4, to free all the blocks. Now, just push around and take the remaining chips. The exit is to the north of this area.

As the last glider turns to its doom, shove the block R and down to follow them and remove the seventh bomb. With this gone, take the chips in the room to the left, and then drop to the extreme south. Ignore the first two chips for now, take the next two, and then the two behind the block to the north of those two.

Now, move this block 5D 4L to catch a glider in the same way, then continue to send gliders left until the block itself explodes a bomb. This final glider opens a shortcut to the south; take the chips, walk out through the shortcut, then remove the last two chips below. The exit is above the first glider room, which scores 297 for you.

>U 3R D, >L 3U R twice, >D 3R U, >L 3U R, >D 3R U, >U 3L D, >U L 2U R, >R U 2R D, >U 3L D, >R 3U L, >R U 2R D, >L 3D R, and now, since Chip doesn't have the red key yet, >UD 3L U. Now, to infinity and beyond.... >UDUDUDU [1] >DUDU [1] >DUDU, and take the last chip and escape. With no more chips to collect, head towards the entrance to the telenet again, but instead of east to the entrance, go up to reach the exit.

The next phase is to build the bridges around the edges to take the chips; you will need 28 blocks for the first part of this. Thus, use the two blocks that are available above you, and the other 26 blocks that are loose in the center of the level, in a row of 3, then 5, then 7, then a 4 and 3, and finally two rows of 2. Also, be sure to collect the four chips in the toggle wall wedges. Lay these blocks as such: 3L from the toggle wall entrance, 3L D from the entrance, two above to reach a chip, six blocks along the top to take out the six chips, and eight for a double bridge across the east side, leaving you with 10 more. This part becomes more complicated: two blocks on the upper of the bottom two rows, and only one on the bottom. (Leave the second dirt where it is until you return upwards.) Repeat this a second time, then put only one block on both rows, and take the chip, which should leave you with 18 chips left. Now comes a new part: take the path to the bottom, next to the socket, and use these blocks to extend the bridge as far as possible.

From where you land, step URL, run all the way up, and then RU 2L to lock the block in place. Shove block 2 on the left side out of the way, take chip 1, and use the first block on the water above it. Now, collect a block from the start area and put it on the top row (more on this later), and then repeat the pattern used below to churn out another three blocks. Collect a second block from the start, put that on the bottom row, and then complete the across bridge with the last block on the very bottom of the west side. Remove two final blocks from the start room, and then go back to the bottom and to the top of the east side. Take each of the chips and move each block L, until the last of the chips and the block moves south. Slide on two force segments, remove the block on the top, and take the next chip; repeat with the last two blocks to take the last two chips.

In Playhouse, you have to play around a little bit with balls; a few blocks add zest to the mixture. There are seven extra chips in Playhouse; two of them are at the start, one is inaccessible, and four are inaccessible without already collecting all the chips.

Instead, move block 3 on the start island R 2U into the water, and block 1 U 3R, in order to jump onto the force floors. From the end of this spot, go to the six-block water wedge above you, move the fourth block U and hit the dirt, the sixth block U, the fifth one L 2U, the third one U and hit the dirt, and then take a break to head to the left through the blue walls for some goodies. On the way back through, move the first block U and the second one R 2U. This allows you to reach the top area, to collect the blue key and the chips, and also get back alive. Also, you see the exit.

From here, enter the fake blue wall, and then run to the right for some chips, and finally crawl along the bottom to reach the final two balls in the way of the blue lock. Open that, slide on the ice, then step L and run to the north of the room to take the nine chips and blue key. The ice skates and tenth chip cannot be taken because of hidden walls blocking the way back out. Retreat back to the left of the wedges to use the new green key. 041b061a72


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