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Cloud Based File Sharing Script » Premium Scripts, Plugins Mobile

XFilesharing Pro is a powerful file-hosting script that will let you create a scalable file-sharing website and easily monetize it by selling premium access (20 payment plugins available) or showing ADs. Featured by multi-server support, torrent upload/download (!), desktop/mobile file manager, FTP upload, WebDAV access, and many more cool features!

Cloud based File Sharing Script » Premium Scripts, Plugins Mobile


Sharefile is the ultimate file hosting/sharing and document manager. Manage your all files under one cloud platform with desktop-like intuitive features such as dragging files to send to contacts and groups, easily moving files to other folders, or even deleting them.

You would like to upload files from your computer to your webspace? You would like to create your own file-sharing service? DropShare is here! DropShare is a PHP script created to allow web developers to use or create(open) their own file-sharing service.

The original version of Speech to Text used cloud-based transcription. In February 2022, Premiere Pro v22.2 switched to on-device transcription using installed language packs. We continued to support cloud-based transcription for users on earlier versions, but that will end on February 7, 2023.

The script blocker lists out services/plugins currently supported for auto-blocking. Enabled services/plugins will be blocked by default on the front-end of your website prior to obtaining user consent and rendered respectively based on consent.

I know you have heard of a number of anti-spam plugins. But you must know, the cloud-based ones are the best regarding detection rate. They compare all the content in forms with their own algorithm to find out the legibility.

Do you want the same or better? Download Clearfy for free and see for yourself! Configuring the plugin takes only 5-10 minutes. Just think how long it would be take you to find and configure all optimization scripts, plugins, if you had not the all in one solution Clearfy. 350c69d7ab

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