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Natal Chart & Report (Your personal astrology)

Who should consider having their Natal Chart & Report created for them?

Your Natal Chart is the most amazing tool for navigating your life successfully that you can ever have! It is the note you wrote to yourself when coming to Earth to remind you of who you are, why you are here, what you came to learn, your strengths, weaknesses and more!  It is a vital tool for not only understanding and supporting yourself, but also for understanding and supporting those close to you (including your children).  So if you are not aware of your/or your loved ones Natal Chart (also known as your Astrological Birth Chart) and the vital messages it holds for you, then this service is an absolute MUST!

What is your Natal Chart and Natal Report?  Why would you want to become aware of it?

Natal Chart and ReportSo that you understand more clearly – your Natal Chart is a map of the location of planets, the starry constellations, sun & moon at the moment of your birth eg if your sun is in the constellation of Leo – so you may call yourself a Leo.  (The picture to the left is of  Kyrona’s Natal Chart)

Everyone’s Natal Chart is unique to them, no other persons energy is exactly the same.  The energy of this map contains much technology, wisdom and instruction for you.  This energy is woven into your DNA on an electro-magnetic level, so it is a part of every cell of your being (known as your Divine Blueprint).

Do realise that you chose the specific moment of your birth, to access the specific energy you wanted to best support you to be successful in your souls objectives during this life.  As a result your Natal Chart  is like a message you wrote to yourself before entering Earth, guiding you as to what your family dynamics will be like, what your personal strengths are and how to maximise them, what your weaknesses and limitations are and how to best manage these, the types of relationships that you are wanting to experience and the types of relationships that will best support your growth, what you came here to learn, what you came here to heal, the gifts you have bought with you to share with the world, what sort of career is best suited to you and your divine purpose, how you will relate to the energy of money and how you can best bring this relationship into balance, and so much more!

Your Natal Chart is also like your very on GPS or Navigational system.  It describes the divine timing of your life, the timing of the cycles of your growth, healing individuation and maturation, your awakening and so much more.

I beleive it is vital for every conscious being to be aware of their Natal Chart, so that they can honour themselves  and the life they have chosen for themselves.  Moving through their life in conscious alignment to the divine plan for themselves.

Accessing your Natal Chart and Report is the first very important step in connecting to this information!  It is an incredible gift to give to yourself.

What you receive when you purchase your Natal Chart & Report?

  • A PDF of your Natal Chart
  • A PDF of a comprehensive and personalised Natal Chart Report (over 35 pages long).  This easy to understand report, is written in a way that even the novice to astrology, will be able to fully benefit from the invaluable information it offers about the energy of their Natal Chart and what it means to them.
  • All emailed to you directly.

How do you access this Natal Chart & Report Service?

Simply use the button below to book and pay for your Natal Chart & Report to be created and forwarded to you.

You will be sent an email asking you for the date, time and location of your birth.  When Kyrona has this information she will be able to create your chart & email it to you within 2 weeks.

* NOTE:  You must have your time of birth to receive an accurate chart  (if you are unsure of your birth-time, ask your mother OR see a kinesiologist to determine it).

Where to after you get your Natal Chart?

When you have fully integrated the information from your Natal Chart, you may then want to take the next step and become aware of the current and upcoming astrological transits that are impacting you.  These transits are energetic portals created when the planets moving around our planet and your DNA – connect directly with the energy of your Divine Blueprint in your DNA, opening huge portals and pouring through frequencies, keys and codes to clear, purify, activate, initiate and empower your evolution. There are several ways you can empower yourself to move with grace, ease and empowerment with these celestial flows;

  • You can purchase a  Time-Line Report or choose to see a good astrologer , to make you aware of what transits are coming up for you, so that you can work with them consciously.
  • You can step in for a Mastery & Ascension Healing Session with me  – I will look at your astrology and let you know what transits you are currently experiencing and what important transits are coming up for you (letting you know what they mean).  Then I will help you to align with these energetically through the energy work that I do and importantly through the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Transmission that comes through to support your journey.  This work will allow you to understand on a deeper level the perfection of your current circumstances, the higher purpose of them, to maximise the benefits of these transits and minimise the challenges, being conscious of this is soooo empowering.
  • As a member of my Celestial Temple you can journey with the Monthly Celestial Attunement/Re-patterning  & DNA Activation Ceremonies – which will ensure that you are energetically attuned to the energy of each month, receiving all that you need from those energies with as much grace and ease as is possible for you! Invaluable!
  • You could also take it a step further and really ensure that you are fully attuned to your Divine Blueprint now and always, supporting yourself to powerfully step into the life you destined for yourself, but contemplating a Divine Blueprint Anchoring, Alignment & Activation Ceremony.


I hope that this information has inspired you to become conscious of and connect to your Natal Chart and astrology, to empower your life in the most magical of ways from this time forward!

My Heart to Yours, My Soul to Yours

Kyrona Unity Hope

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