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‘Conversations with Kyrona’ featuring Celestial Resonance!

“News for the Soul Listeners call Kyrona’s Celestial Resonance Show compelling, powerful and uniquely transformative….”Nicole Whitney, Fouder & Producer & Head Hostess

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Kyrona's NEXT SHOW on News For The Soul Broadcasts

5pm PT - Tuesday 23rd April 2019 (USA) | 

10am AEST - Wednesday  24th April 2019 (Australia)


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More About News for the Soul

NEWS FOR THE SOUL is considered the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world and one of North America’s most successful radio programs.  It has been broadcasting to the world,  REPORTING FROM THE LEADING EDGE OF HUMANITY’S CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLUTION SINCE JANUARY 1997…   It is syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB … and beyond, PLUS you can download an APP to listen live with one click from your phone!   It is a top 100 show on BlogTalkRadio (which has 10’s of thousands of programs) and it has over 1,000,000 listeners per month!  It offers commercial-free 55-minute radio programs with carefully chosen (invitation only) luminaries from around the world.  Kyrona has agreed to host her show for at least 18 months, she commenced June 2018!


Show Name: Conversations with Kyrona featuring CELESTIAL RESONANCE

When is it LIVE: Alternate Tuesdays 5pm (Pacific Time PT)

This means ... Alternate Wednesdays at 10am  Bris/Syd/Melb Australia (AEST)

LISTEN LIVE: CALL IN NUMBER: +1 646 595 4274 RECORDINGS / SHOW ARCHIVES:   available on KYRONA-pod!  Subscribe to KYRONA-pod on iTUNES VIEW MY CHANNEL & all the cool info: Email Kyrona with questions or suggested topics for her show: [ WATCH THIS VIDEO ]What is Celestial Resonance & Why is it So Profound?  HERE


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“I am so very excited to be sharing this fortnightly radio show to YOU and the world – it is the realisation of a long-nurtured vision/dream that has finally arrived.   Every show is an invitation for YOU to grab a cup of tea/coffee/ wine whatever is appropriate and get comfy so that you can tune in and be a part of juicy, wholehearted, vulnerable, real-world, practical and nurturing conversation!  A conversation that makes time stand still, that you don’t want to end, that makes you feel understood, a sense of belonging, that inspires, uplifts, energises & fulfils you!  OF COURSE, I will be weaving the magic of my Celestial Resonance Living Light Language into every show!  So join me… let’s get uplifted, light up the DNA & have loads of fun while we are at it!” Kyrona


Kyrona is a passionate leader in the area of cosmic consciousness & conscious evolution. She is the anchor, founder & principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light (CRAOL). High Star Priestess and anchor of its Star Temple known as "The Celestial Temple" which is a multi-dimensional energy field wrapped around out Earth/Sky. She is globally renowned as the channel of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language & for her Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing services! She is a pioneer of 'Divine Blueprint Star Temple Technology', facilitating life changing Ceremonies and Online Workshops globally! Kyrona is a member of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School & currently completing her Associate Level Qualification through the school. Ultimately Kyrona's calling is to spread the wisdom, ascension frequencies, keys and codes of Celestial Resonance as far and wide as she can, to support Earth & Human Evolution.

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