Video/mp3 LIVE WEBINAR EVENT – Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation

Urgent Message & Energetic Preparation for March 31 – April 2, 2013!

A full recording of this event, featuring ancient star temple technology and light language, IS AVAILABLE HERE NOW!

I am so excited to share this RECORDING / POWERFUL HEALING TOOL of the first ever LIVE WEBINAR EVENT that I have facilitated on 28th Feb. This recording with its powerful healing journey and its light language transmission – aims to support you in planetary and personal service through the key evolutionary portal of today March 28th 2013 to 6th April 2013 (all is explained in the video)

Alignment Picture

The energy of this event will begin working with you from the moment you begin to listen to the recording.  We are connecting the birth of the 5th Sun and the alignments of the 31st March in particular, as well as the earths transit through an electromagnetic trough of energy between the Sun and a Black Dwarf Star moving in from the Leo Constellation.    ITS ALL ABOUT BALANCING THE MASCULINE AND FEMININE WITHIN & WITHOUT…
I believe all those who attended the call live – coming from all corners of the globe and every person now watching this video are contracted to do so at this time – we are being of service the way showers…(actually we had the full moon in Libra falling here in Ubud Bali and rising in the USA and in the sky in the UK supporting, connecting us and supporting us throughout the call – how divinely perfect)…

This video and its ceremony are truly so powerful & I encourage you to take the time to experience it and work with the light language herein found at 40 minutes – to support yourself throughout this time.

Anyway it was amazing and I am overjoyed to now be able to share it with all who could not make it LIVE.  Thankyou so much to all who participated in this little piece of history, creating such a powerful healing tool for the planet!  And thankyou to my husband Darryn – who managed to pull the technology for this event together so very quickly for me…. you are amazing!

Love Kyrona, 28th March 2013

WATCH THE VIDEO AND PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT NOW – supporting you throughout 28th March to 6th April 2013 in particular!


NOTE:  Those live on the call could actually see video cam of Kyrona throughout the entire journey, it was very intimate.  Unfortunately we cannot record the video cam, only the powerpoint.  Regardless it is still an intimate journey!



This video commences with the actual ceremony – I ENCOURAGE YOU TO WATCH PART 1 so that you are aware of the importance of the energy we are connecting to and your role in planetary service in relation to it (I feel it is important energetic preparation for the ceremony)



You are encouraged to work with the actual 11 minute ceremony each day for 14 days throughout this time – you can do this by watching the p2 video every day.

OR for your convenience I have also made the mp3 of the actual ceremony available for download.

I am asking a small fee of $5 to download this file – to support me to cover the costs of hosting this event.  Your kind donation towards the costs would be greatly appreciated!



Interested in the upcoming Divine Blueprint Self Mastery ONLINE Workshop?


To learn more about this amazing event commencing April 2nd CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE!

My heart to yours, my soul to yours,

Kyrona Unity Hope


“Loved this so much!!! Hope Your Easter has been as Blessed as mine even More 🙂 i have never ever ever in my Whole Life felt as good & Blessed & Inspired and In Powered ,Your An Inspirational Healer!!!  Your Husband & Yourself,did an Awesome webinar!!!;~} so felt the Excitement of Success  through You both when talking to Your fellow Lightworkers Your So Uplifting & Sincere, thank You for that Looking forward too talking to you again Happy Easter! Peace & Luv & Please Tell Thoth Thanks for talking to me Through You 🙂 & Mel. Too Luv The Mer-Ka-Ba Good night & Good Morning” Stafford Riggs, Portland Oregon

“I absolutley loved your first webinar and feel much lighter & happier in my being after listening to the light language transmission that came through, so love your strength, clarity and passion – you inspire me in ways that I never knew existed in myself, thank you beautiful soul Xxxx”  Kristina Paris, France

“I watched the videos and listened to the light language.  How awesome.  Thank you for this wonderful gift and information.” Suzzette Lau, Alice Springs Australia

“Hey Ky,Wow I didn’t get to see all the webinar (had to pick up my nephew from school but what I did I loved. The technology is just amazing….what a wonderful way to spread light across the globe.  Can you tell me when recording will be out? I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off. Darryn did a great job as well….working the I.T. side of things plus mc…under “live streaming” pressure is a huge job. Congratulations you guys really did an awesome job. Mwaa xx “Danah Wood – Sunshine Beach, Australia

“Thanks Darryn and Kyrona,  Wonderful, to listen to the webinar, certainly felt Ubud’s charming,relaxed atmosphere coming through.  amazingly enough, everything worked out time-wise here, had a another appointment at 1pm oz time, but he turn up early, and i was able to sort it out quickly. i was able to on the focus on the webinar, guess the celestial beings and my guides made sure, i was present. Will let you know, what comes up next two weeks.Seems like I was all prepared for the energy and felt a similarity. Resonate well with your light language and felt home. Thank you both for making it available. love and light!”Sarah Maya

“I attended your webinar last evening.  It was AMAZING.  I’m in Georgia, U.S.  I was so amped after the session I couldn’t get to sleep until about 3:00 a.m.   You are an amazing light worker.  I’m thinking seriously about having the soul blue print work done.” Madelyn C, Georgia USA

“Hi Kyrona,  That was awesome. I felt my light body explode! Gosh….   Also feel really grounded in the earth, as well as the other planets, sun and the dwarf too.  Its a new experience to feel grounded this way, lots to integrate. Like Im still holding this space?   Thank you so much. Blessing Rhia x”

“Thank you so much Ky & Darryn for such a remarkable experience. Still carrying the light temple with me! Such a blessing. I have been a spiritual seeker for 30 years, and this is the first time I have felt and know and experienced myself as a Star Priestess – I am deeply moved.  Huggggzzz from Texas”  Nancy Sageman

Hello Kyrona and Darryn, I would first like to CONGRATULATE you on such a wonderful presentation.  Your first, and my privilege to be there.
It is the best live webinar event I have experienced to date. I am an artist so the visual is very important to me,and actually seeing you
made the whole experience more real, more intimate, more personal.

“The layout of the site was great, in being able to see the information page, seeing and hearing yourselves, did bring COMMUNICATION to a whole new level. I could feel and see the warmth that emanated in the words I had previously read, you work very well together, and did a fantastic job of managing the whole event. The event itself. WOW. If I wasn’t getting it up to now, I certainly did this time! The light Activation itself. WOW. Kyrona, it was your voice that first drew me in, it is quite extraordinary, yet it was or should I say had a familiarity, a recognition, (maybe I am sirian too,ha ha,) maybe I am connecting with someone from my home place, my tribe? I definitely felt a connection last eve. I felt a warmth in your whole presentation, it’s the way to go. Final note, the energy coming in was very strong,pulsing at times, light at others, then I felt something drop in and later settling and adjusting in my body, integrating. Thankyou”  Deirdre, Kilkenny Ireland





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