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ECLIPSE SEASON May 2022: Tips & Support for YOU!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

We are experiencing a unique & Magical ‘Eclipse Cauldron

from May 1st through May 16 2022…

YOU are starting an Ascension Marathon!

So let us get conscious, attuned, and empowered to make the most of

this incredible opportunity to transform your life!


  • What YOU can expect during the May 2022 Eclipse Season ( Or as I call them Eclipse Cauldron)?

  • Why having a Game Plan is vital?

  • How to Get Prepared & Manage the Journey?

  • Common Symptoms & how to alleviate them?

  • How to empower & support yourself?

  • FREE Tools, Activities & more! So read on...


“Dear Starry Friends the energies are being powerfully experienced as we traverse this the first eclipse season of 2022 and certainly it is not going to ease off before the season is complete on 15/16th May. The ENERGETIC INTENSITY & POTENTIAL FOR CHANGE over this time is significant!

We've entered the two-week Eclipse Cauldron with the Taurus Solar Eclipse (Super New Moon) that kicked it off on 1st May, right on the heels of Pluto Retrograde, with Venus meeting Jupiter in late Pisces at the same time, all in the Beltane Cross-Quarter Window of High Magic. Exact Solar Beltane is May 5/6.

The Evolutionary Time-Line is pumping, it’s time to buckle in, hold on and do our best to consciously navigate this eclipse season – letting go of judgment, surrendering, releasing, purifying, anchoring. Being loving, nurturing & compassionate with yourself & others, while as much as possible choosing to connect to Gaia for grounding and healing support, and remembering to breathe! The truth is right NOW an ‘ascension marathon’ is upon us! The Eclipse Window opened on 1st May as we experienced a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus and will complete with a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 16th May. So buckle in…



Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Star Temple Event - Total Lunar Eclipse

A VITAL WAY TO SUPPORT YOURSELF DURING THIS ECLIPSE POWER PORTAL IS TO ACCESS A MASTERY INITIATION & LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION SESSION WITH KYRONA ON THE DAY OF THIS EVENT - to support you to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of this celestial power portal, to catapult your spiritual growth and co-create positive change through this year! REGISTER NOW or keep reading to learn more about these sessions and why this event is so important!


1. Overview of the energy of the 'May 1st, 2022 Eclipse Season'; setting the scene!

We are about to be stretched to our limits – diving deeply inward to see what needs to be seen, to choose transformation, letting go, death/rebirth, and positive ongoing actions towards change!

The ECLIPSE CAULDRON (Season) from 1-16May 2022, is set to be both fast-paced and transformational. So let us get conscious, attuned, and empowered to make the most of the incredible opportunity to transform your life and our world offered at this time, in alignment with the highest good of all!

This Eclipse Season is focused on Ecstacy, Presence and High Magic!


The May 2022 astrology is off the charts cool... with three planets retrograde (Pluto, Mercury, then Saturn in early June, felt in May) a major Eclipse Window that opened with the Taurus Solar Eclipse and closes with a Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on May 15/16, in addition to a shift from the Morning Sky stellium of Pisces (Jupiter, Venus and Mars) into Aries--with Jupiter entering the sign for the first time in 12 years!

The Solar Eclipse that kicked off the May Eclipse Season was with Uranus, and Venus at the Heart Chakra Gate was conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. The key to the eclipse season is therefore a little unusual, it is calling you to keep it simple, tend to your body and daily rhythms. Less words, more being present. Create space to release whatever grief, sorrow, or loss you have been feeling in the recent Pisces Portal. The bonus is that the energies are potentially ecstatic and revolutionary. Energy wants to be moved through, old stuck blockages want to be cleared. Let the mind rest, it cannot help you (especially as Mercury Retrogrades). The body, the heart, and the soul want to be fully expressed and to be in charge. Trust the wisdom of your body, and the Earth.

As we move through the eclipse season, there is a significant shift from Pisces to Aries energies... Over the course of May there is a shift of Venus, Jupiter and Mars from Pisces to Aries. Jupiter moves into Aries for the first time in 12 years on May 10. Even with all the retrogrades and Eclipse energies it is possible find a strong yes or no in our bodies and make choices serving our full expression and contribution.

If we have not been taking responsibility for what is in our control, it's time to do so, leaving behind tendencies toward going with the flow of other people's whims when they are not aligned with our own, and becoming clear on what is ours to do, where our True North wants to guide us. Bottom line this month and throughout this Eclipse Season, it is essential to remember no matter how far off course we may feel at any given moment, when we use our tools to ground into the Earth, when we connect to our bodies, and align with Spirit we can instantly pivot back into our Destiny and Heart Alignment.

The Total Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio on 15/16th May wraps up the Eclipse Cauldron of May 2022! It too packs high magic, and offers a deeply potent, life force-seeking kapow!! The Scorpio Full Moon will be opposite Uranus in Taurus (the Sun conjunct Uranus) and the Eclipse will be very closely conjunct the nodes! So there is both a backward-looking stance and a forward-looking imperative to this magical and deep diving, revolutionary power portal.

Rest assured this Eclipse Cauldron will for many be totally full-on, at times overwhelming… But if we can stay focused and grounded, if we can be courageous enough to see the shadows/truths being revealed, to see the imbalances, to see that which is broken & no longer serving us… if we can continue to nurture ourselves & our loved ones as needed, while we bravely shine our light in the darkest of places (places within us, within our homes, within our systems/structures, world), if we can hold true to our word, focus clearly on that which we desire to co-create, we will have much to learn and access much potential for healing and magic, as we move through this “breakdown to breakthrough moment!

Without a doubt, YOUR cells will be clearing & stretching to receive the huge influx of light codes pouring into your being through this Eclipse Season. You will be clearing on all levels to allow this anchoring and embodiment to occur!

Bottom line it is clear this cauldron will be challenging and require our conscious navigation, setting us up beautifully to co-create more pleasure, love, joy and life force!

So, my friends, this is not a time for judging yourself, for what you are seeing and experiencing – that is the way of the old. This is the time to be compassionate, to consciously surrender in faith, allowing yourself all the experiences that are arising, seeing them all as gifts. You are being lovingly facilitated to ‘LIGHT-UP’ and ‘EXPAND’, the POTENTIALITY is huge, it’s beyond our imagining! Your task is to lovingly nurture yourself through this marathon one step at a time – and to seed visions of your path forward! YOU are journeying into the void, for healing and a deepening of your soul connection, in order to be reborn AND beyond this to fully embody your power as a Divine Co-creator of your reality and our world. You are in an ‘ascension marathon’ and like all marathon runners, it is time to focus on the task at hand and support yourself as best you can to successfully cross the finish line! If it is easier for you – you can just as easily use the analogy of being on a ‘marathon birthing journey’ and like all empowered mothers it is time to focus on the task at hand and support yourself as best you can to birth the new you!

In this article, I want to give you some really practical guidance as to how you can prepare for the journey through this divinely timed ‘ascension power portal’ with as much grace and efficiency as possible, as the master of co-creativity that you are!

2. The Game Plan for this Eclipse Season

As we move through and beyond, we are called to BE the ‘Masters’ that we are, in order to consciously navigate forward. As such YOU are reminded that you are best served by:-

  • Consciously and lovingly managing and nurturing your physical/etheric bodies as you flow with the energies pouring down upon you (understanding that these energies are activating you in your own unique ways at a cellular level via your divine blueprint).

  • Remaining open to really see the ‘truths’ that are presenting themselves to you in all aspects of your personal life, as well as, in relation to your community/ country/ global existence (we are all one).

  • Allowing yourself to dissolve the veils you may have built to protect yourself, the stories or ‘cop-out’ clauses you have given yourself to hide behind. Remembering when the truth is uncomfortable - that it is only by really seeing and owning it, by taking responsibility for where you/humanity is at in this moment, that you can tap into the potentiality of this moment, and be inspired/guided onto the path forward (to realise your individual role in the magical healing /co-creative process at hand)!

  • Simply choose to be OK with the rise in intensity, with the challenges/turbulence that may arise within and around you.

  • If your heart cracks wide open, let it.

  • Choosing to surrender and release, all that no longer serves you is key. Know that anything leaving your life is doing so for a higher purpose, trust that in its leaving space is being created for the new. FAITH is paramount in these times! Honestly, resistance is futile, and will simply bring more pain.

  • Be in the moment & conscientiously monitor your thoughts (the reality which you are seeding) - for, despite all the intensity and releasing that is expected, you are concurrently co-creating at a more powerful pace than ever before. So be sure to be choosing to create that which you want by ensuring your thoughts remain positive and focused upon that which you wish to create!

  • Remember you are supported by the celestial realms, light beings, your guides, healing masters, and more. YOU are not alone in this journey! Remember that miracles are expected – this is a time of incredible potential so hold the faith in the future you see. Challenges may seem impossible, insurmountable in the 3d world, but continue to focus on the future you are co-creating with unwavering consistency, knowing everything is possible in this moment, no-thing, no-challenge is too great - MIRACLES BE!

  • Being informed about the ‘goals’ of each alignment (of each power portal OR wave of ascension frequencies pouring down upon you this month), in order that you can flow with the specific energies to greatly facilitate your co-creative abilities, as you seed your new reality and world. When you consciously participate and co-operate with the energies, you WILL NOT be swept away by anxiety and fear that can arise through unknowing, rather you will be able to focus on the tasks at hand & feel empowered! A good analogy for the importance of this is to think of what you would be doing if you were actually choosing to run a marathon? You would want to know the route, the weather/environmental conditions expected, have the correct tools, the support team, and the mental/physical preparedness to finish the race. So it is with moving through this Eclipse Season (or any big astrological power portal), you need to prepare, this is why moving forward with ‘cosmic consciousness’ is vitally important to your success!

  • Be kind to those you love and associate with, allow them their clearing/shaking/shifting also. Realise that this is big for everyone, so choose not to react to people if they are lashing out, emotionally vulnerable, etc. Choose to take responsibility for your life/experiences and try not to blame others for them, learn and grow through them. Surrender to what is, let it flow by you, and see the bigger picture. Additionally, do keep an eye out for those you love who may be feeling depressed or unwell - and let them know they are OK and what is going on if you can!

3. Common Symptoms & how you can alleviate them.

The most common symptoms people are and will experience during this Eclipse Cauldron and how to alleviate them GO HERE.

You may well have been experiencing physical/mental/emotional symptoms as a result of the energy building up to and through this Eclipse Season.

What I want you to know is that IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT not to be afraid if you are having mental/emotional/physical symptoms OR to consider yourself ‘to be sick’!

Why? Because most of your symptoms are lightbody or ascension symptoms and are transitory and hooking into fear/anxiety can slow down your ascension journey.

Have you ever seen what marathon runners go through as they run their races OR do you remember what you went through when you birthed your children? This is no different – it’s not a walk in the park that’s for sure!

Please know that if you are experiencing common symptoms like those listed here in THIS ARTICLE, you are simply clearing and embodying more light and you just need to support yourself appropriately. Of course, if you are really worried please seek medical attention, either from a GP or of the ‘alternative kind’. However, I would recommend that you consider options for alleviating your symptoms listed in the above article first! This article has been created by drawing upon 18 years of knowledge and experience as a Healing Arts / Lightbody Specialist Practitioner – facilitating healing chamber sessions with clients from all over the world. I have seen a rise in these symptoms over recent weeks and I offer you this information to support you.

4. Steps to best prepare yourself for the ECLIPSE SEASON now!

Now is the time to get serious about navigating this Eclipse marathon!

There are some really important activities you can commit to right now that will minimise your challenges and maximise the success of your journey!

Forewarned is forearmed, Wisdom is Empowering!

Get conscious of the evolutionary imperative of each of the power portals occurring within this Eclipse Cauldron. So BE SURE TO LEARN more about this month's Eclipse Power Portals we are going to experience BY READING ALL THIS ARTICLE: –

  • Detox your body. Seek to increase the volume of green and organic foods in your diet. Increase high frequency purified water. Increase vitamin/mineral intake, especially Magnesium. Minimise or eliminate stimulants if needed.

  • Detox your mind. Meditate, rest, get out into nature, get into the water, write down your insights, your feelings, let your emotions move through you. Take immediate action if guided to release or let go of behaviours, patterns, situations.

  • Practice appropriate self-healing energy techniques daily – it’s just like cleaning your teeth! And remember to do your Chakra Clearing too!

  • Make sure you have the following light language transmissions on hand to support you as needed (see below for list)

NOTE: If you have completed my ONLINE Divine Blueprint Self Mastery Workshop – be certain to tune into each alignment, asking how it specifically relates to you; what is the evolutionary imperative for you, what are the challenges and how can you minimise them, what are the opportunities and how can you ensure you make the most of them etc.

5. Powerful Light Language Healing Tools & Support for YOU

Decide upon any extra support you want to give yourself at this time.

As always during this vitally important month, I offer my very special Celestial Temple Ceremony/Events, Healing Services, and FREE Light Language to support you to really navigate the celestial flow & make the most of its evolutionary imperative!

NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, how busy you are, or your time-zone, YOU CAN ACCESS any of the following! They are very affordable and incredibly potent, magical, supportive and uplifting!


Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Star Temple Event - Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 15/16th May

A VITAL WAY TO SUPPORT YOURSELF DURING THIS ECLIPSE POWER PORTAL IS TO ACCESS A MASTERY INITIATION & LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION SESSION WITH KYRONA ON THE DAY OF THIS EVENT - to support you to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of this celestial power portal, to catapult your spiritual growth and co-create positive change in your life! REGISTER NOW or keep reading to learn more about these sessions and why this event is so important!

  • Seek extra support: You could also support yourself by experiencing my unique/potent individual healing & empowerment sessions either a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing OR Divine Blueprint Ceremony OR Spiritual Counselling with me. You could choose to find yourself a good masseuse and book a weekly massage, booking an acupuncture session, a day spa!

  • It is a great idea to decide to bring some sacred ritual into your life at this time. Perhaps you would like to make an Eclipse Cauldron Alter (with candles/crystals/items of meaning) to support your journey and manifestation activities. Perhaps you may like to make a crystal grid or a work of art. Definitely listening to light language as a part of your ritual is a fantastic idea. There are no rules – simply open your heart, follow your creative joy and call in all the support you need!

  • Finally – do work with the below amazing light language transmission.


Dragon Power (listen free or purchase)

Rejuvenation (listen free or purchase)

Ground (video)


My beautiful starry friends, there is a lot of wisdom on this page and my heartfelt desire is that it will greatly support you now and into the future to move with the celestial flow. Navigating this amazing INTENSE time with as much grace and ease as is possible. Assisting you to embody more light, to master more fully, to powerfully co-create your new reality and our world!

This vital moment in our Earth's transition is accelerating the ascension process like never before, the pure potentiality within this moment is magnificent!

SHINE BRIGHT & May Celestial Resonance Be Yours!

Kyrona Unity Hope

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