How to flow & thrive through Mercury Retrograde (May 30th to June 23rd, 2021)

It's that time again Mercury is in Retrograde Motion in the sign of GEMINI from 30th May to 23rd June 2021 (dates will depending on your location). Learn how to make this a time of revelation and progress.

Mercury Retrograde is a celestial flow that is well worth engaging with. It can be challenging, especially if you are not consciously moving with its urgings, however, when you are tuning in to its flow it can be a very fruitful time. Assuredly Mercury Retrograde it has a divine purpose for everybody.

The empowering fact is that you can choose to flow with the energy of Mercury Retrograde! You can choose to tune into it and make great headway in your life as a result.

The truth is I feel the energy of Mercury Retrograde very acutely (and boy do I have some tales to tell). This being said, over the years of consciously working with this celestial flow myself and observing clients, I have realised the most effective ways to maximise the potential of this energy and minimise its challenges. As always I am keen to share this knowledge. So in this article, I am going to share some key wisdom I have learned about Mercury Retrograde & how you can not only flow with these times but thrive through them. I am also going to gift you an empowering free healing tool to support you & much more, so keep reading…

In this article I discuss: –

1. What Does Mercury Retrograde mean?

2. HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF the current Mercury Retrograde?

3. The 2021 Dates of Mercury Retrograde?

4. Tips for navigating this energy & making the most of it + A FREE HEALING SONG a tool of excellence to support you!

5. MASTERY OPTION 1 – THE MOST POWERFUL SUPPORT AVAILABLE, discover the leading-edge Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program supporting you for life to flow with Mercury Retrograde successfully!

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1. What Does Mercury Retrograde mean?

The term RETROGRADE describes how Mercury appears to move in such times. During retrograde times Mercury appears to be stopped or no longer moving against the backdrop of the stars in the evening sky. In fact, Mercury appears to retrace its path by the stars it just passed – thus it appears to be going backward.

Of course, from an astronomical perspective, no planet actually reverses its direction. Our experience of seeing a planet retrace its steps, however, gives us another perspective.

Mercury Retrogrades occur at least 3 times every year.

"The slowing and reversing of Mercury’s direction gives us an opportunity to witness magic revealing itself. If the magician slows what s/he is doing way down, we can peek behind the curtain and see how the magic works. The invisible becomes visible, the unknown becomes known. It is a time for fully exploring the magic and mystery of life in a way that is not always available to us." Robert Wilkinson - A New Look at Mercury Retrograde

2. How to make the most of this Mercury Retrograde!

The planetary being Mercury is about the mind, it is also very much about communication, in particular communicating who we are – in every way & form of communication available.

A retrograde movement of Mercury gives us an opportunity to go internally and reflect in order to redefine our experience and/or to have a revelation of some sort in relation to this. Our reflection at these times often centers on the mysteries of the information in the star sign that Mercury resides within during its retrograde.

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2021 begins on 29/30th May depending on your location. Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini (24º 43") and The Direct Station occurs in Gemini (16º 08') on June 22. The previous Retrograde in Gemini occurred in May of 2015.

More about Mercury Retrograde in Gemini at this time...

Mercury is the planet ruling the rational mind, logic, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It reflects our learning style and our way to deal with the details of everyday life. Mercury feels comfortable expressing itself in Gemini, its home of Air. Mercury traveling through the sign of the Twins reflects an increase in our willingness and desire to learn, gather new information, focus on details, and join long talks.

Mercury in transit reflects our changing orientation to logically understanding both our reality and ourselves. During its journey through Gemini, we explore different ways to make sense of ourselves and life and we look for more data in order to gain a more diverse perspective of everything. Mercury in the sign of the Twins inspires us to initiate conversations and debates, to exchange opinions with others, and seek new sources of information as a way to learn more about our inner and outer environment.

Mercury will be in an ongoing square to Neptune for its entire retrograde period. The first exact square happened on May 21-22, the second one will be between June 3 and June 5, and the last one between July 5 and July 6. Squares are angles of 90° reflecting friction and tension between planets. The Mercury-Neptune square emphasizes the archetypal struggle between the mind and the heart, our rationality, and our intuitive feelings.

This series of squares is likely to reflect a sense of confusion, lack of clarity, contrasting news, and a general feeling of not knowing what is true and what is not. Both planets are transiting their domiciles, and this intensifies the effects of this aspect: discrimination and critical thinking are likely to be more challenging than usual.

Mercury square Neptune may cloud our perception of reality: as the left and the right brain collide, we are left wondering what to believe in. While Gemini wants to know it all and aspires to build a reliable and logical framework to classify reality, Pisces reminds us that we don’t know anything for sure, no matter how much information we accumulate. The data we have collected so far is likely to be contradicted by contrasting information, and this may undermine our sense of security. Miscommunication and misunderstandings may occur: during this time, it is important to be patient and compassionate with both ourselves and others.

Just a few hours before stationing retrograde, Mercury has formed a conjunction with Venus in Gemini. This aspect supports negotiation and mediation as it promotes a diplomatic mindset, while our speaking and writing styles will tend to be harmonious and charming.

During these days, our social life is likely to be stimulating and intellectually enriching, while our interactions with others tend to be quicker and more diverse than usual. Venusian themes, such as issues around relationships, money, and self-worth, may continue to be at the forefront throughout this Mercury retrograde cycle, maybe recalling something that first emerged last year around this time, while Venus was retrograde in Gemini.

Mercury retrograde will be conjunct the Sun and the Moon during the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, taking place on June 10. This aspect emphasizes the importance of clear communication and critical thinking and invites us to be open-minded yet discerning, as our emotions are likely to heavily affect our thoughts, our words, and our perception of reality.

Working in flow with Mercury Retrograde you can find yourself being re-energised and recharged. It can be a great time for completing things that have already been started.

On the flip side, Mercury Retrograde really is not a great time for starting things, signing contracts out of the blue, etc. It is not a time for making long-term decisions and it really is advisable to postpone them wherever possible.

During Mercury Retrograde celestial flows we can find things moving illogically, or not in the way we are used to. Thus it is a time when our computers can crash or do strange things, our phones can be problematic, documents can go missing in the mail, etc.

For this reason, it is always really good practice to back up your computers and data prior to a Mercury Retrograde movement, to take time to make sure that your saving things as you work with them, to be patient when things aren’t working in relation to communications. And TO REALISE IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THESE CHALLENGES at any such moment – perhaps for you this cycle is to be one of deep reflection, rather than a time of having to make things happen out in the world of form.

So instead of perceiving Mercury Retrograde as a challenging time when you can’t get things done – how about turning the flow to your advantage?

Use the Mercury Retrograde celestial flow to actively tune into more creative expression, to review, reflect, re-consider, re-structure, re-check, re-assess, re-fine, re-focus, re-visit (you get the drift), and to be open to revelations as a result.

This approach will allow you to be in flow and harmony, so you can experience Mercury Retrograde as a great time to be creative. A time to have new insights, to focus upon and complete projects that you have already started. To really tune into the magic of what is being revealed to you, the invisible becoming visible.

Also, it is worth noting that for up to two days before Mercury officially goes retrograde & again before it officially goes direct again – MERCURY STATIONS (or appears to stand still). These times are infamous for creating a feeling of disorientation and confusion, as the energy shifts direction. If you are feeling disoriented this may be why.

3. The 2021 Mercury Retrograde Dates

#1 - Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (26º 29") on January 30 and the Direct Station occurs in Aquarius (11º 01') on February 21

#2 - Mercury goes Retrograde in Gemini (24º 43") on May 29 and the Direct Station occurs in Gemini (16º 08') on June 22

#3 - Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra (25º 28") on September 27 and the Direct Station occurs in Libra on October 18.

4. Some Tips for navigating this energy and making the most of Mercury Retrograde

Here are a few great tips to give you a good start with aligning and flowing with this Mercury Retrograde celestial flow:-

  • Take time to meditate. Have no agenda other than quieting the mind and being open to receive

  • Let go of the need to BE in any way, get flexible

  • Slow down when communicating & be consciously aware of the potential for miscommunication

  • And of course… sure to DOWNLOAD MY FREE GIFT of the 2021 Annual Celestial Attunement Transmission and make time to listen to this powerful healing song regularly during the build-up towards Mercury Retrograde (to help you prepare energetically) and as you move through the retrograde window (assisting you to receive what you need, to have great realisations & flow).

These tips are to get you started, to assist you to realise how much you can achieve in the potent Mercury Retrograde window when you align with it consciously!

If you want to really master and make the most of Mercury Retrograde – there is much more available for you here! KEEP READING BELOW FOR LEADING-EDGE SUPPORT TOOLS, TO HELP YOU MASTER THIS ENERGY.

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