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I HAVE A DREAM – and I am not alone!

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The FREEDOM and UNITY audit – essential information for all members of Spiritual Community.

Article published in the Sedona Journal Online – April 2008 & IMZAIA Magazine April 2008

I have been blessed with a dream or vision since I was quite young – it is a vision that relates to Universal Unity. Central to that vision is the knowing that the emerging earth masters are to unite energetically and guided by Spirit work from the heart with universal FREE energies to guide humanity into the new world now evolving on our planet. To be honest, to me this is more than a vision, it is a passion and this unification process is central to my sacred contract at this time on Earth.

At this vital time on Earth, there are many emerging Earth masters. Many of us are “new” in this life to the spiritual industry. We are very “trusting, open-hearted and universal in our thinking”. We are also “loving, passionate, action orientated, creative, individual, charismatic, strong and desire to serve”. Additionally, we naturally live by the principles of universal unity and can become shocked, disillusioned and disempowered when we discover others we work with from time to time, may not naturally hold this energy!

As emerging leaders who are contracted by Spirit to grow very quickly, we require the support and encouragement of those who are walking the path beside us, in order to easily and fully step into our destiny, bringing humanity with us. We require the FREEDOM to explore who we are, to learn, grow and express ourselves creatively as inspired – in fact it is our divine right and passion to do so! Unfortunately, human nature in its 3D form contains deep patterning and archetypes, that can and do infiltrate and impact emerging masters and the organisations that they find themselves interacting with. With the level of purification occurring on our planet right now, it is easy for things to get off track and out of balance.

I have no need to focus on what is out of balance and to push against it in this article. Rather, as Mother Theresa so beautifully exemplified when she said...

“I will not march against war, but I will march for peace” Mother Theresa

- what I wish to do is get you thinking about a better way, by sharing my wisdom, experience and guidance on this topic.

I intend to encourage us all to really think about the topic of freedom and unity, to do an audit on where we currently stand in relation to them and to then consider as appropriate how we may now evolve through ‘working heart partnerships’ towards the reality of universal unity.

History shows that there is no organisation / large group, spiritual or otherwise, on our planet to date that hasn’t eventually fallen into the pattern of creating levels, separation, rules and all the associated politics. As we move into the Age of Aquarius it is time for these patterns and archetypes to shift, they are the ways of old – not the new – and we are the ones who will change them, with our intent and actions.

Recognise that the current challenges being faced by emerging masters, have arisen as a learning journey for us all, allowing us to identify the challenge, realise the importance of our divine right to connect directly to Spirit, to grow, create, manifest and master freely. They are transitional symptoms only and as we master they will diminish.

So I urge you to take an audit of where you are: ask yourself “Do I worry that I am doing or saying the wrong thing – fearing the reactions of my mentor, group and peers on a regular basis? Does this fear stop me from moving forward when inspired?” If your answer to either of these questions is YES than you need to consciously reposition yourself!

To reposition yourself, simply accept where you are today and surrender it to Spirit. Then begin to diligently look at where you want to be focusing on your desire and divine right to be empowered, spiritually and creatively free, attracting to you groups and networks that are in harmony with your vision.

Some traits you should consider when intending to align with new world partnerships and groups are:

• Look for those who are not representing themselves as your connection to Spirit and/ or your ultimate path to ascension. Seek a group that honours your own sovereignty over your connection to Spirit and your destiny. • Look for those who do not place the power of ultimate authority and moral guidance with any individual/s, rather leave that to Spirit, your own heart and intuitive guidance. • Avoid individuals/groups who claim to know you better than you know yourself – asserting knowledge of the ‘truth’ over your intent, your heart and your destiny due to their enlightened state. To outsource this is very dishonouring to yourself and Spirit, very disempowering and I would go so far as to say dangerous! • Look for those who openly and constructively work together as a group to resolve any conflicts that arise. Avoid those who create secrecy and division between members and alienate any of their members in any way as a result of disagreement. Ensure groups you align with have actual independent processes in place to fairly discuss and resolve conflicts. • Look for groups who co-exist harmoniously with all other spiritual groups and the community. • Look for groups that allow you complete freedom of thought, action and communication. This is so important – you must be able to express your intuitive guidance, learn and grow freely in the moment if you are to evolve and master! • Look for groups who are not trying to blend spirituality with the 3D systems of legality and regulation – this has never worked and that will not change. It is fear based, it constricts, stagnates and ultimately leads to power abuse. Remember ‘Nothing real can ever be threatened’ God alone protects sacred knowledge. • Align with groups who will openly celebrate your spiritual growth and creativity in every way – unlimited! Who will support you, cheer you on and embrace the changes that result within you, your reality and the group as a whole, seeing change as healthy and inspiring.

Think about these behaviours, consider where your at in your life right now. Realise how these behaviours hinder our ascension individually and as a global collective. Understand that at their core they are fear based and have no place in our emerging new world! Courageously look at your reality and conduct your audit, then depending on the outcome move forward accordingly.

Be aware there are those who will not understand the concepts of universal freedom, free energy and universal unity, they will feel very threatened by this concept and often react accordingly. This is OK – there is no wisdom in working against anything, or trying to change fixed attitudes, simply accept ‘what is’ with compassion. Then as individuals and a unified collective of emerging masters we can choose to align ourselves to that which we wish to manifest, choosing to unite with like-minded souls in new ways and focus on our collective dream of unity and freedom!

"I have a dream and I am not alone. There are many emerging new-wave earth masters who do think like me and we will unite in-spirit in the times to come. We will work together relying upon our unified light, energy, passion and love. We will be unified unconditionally in-Spirit, unrestricted by structure, regulation and negative projection – in simply and peacefully Being we will powerfully lead by example. We will live our truth, working together with the FREE energy to heal and guide our planet into the new world, as is our destiny." Kyrona


Wishing you heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, laughter, music and miracles in your life in these miraculous times!



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