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Part 7 - Birthing my Light Language

The change 5 years makes (2007 - 2012)

I would like to share with you a very brief yet truly magical, mystical, multi-dimensional and true story that has been woven in song through all time. A story of how through my DNA, I came to reconnect to my light language gifts & birth the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light into being, raising the Celestial Temple from its stasis, as if a ‘Phoenix’, back into our present reality & consciousness.

Before I begin I would like to say that my service/work with Spirit today is truly something that I had no conscious idea was ever going to be a part of my life. If anyone had told me 12 years ago when I was a single mother, working as a Marketing Director in the IT industry, that I would one day be an energy healer who could speak multi-dimensional light languages, I would not have believed them. In fact I would not have even understood what they were talking about. As you have read, my life changed in an instant in the year 2000...

Firstly let me now really introduce myself. Yes it is time to be fully seen.

I AM that I AM, I AM ‘Kyrona’ Siriun Emissary of the Galactic Federation of Light – and this is who I have been through all incarnations that I am aware of. Similarly I have been a light language channel in all my incarnations both on and off the planet (more off than on to be honest!). I came to Earth originally in Lemuria, then from off the planet I was connecting through and working with the Mystery Schools of early Atlantis, physically to Earth again in late Atlantis, then into Egypt where I served in the Thoth Mystery School. My story continues on and off the planet throughout Earth history to the present.

You see I hold within my being Siriun Discs and specific technology, keys, and codes, that allow me to connect to the Elohim, planetary & starry beings, celestial beings, high-frequency multi-dimensional grid points, and more – in order to act as a facilitator (or Earth-based transmitter) of their technology, frequencies, keys, and codes. When I connect and open my channel allowing light language to stream forth - it is these technologies, frequencies, keys & codes, more so than the sounds people hear in their audible range, that impact individuals. It is my soul contract to support enlightened souls & emerging Earth Masters to excel, to fully realise their true potential, their life purpose, and the highest calling of their soul. Supporting them to anchor their divine blueprint into the earth and connect intimately with it, to activate their DNA lightcodes, to co-create and embody their 24-strand DNA potential. Just as importantly it is also my soul contract to expose and educate the world about the powerful healing tool that is ‘Living Light Language’, to support the re-integration of this tool once more into our everyday reality, to spread the healing, mastery & ascension frequencies keys and codes held within living light language as far and as wide as I can.

And so it begins... entry & awakening

My Atlantean Celestial Resonance Channelling Wand.

So let me remind you & expand a little upon my story to date (as with time & the wisdom of retrospect, more clarity births)... In 1967 (Earth time) I was once more residing in my 8th-dimensional blue star with my Siriun Soul Group “Neeandah”, happily simply being oneness, love & free – definitely my preferred state! At this time, as in all incarnations, I am aware of I was also a Siriun Emissary to the Galactic Federation of Light.

Anyway, it was in this capacity, that in 1967 I was asked to urgently return once more to Earth, to support her and humanity to navigate through the vital shift of frequency and consciousness that was occurring towards 2012 and beyond. I admit I hesitated to say yes mainly because my latter incarnations on this planet have been rather unpleasant – as I am sure they have for many of you. Regardless due to the importance of the evolutionary imperative of this time, I did agree to take on this contract and re-enter our wonderful planet, in order to support the truly magical and important transition that is occurring right now. So it was that on the 20th of February 1968, I did just that.

Unfortunately (or was that perfectly?) as I re-entered Earth, I became rather traumatised by the lower energy of this realm. Then as my umbilical cord was cut, I lost my connection to God, my soul group, and my soul self. The trauma of this separation and the environment of Earth, prevented me from anchoring my Divine Blueprint into the crystal ley-lines of the Earth. The repercussions of this were many. It wasn’t until my late 20’s, as I journeyed through a complete ‘Nervous Breakthrough’, and began sending out desperate calls to the universe for intervention that my “connection” started to return.

In 2000 I ‘touched a crystal’ for the first time and went multi-dimensional, I experienced the fullness of cosmic consciousness – I didn’t have a clue what had just happened to me at that moment, but I knew somehow it was my roadmap home to me. From this moment forth has been a DNA lightcodes began activating, and my life and reality changed completely almost overnight. Within months I was no longer that high-flying award-winning marketer in the IT industry and single mother of two, rather I was a self-employed healer & gridder, committed to my life of service.

Light Language Reconnection & Activation

In 2004 my light language started to stream forth, I tried suppressing it, ignoring it, avoiding it – I was embarrassed by this strange phenomenon that no one seemed to know anything about. The frequencies would not be denied, they were bursting forth daily, my NO was making me very ill.

Mind Body Spirit Festival 2007, when I connected with my channeling wand & Neeandah.

So I had to start owning it - which I did very slowly! Initially, I would sing in my healing room by myself – recording and re-listening… keeping my freaky behavior secret. I was still not fully owning my gifts. The end result of course was that for well over 2 years (2004 - 2007) I had a HUGELY sore throat! At times My voice sounded like a man, then a woman, then husky, then all over the place, then gone etc… As I owned my gifts this dissipated.

By early 2007 I had started singing for clients – because the language wanted to come out and I got brave enough to open my mouth with these select people. Their responses were amazing & it inspired me to keep experimenting with this new gift.

In 2007 while exhibiting at a Mind Body Spirit festival – I first connected physically with my Channeling Wand (a wand I have worked with in Atlantean Light Chambers). As with 2000 it was a crystal that shifted my reality in an instant. For from the moment I picked the wand up I was activated, reconnected – and technology, keys & codes started pouring fourth at an incredible rate.

Those present at the festival who could 'see' were coming up to me and asking ‘what is with the blue flames coming out of your mouth every time you speak?’. It was remarkable, and on that day I finally surrendered and said YES to my gift and my essence. When I touched my wand, I had instantly reconnected with my lineage, my light codes were activated, I became conscious of and was working with my Siriun Soul Group Neeandah in this moment - and for 5 days I had the sorest throat I have ever hand in my life!!

Here is an audio I created for my first light language website Symfoniq - that speaks ABOUT MY SIRIUN SOUL GROUP - NEEANDAH as I understand them. Nowadays of course my light language is far more diverse than just singing the language of this group, but I am aware they are always with me, always supporting me. Listen Here

So can you be

leive that within 2 months of that fateful Mind Body Spirit Expo in 2007 - I had produced my first album called “I reconnect to the light that is me” (Watch a complete video of this transmission now) & was facilitating a sell-out tour of South East Queensland -where I was living at the time - promoting my album and introducing people to this light language thing I was doing!! Talk about scary & amazing all at once! At this stage, I still really didn’t understand what my language was doing, how it worked etc. But I knew it was important. (The journey of mastership of my light language is something I teach in my Celestial Resonance Initiation & Activation Workshops - so it's a story for another forum!)

With the tour a great success and my gifts opening very publicly, my world changed in a painful and unexpected way - to allow me to fully open to my gifts. Unexpectedly only 3 months after the Mind Body Spirit Festival, I was very unjustly removed from the frequency modality that I practiced and taught, and my thriving healing business was shut down... retrospectively this was a total 'set-up' allowing me a journey that allowed me to really work with my core wounding of 'persecution for my faith' and to find the freedom to fully own my gifts and express them as I felt needed into the future. I am certain I would not have moved on from that soul group of healers if I had not been pushed out of the nest - so be it! On a positive note, one door closes - another opens, and as you will see in another part of this story - at the same time as this painful aspect of my life was playing out, I was blessed to meet and marry my husband Darryn Hope (within 3 months).

So my YES at that Mind Body Spirit Festival put me on the path, opened me up, reconnected me to my true essence, my soul self – allowed me to remember why I was here, to love the journey. I have been nurturing my gift ever since, learning more about it, uncovering new technologies and ways of working with it, mastering and sharing the Celestial Resonance frequencies with our beloved Earth and all I connect with far and wide. These divine frequencies that pour through my vessel truly do activate, initiate, nurture, and support our mastery and ascension at this time. To spread these technologies, frequencies, keys, and codes is my calling.

For the continuing journey relating to the evolution of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language and the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light - go to Part 9 of this story!

Kyrona Unity Hope September 2012

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