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September Equinox Siriun Cosmic Whale Tribe Activation – Healing Song!

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Kyrona offers you this must-have language of light tool for your healing collection!

If you are a member of Kyrona's Patreon Community you can WATCH THE VIDEO OF THIS TRANSMISSION NOW or you can purchase the MP3 from our shop!

How this healing song will support YOU now and always!

This intense, strong & potent language of light transmission will support you to journey through the void to rebirth, now and always – not just through the Gateway of the September Equinox (during which it was recorded) which is a truly magical moment each year, a moment where doorways to the mysteries are opened to us.

This transmission weaves powerful Siriun Starry &cosmic whale tribe frequencies, keys, and codes, while deeply connecting to the earth’s electromagnetic grid, as well as, our Sun and the constellation Libra. It is deeply clearing & activating impacting all multidimensional levels of your DNA to allow reconnection to ancient aspects of your soul self, the embodiment of these in the physical, in this life here and now. Whatever you need to support your REBIRTH or your journey through the void as you prepare for REBIRTH will be accessed as you listen to this powerful transmission!

How to make the most of this language of light healing tool

If this is you, you are encouraged to journey with this language of light transmission 2 times daily for at least 7 days or until you feel you have really integrated its frequency. It is best if you are new to Kyrona’s light language, to work with this transmission by itself until it is integrated. After this time, you can listen to the transmission as guided.


"This is the first time in this life that I have opened my mouth and bought forth the song of the COSMIC WHALE!

I bought this transmission through during to support a Mastery Initiation & Lightbody Activation Ceremony during the September Equinox, on the stargate of Ubud Bali, 23rd September 2013.

The 8 days prior to this transmission's birth had been intense and incredible; mind-blowing, synchronistic, extra-ordinary to say the least. The 8 weeks prior to this time we journeyed through 2 grand sextiles (Merkabah alignments) and it had been massive, end-to-end journeys through the void to rebirth, one upon the other as if waves crashing on a beach…

Then only 2 days before this transmission birthed, I awakened to a vision of myself BREACHING out of the water (just like the whale opposite), except that I was more like a phoenix… and looking down below me I could see layers and layers of myself like a wreck/with coral & sea life below, realising that at this moment I was so far removed from me of just 8 weeks earlier! REBIRTH was upon me, what now? I felt excitement.

So back to the 8 days… well 8 days ago I was on a spontaneous holiday to a very special grid point called Amed here in Bali. There was a Grand Cross in the sky, and a full moon window (in Pisces) was upon us, it was sitting right on top of my Natal Chiron. On this Sunday morning, my husband and I decided very unexpectedly to go scuba diving (for the first time for me). On that day we did 2 dives, the second on a wreck down to 12m depth. It was such an intense experience for me on every level – a lot of fear rising up that I did not understand, a feeling of overwhelm energetically, despite the joy and exhilaration. Later I realised that I had bought up a past life wounding around drowning (picture been thrown into the ocean with rocks tied around your feet – for being a witch) to be healed, and with this healing I had opened to my whale lineage that I was very very aware of (I have always known myself to be whale in parallel consciousness).

During that dive the whales and dolphins connected powerfully and transmitted to me, as did the ocean and all life within it – calling for help and healing. That was why I was overwhelmed, as it was so unexpected. After this dive, until now writing this passage – my clairaudient channel, brain and physical ears have been upgrading. Quite intensely!

Within 24 hours of my 2nd dive, I was acutely aware of whale and dolphin song in my clairaudient channel, weaving in with the usual Music of the Spheres. Then I started feeling, understanding, telepathically sending the song back. I was blessed with a wonderful healing to support this process and during that healing, saw the sonar in my brain activate powerfully – like a diamond in shape emitting & receiving song.

Just yesterday I met a Cosmic Whale Tribe SiSTAR while having breakfast (a deep powerful connection so unexpected – who talked to me of what I was experiencing! Can you believe that! Certainly, that was a first! Then just 30 minutes later I found myself dancing with a group of people here in Ubud at Sunday Dance – and for 1.5 hours I was a whale, dancing, soaring, twirling – weightless, ecstatic, communicating right here from upon a mountain top in Ubud, so powerfully with all whales and dolphins in the ocean, I have never encountered such a thing as this – it was sublime, delicious and wow…

There is so much more I could share but honestly I cannot even begin to explain it all, there are no words.

What I do know is that surprisingly this morning as I commenced the ceremony for the September Soltice 2013 Global event – the whale song of my cosmic tribe wanted me to give it voice. And this is the transmission that resulted.

I have been so strongly urged to share it with all today – even if it is OUT THERE it is so divinely potent.

It is a true example of the miracles occurring right now as we clear, activate DNA and integrate more and more aspects of our Soul Self into our physical, through the void to rebirth!

Enjoy!! Kyrona xx" 23 September 2013

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