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The 11:11 Gateway - What/Why/Energetic Support!

Updated: Apr 21

Trust me - this is a real phenomenon, a trigger point weaved into our DNA & ancient memory!

In this post I talk about: -

  1. The top 15 meanings attributed to the 11:11 throughout esoteric/spiritual traditions!

  2. The SCIENCE behind the DNA & 11:11 link!

  3. My personal 11:11 experiences (MAGICAL AWAKENING - LEAPS & BOUNDS!)

  4. The most powerful activity you can undertake during an 11:11 Gateway or if you are seeing 11:11 everywhere!

"Something IS happening and it's more real than any of us can imagine." A Greater Reality is being inserted into our everyday lives. The earthworm finally looks up to the stars and is forever transformed. A merger is taking place between our vast cosmic Selves and our physical bodies. This transforms our DNA and allows us to finally become vibrantly alive and totally real. The next time you see the 11:11, stop and feel the subtle energies around you. The 11:11 is a wake-up call you sent to yourself. A reminder of your true purpose here on Earth. Usually during times of heightened energy or accelerated personal change you will notice the 11:11 more frequently. Seeing the Master Numbers 11:11 is ALWAYS a confirmation that you are on the right track." From: 'How to LIVE LARGE on a Small Planet ~ Solara'

1. The top 15 meanings attributed to the 11:11 throughout esoteric/spiritual traditions!


There is a global 11 11 phenomenon that is perplexing many individuals in regard to numerical synchronicities and in particular, the number and the meaning behind 11:11. From teenagers to senior citizens, these synchronistic numbers seem to appear on a daily basis. What does 11:11 mean?

For example, you might be putting petrol in your car and when you’re done, you’ll notice that it cost you exactly $11.11. Or you might be at the checkout line in a store and the cashier gives you $11.11 in change. As you’re going home, you might notice a license plate with the number 11:11 on it. You get home and look at the clock to see it is 11:11. You go to bed and look at the clock to set your alarm - noticing again it is 11:11... and so on, you get the picture, you have probably experienced it at some point in your journey!

So what does 11:11 mean? Let me give you 15 Meanings!

Remember - I always guide you to tune into your higher-self/soul-self/heart whatever you call it and ascertain what is true for you - in relation to all my offerings, the same goes with this information.

11:11 is subjective to the interpreter and to the interpretation. In other words, YOUR interpretation is the only interpretation that matters! Here are the many interpretations of 11:11 that I have come across to date and resonate with on some level!

11:11 Awareness: The first thing you should pay attention to when you see a synchronistic number is what you’re either doing or thinking at that particular moment. You should also be cognizant of your surroundings, such as the song that you’re currently listening to or even something as simple as the rays of sunshine coming in through your window. Because you are being asked to take notice, to be open to receiving a gift.

Numerology: The number 11 is a Master Number and represents impractical idealism, visionary, refinement of ideals, intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, avant-garde, androgynous, film, fame, refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.

Wake Up Call: 11:11 signifies your spiritual awakening, as this number seems to be predominantly noticed by those who have begun their spiritual journeys. It may also be seen as a code to unlock your subconscious mind.

Fibonacci Sequence: The first two numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence are 1,1. The Fibonacci Sequence is basically tied into Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio of Creation, so this number would represent an end to physical reality All About 11:11 as we know it.

11:11 Gateway or Portal: 11:11 is the doorway between two worlds – between the 3rd-dimensional and the 5th-dimensional worlds. Between your physical body & cosmic self! Holding light codes for great advancement through the removal of the veils, release of duality & return to oneness!

Binary DNA Code: The brain is like a computer, which relies on binary codes (1’s and 0’s). In this premise, 11:11 is the binary code that awakens your dormant (junk) DNA.

Digital Time Code: This theory encapsulates several theories within the same premise. 11:11 unlocks your DNA and opens the subconscious mind through physically seeing these digital numbers and re-remembering why your brain was coded to remember the importance of 11:11.

DNA Activation: The number 11 represents twin strands of DNA, so for some people, this is a sign of a DNA activation or upgrade.

Angels and Spirit Guides: Your guardian angel or spirit guide is trying to connect with you.

Balance: Your life is either gaining or becoming more in balance when you see 11:11. This might also be an affirmation that your life is completely balanced as well.

Edgar Cayce: Edgar Cayce was quoted as saying, “The first lesson for six months should be One-One-One- One; Oneness of God, oneness of man's relation, oneness of force, oneness of time, oneness of purpose, Oneness in every effort-Oneness- Oneness!” Edgar may have meant, “The first lesson for six months should be 11:11.”

Global Consciousness: When you see 11:11, you feel connected with the Universe and everyone else who is currently experiencing this phenomenon. You completely understand what “we are all one” means.

Spiritual Purpose: 11:11 presents you an opportunity to reflect on your spiritual purpose for being here.

Synchronicity: Your life has become total balance and the lesson you need to learn will appear before you. “When the pupil is ready, the master appears”.

So there you have 15 wonderful meanings for the 11:11 - I know many of them resonate very strongly with my heart, and I have certainly experienced their power!

Most likely, you are reading this article because you have also experienced the 11:11 phenomenon. If you haven’t experienced 11:11, then chances are, you will in the near future. The question remains - What is it really about FOR YOU? “Time “ will tell.

2. The science behind the DNA & the 11:11 link


The 11:11 phenomenon is a codex, a sacred light language code that is imprinted within your DNA, it enhances and strengthens the optimum frequency of your DNA expression. As such it facilitates the awakening of your psychic & intuitive gifts, helps you to re-remember your soul origins on a deep and profound level, and supports you to fully embody your soul magnificence in the here & now!

In 2003, the Human Genome Project declared that we only use 5% of our DNA, and the remaining 95% of our DNA is referred to as ‘junk DNA’ and is believed to have no function within the human body as it is a redundant by-product of our evolution.

However, a Russian research team headed by Dr. Pjotr Garjajev and comprising of molecular biologists, physicists, embryologists, and linguistic experts uncovered that the 95% junk DNA was in actual fact a highly intelligent combination of Codon sequences that spoke a ‘language’. This biological language not only explained the origins of human language but was also a text that could be altered. That is, DNA is reprogrammable and DNA codon sequences can be inter-changed and activated.

When you ‘see’ 11:11 everywhere it is a confirmation that you are awakening more fully, you are activating more DNA light codes OR turning on your so-called ‘Junk’ DNA.

As your DNA turns on, you are freeing yourself a little more from the 'matrix' or the struggle of the ego-based 'illusion' of our physical world. You are opening more fully to the oneness field of creation, to the divine beauty and LOVE of Source within you and every human being. You are adjusting to more fully experience the Sacred Marriage, the Unity of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within.

The great news is this process creates potent healing within the physical body. You may well feel a huge boost in energy, feel vital and alive with life. You may feel a conscious shift emotionally & mentally as you more fully transcend the fear-based struggle, pain & separation. Spiritually you can evolve more fully into a conscious and enlightened Soul, marveling in the human experience here on Earth. You will be able to fully embrace being an active participant in global consciousness based on collective values of compassion, reverence for life, and love for all. You will be empowered to BE Cosmic Consciousness in Action and a master of co-creation!...

It is my understanding that the first number ‘11‘ in ‘11:11′, represents the two strands of our DNA double helix spiral. The second ‘11‘ in ’11:11‘ represents the 11 energetic bodies (the auric fields that surround EVERY DNA helix spiral, within EVERY cell of your physical body). So when YOU ‘see’ 11: 11, you are resonating your DNA’s auric field and hence activating or turning on the expression of your physical DNA.

3. Kyrona's personal experience with 11:11 - it is a magical gateway!

So my friends - I have had no doubt that the 11:11 Gateway has been a powerful PORTAL OF ASCENSION CODES since about 2000 when I started to see the 11:11 all the time (coincidentally, as I was awakening and beginning the journey to my full authentic self!). Since this time I have made some truly amazing personal shifts on this date.

There are a few that really stand out for me the most significant to me and I share these with you, to give you some insight into how tuning into this annual power portal can truly catapult your enlightenment and spiritual awakening to your full soul magnificence, your destiny, and purpose!

Sunrise 11:11:11 ceremony

My most memorable 11:11 Gateway to date has without a doubt been the 11:11:11 (2011) when the global shift in consciousness was so huge - I knew without a doubt 'we as a species/planet were going to make it through this current evolutionary journey'. Personally, on that day all my worries dropped away, my career path of service changed from being in full-time service holding the Earths Grid & facilitating healings with clients - to being a weaver of Celestial Resonance Frequencies, Keys & Codes Globally, the Anchor of the Celestial Temple, Founder & Principal of the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light - teacher of Oneness Astrology & Star Temple Wisdom's and more! HONESTLY, IT WAS THAT HUGE!!! The energy of this magical day commenced when I gathered for sunrise with a starry soul group in a sacred ceremony around a bomb fire to greet the sun's rays! It ended once more in a sacred ceremony that night around a bomb fire - at which time I recorded a very potent Celestial Resonance Transmission (see Option #3 below) that to date has had over 13,000 youtube views. This transmission gifts humanity to this day, with its powerful codes & always will support those seeing 11:11 regularly OR supporting us with the annual 11:11 Gateway Power Portal.

Kyrona facilitating a group Divine Bluprint 2014

My second most memorable 11:11 Gateway occurred the year before in 2010 when I anchored the wisdom, technology and ability to facilitate Divine Blueprint Ceremonies! I have now performed many hundreds of these ceremonies for individuals & groups - they are as life-changing for clients as it was for me!

Sheannah 11 & myself, August 2020

Another life-changing and empowering experience occurred on the 11:11, 2020 - when I faced a magistrates court, after several months of attempting to have a Domestic Violence Protection Order placed against my husband (who had left in a blaze of anger some months earlier after 13 challenging years). The order was needed to protect me and my daughter from further abuse. It had taken years for me to accept the truth of the relationship and its big shadow, years to accept it could not be fixed by me, or by us. And then with my daughter being 11 years old, I knew I had to teach her that this was not OK, that this was not a normal or healthy relationship, it was not loving, and demonstrate to her how to have boundaries. It was a moment that changed our lives forever. I sat in that court with my Barrister, so very fearful that day, fearful that the order would not be given (after 3 previous hearings and even the evidence submitted), fearful to be in the same room as my husband.... in the end, a 5-year order was given to protect us both. Now 2 years later, as I write this, I am free, I am happy, I am strong, and I have learned to have strong boundaries, I deeply understand the complexities of domestic abuse and how it happens and goes unaddressed, I understand the weaknesses in our current systems to support women in these situations, and importantly I understand how to avoid repeating this pattern, I am demonstrating strong boundaries, and am open to a new life-partner relationship to be built.

4. How you can make the most of 11:11 Gateway this year.

OPTION 1 - Watch the FULL 5-MINUTE 11:11 Gateway Celestial Resonance Activation VIDEO on Patreon right now!

Kyrona - Sunrise 11:11:11 Celestial Resonance Ceremony, Maleny, Australia

This potent 11:11:11 light language transmission supports all who connect with it to attune to and activate their DNA light-codes, by reconnecting to the potent ascension power portal that was experienced through the 11:11:11 Stargate Activation. It is extra powerful to work with it each year on the 11:11 Gateway OR if you are one of those who is currently seeing 11:11 everywhere!

"This is a beautiful LIVE outdoor recording - made at a very special gridpoint of Maleny (overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains) in Australia, under the stars, in circle, on 8th of November 2011 ( tuning into the 11:11:11 which to me, was one of the most powerful magical days I have ever experienced in this life!).

It is very beneficial prior to listening to this transmission to set your intent to be fully open to receive the frequencies keys and codes you need in this moment, to fully activate the encoded cellular wisdom within you that is also activating new portals, and new edges of experience, that are alchemically and cellularly transforming your direct experience of your divine self as an aspect of the unified whole." Kyrona


OPTION 2 – Free & supporting you all year long!


Make sure you have downloaded your Annual FREE GIFT – of a breatheCELESTIAL ATTUNEMENT TRANSMISSION and work with this during this alignment and for the rest of this year.

And remember…If you have had a Complete Divine Blueprint Ceremony with me (or a practitioner) and have your very own “SOUL SONG” be sure to work with this too!


During the 11:11 Gateway – you are encouraged to bring ceremony into your life. Whether or not you decide to have a special individual lightbody activation with me, I encourage you to consider the following great activities you can undertake to help you attune ceremonially!

  1. Definitely work with the above light language transmissions and bring them into your ceremony as guided!

  2. Awake to see the sunrise – feel the sun's rays activating you, breath it in, hold your intentions in your heart and seed them, sing/dance/play music whatever you feel the need to do!

  3. Be sure to view the sunset and bring the energy full circle.

Enjoy this delicious moment my starry friends and be sure to seed wonderful intentions, seek incredible insights & support for their co-creation – as you dive into the oneness field!


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