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Turning or just turned 50? YOU want to know about your CHIRON RETURN!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Are you wondering 'what on Earth' is going on with you & your life? Enter the Chiron Return, one of the biggest astro initiations of your life!

If you (or someone you love) are of approaching 50 OR are currently aged between 50 & 51 – I have a very important message to share with you! This message WILL make the next year or two of your life more healing, enriching, fulfilling and life affirming than you could imagine! Trust me YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS so keep reading...

So assuming you are of this age, it is likely you have been sensing something significant is going on within/around you? And you would be right!

The fact is YOU are at a VITAL CROSSROADS, you're ENTERING A GATEWAY that will ‘set the scene’ for the 2nd Act in this game called ‘YOUR LIFE’. You have commenced the most momentous initiation of your life!

AND the great news is - you are reading this article! This is awesome because when you are consciously aware of the vitally important 'divine timing' you are experiencing right now and 'its urgings', you can flow with the huge incoming energy, and DO the work of spiritual mastery required of you. This will assist you to ensure the next one to two years become the most amazingly rewarding & empowering of your life!

Unfortunately for people who are unaware of this important crossroads, who are resisting, denying, shut down to their own growth and evolution, this time can be and usually is extremely challenging, overwhelming, and full of struggle. To make things worse their inability to evolve through this time the way they are urged to, can set up the struggle for years to come. So you see this time in YOUR LIFE is really important and that is why I am sending out this NEWS FLASH to you today!


Before I go any further... I want to say CONGRATULATIONS – you have the great honour & privilege of having navigated the first 50 years of your life! And having made it to this age, you understand that it is indeed a privilege to have arrived here. You have known and loved those who have not made it this far (as it was not their destiny to do so) & it’s up to you to make the most of the precious gift that is ‘the rest of your life.

So here YOU are at the cusp of (or perhaps moving through) what is the most momentous initiation of your life. The time/moment in your life when you are transformed, elevated, liberated to the status of the “elder “ and “wise-one” etc.

The truth is that every person TURNING 50 or thereabouts (for some it is turning 49, for others 51) is entering a life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime initiation with the Asteroid CHIRON “The Wounded Healer”.

This celestial initiation is called THE CHIRON RETURN and it is likely THE MOST SIGNIFICANT ASTROLOGICAL INITIATIATION every human being will experience in their lifetime (although the Uranus Opposition at 42 comes close!).


What does YOUR Chiron Return Mean?

At the moment you were Born Chiron was positioned in the sky in a particular sign, at a particular degree, and in a particular house. This represents the placement of Chiron in your Natal Chart (Astrological Birth Chart) and this energy of Chiron is weaved into each and every cell of your being via your Divine Blueprint.

Now, this is important to you because your Chiron represents the CORE WOUNDING (Karmic Wounding) you were born with. More specifically it represents the wounds you came into the life to HEAL & through healing them, the GIFTS you came to master and share with the world. It is in looking at this wounding that you can really get clarity in relation to the fears, blocks, and patterns that are holding your back and more. Through becoming conscious of this wounding, and then working consciously to heal it – you are liberated. You begin to come into your unique mastery and then have the opportunity to offer your gifts of healing to the world.

So for the last 50 years of your life, Chiron has been moving around your Natal Chart (the energy of your Divine Blueprint) and he has been overseeing your healing & growth to this point. But now as you reach this mid-life age, Chiron is returning to the exact position it was located at the moment of your birth. As such it is opening a HUGE POWER PORTAL over you and pouring down massive lightcodes upon you, for a very particular purpose (and I am going to tell you what that is soon)!

As a Healer/Astrologer/Counsellor who weaves the energy and consciousness of celestial beings/planets/stars etc & I have specialized in supporting people to become aware of their personal Chiron Wounding and to focus on healing it, for nearly 20 years now. In this time I have come to realise that the energy of your Chiron is weaved into each and every area of your mind/body/soul/life. As such to become truly empowered, to move forward in your enlightenment, and to realise your full potential in this life, you need to be aware of this energy, to address it, to work with it, to heal it & bring through the gifts that flow as you do this. My ability to energetically work with your Chiron wounding, to assist in its clearing and the anchoring of the gifts that come through that – is one of the main reasons the healings I facilitate create such rapid shifts in clients! Honestly its magical! Chiron and I, well we are deeply connected, resonant, and great work colleagues.

Furthermore, over the years I have literally worked with well over 200 individuals through their CHIRON RETURN Initiation Gateway & I can say that THE GREAT NEWS IS... if you are approaching/in your Chiron Return (turning 49, 50, or 51) YOU are about to be given the GREATEST OPPORTUNITY of your life to finally master your core wounding and set yourself up for a great 2nd Act in this game we call YOUR LIFE! You have the opportunity to truly catapult yourself into your wise years, free of this wounding and full of the incredible gifts & wisdom that have arisen as a result of your life’s journey so far. To realise health, balance, harmony, adventure, to live in alignment with your souls' highest calling, AND REALISE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!

"Fore-warned is Fore-armed = Prepared for Success!" Kyrona

A Precarious Opportunity - what to expect in your Chiron Return

This being said CONSCIOUS NAVIGATION OF the Chiron Return Initiation is VITAL because the Chiron Return does indeed represent a “precarious opportunity” if you are not aware and flowing with its urgings. And trust me YOU CAN’T SKIP OUT ON THIS DIVINELY TIMED INITIATION often described as “The Change of Life” syndrome.

Why do I say “precarious”.... well this is undeniably a very serious gateway moment, a divine timing that absolutely ensures that you WILL revisit ancient patterns/wounds; have the opportunity to go back to the source of your deepest, unresolved wounds; to heal them, once and for all. And my friends, reading between the lines, this, of course, does mean experiencing:-

  • uncomfortable emotions (anxiety/sadness/grief/depression – all are normal at this time),

  • uncomfortable situations (karmic set-ups),

  • facing unavoidable truths and dealing with them,

  • letting go of those things that no longer serve you,

  • taking responsibility,

  • opening to new opportunities and stepping up...

All these things are the work of mastership and that is what this time in your life demands of you!

For many, this deep purging at the Etheric/DNA/cellular level will also bring physical clearing from time to time (although with regular energetic support and a committed focus to health/well-being you can minimise or negate this).

During this critical time, you may relinquish that which is out of alignment or inauthentic; you may re-order your priorities; or liberate the unlived passionate expression of your soul, living a life that is intimately creative and restorative to your true self. In doing so you are not only contributing to the fundamental healing & awakening of yourself (one of the big goals of this life journey) but you are also being of service to your family, your soul group; our society, and our planet (healing the blood-lines).

"It's time to really amp up your Spiritual Growth" Kyona

Obviously, your Chiron return is an opportunity to really move upwards in your spiritual growth. It is worth noting that if you have done a lot of spiritual healing (intentionally or unintentionally) prior to the Chiron return, you could well make an easier transition through this Initiation than others. This being said – there are no guarantees, and it is likely you will go really really deep, deeper than most, because you have worked on so much up to this point. The end result therefore may well be that you not only heal but bring through many wonderful gifts along the way.

If you make the evolutionary leaps at the Chiron return or experience it gracefully, then you can expect to take further leaps throughout the rest of life (your 2nd Chiron Cycle). If however, you do not consciously engage this Initiation Gateway, then you will most likely continue to experience "YOUR STUFF" until you address your personal Chiron issues. Honestly I really see this Initiation as the last big opportunity to really free yourself from your core wounding (although it is never to late to work on it).... So bottom line, you want to be informed, you want to make the most of this time!

My top 5 tips for navigating your Chiron Return Initiation well

#1 - Get Conscious

Get conscious! Find out about the nature of your Chiron Wounding & what that means for you + find out about the actual dates when your Chiron Return initiation is occurring, when it is peaking, when it will be complete. Access this information HERE.

#2 - Get Prepared

Get prepared! Determine a game plan with which to navigate this time. It should include such things as committing to work/life/spirit balance, healthy lifestyle choices and if at all possible significant times for rest/contemplation/integration/sabbatical.

#3 - Take Responsibility for your Health & Well-being

Get on top of your health. No excuses - this is the time you want to have a complete health check-up. You want to know if your heart health is not optimum, your deficient in any particular vitamin/mineral, your body needs hormonal support/balancing. Make sure your pap smears/breast check-ups and/or prostate checks are all up to date etc....

No this is not co-creating issues, it is not un-spiritual! Seriously I am an energy healer, but I know our bodies are physical temples and they live in a toxic world, so honestly it is always good to be on top of common sense preventative things, especially at this Initiation Gateway. Why? Because this divine timing does bring up old wounds through the physical at times. So its time to rip off those rosie coloured glasses (if needed) and take responsibility for these things (I have done this in the last few months & I have gained a wealth of information, which I have implemented into my personal health routine as a result)

#4 - Get a support team together.

Actively gather a support team around you. Firstly let those close to you (who are open to such things) be aware of the timing in your life & ask them to be patient with you, to allow you to process when needed without judgment, to listen to you if you need an ear, etc. And of course, journal, talk to your angels, guides, to the BEing Chiron, and ask for their support too.

#5 - VITAL - Get External Healing Support!

Yes get yourself a healer (we all need a little external support from time to time & this is one of those times)! So feel into what you need and connect with a healer like myself who specialises in supporting people through their Chiron Return.

Trust me this support will make the world of difference, minimising your struggle/confusion, maximising your healing/ growth, assisting you to be informed, empowered, and to consciously navigate (rather than feeling the victim, powerless, and struggling unnecessarily).

I invite you to join me for a Mastery & Ascension Journey with Chiron - like not other....

Learn more bout Kyronas' Rainbow Bridge Chiron Retorn Healing & Support Program

Using my knowledge & years of experience working with people like you through their Chiron Return Initiation Gateway, I will offer you a compassionate guiding hand, supporting you in the most empowering, effective, and magical of ways to really navigate this momentous time with efficiency, effectiveness, minimal struggle, maximum healing, and spiritual growth!

I will inform you of your particular Chiron Wounding (its sign & house placement etc) so that you can get conscious of this and how it shows up in all areas of your life, you can start to take responsibility for it and heal it, etc.

I will let you know the exact dates of your particular Chiron Return Initiation.

I will give you a powerful Light Language Transmission - unique to you, to support you in your Chiron Return Cycle.

I will support your physical/etheric body using my profound Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing process & star priestess Healing Chamber skills/tools.

I will offer guidance (based on my experience/skills) and bring through timely messages from your higher-self to assist you to flow with the divine plan for your life through this initiation. AND MUCH More.

I will be a vital member of your Support Team, sharing this journey with you to ensure that you navigate this time well and thrive.

Learn More & Book Your Session NOW!

Get to know Chiron a little more

Chiron is neither a planet nor an asteroid, Chiron has been determined to be a comet or planetoid (minor planet).

Chiron was discovered in 1977 and is located in our solar system between the orbit of Saturn (representing tradition/karma/boundaries & limitations) and Uranus (representing progress/ awakening/ enlightenment/ revolution/ inspiration). Chiron forms a bridge between the old and the new (often known as “the Rainbow Bridge”); between our karmic/historical origins and our individual expression. Chiron mediates between the conscious awareness and reality-basis of the practical personal and social planets (Sun through Saturn) and the multi-dimensional cosmic consciousness of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). Indeed Chiron provides a gateway forward or back, whichever is deemed essential for growth, forming our own link between the natural and the supernatural; the physical and the metaphysical.

Part horse and part human; part mortal and part immortal, Chiron, a Centaur, is associated with the archetype of the "wounded healer." Mythically, Chiron, born a mutant, was rejected at birth by his mother, who thought him an abomination. Chiron was forced to raise himself. Facing many rejections and trials, ultimately, his accomplishments as a great teacher and healer (he was personally trained by Apollo), self-sacrifices (he relinquished his immortality to Prometheus who was imprisonment in the underworld for bringing fire to earth), and wisdom (tutored personally by Athena), brought him the respect of Zeus, who gave him his own constellation.

Access FREE LIGHT LANGUAGE SUPPORT - to attune to Chiron

In this deeply shamanic Celestial Resonance Living Language of Light Attunement & Activation 13 minute Sound Bath, the Being Chiron offers all of humanity and our beloved Mother Earth his most potent healing keys, codes, and frequencies, interwoven and powerfully connected to the time/space grid point at which he entered Pisces, making this a magically transformative healing tool of the most potent nature.

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