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12mth Astrology Forecast

12mth Astrology Forecast

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1 x 12-month Individual Astrology Forecast (aka TimeLine Report)


Individual Astrology Forecast Reports – empowering you to navigate your life in flow!


Fore-warned is fore-armed! It is vitally important for every conscious individual, who wishes to move in alignment with the divine plan and divine timing of their life, to become aware of how current astrological alignments are impacting them personallay.


These reports are absolutely vital tools for consciously navigating your life in flow with the divine timing and divine plan you chose for yourself!

  • More About This Product

    To provide you with this Astrology Forecast – Kyrona utilises the most advanced astrology software available to provide you with a comprehensive easy to understand and follow report that details all the astrological alignments that are specifically interacting with your Divine Blueprint (energy) – over the upcoming 12 months. 


    So for example it may say that you currently have the planet of ‘Jupiter connecting directly to your Moon’ – it will then offer insights into what this ‘transit or initiation’ means for you and how you can work with that energy.  It will also tell you when the energy will start impacting you (enter date), when it will be an exact alignment and most potent (exact date) and when it will no longer affecting you (exit date).


    I have found that it is in working with these Astrology Forecast Reports over recent decades that I have come to deeply understand the truth of the “as above – so below” – that what is happening in the skies above is absolutely reflected in what is happening within and around me!   I encourage you to give this a try – you will be so glad that you did!  It is so empowering!

    It takes 3 simple steps to access this Astrology Forecast (Time Line Report) Service?


    Simply book and pay for your Astrology Forecast (Time Line Report) to be created and forwarded to you.


    After booking send an email to detailing your date/time/location of birth .


    When Kyrona has this information she will be able to create your Astrology Forecast and she will email it to you in PDF format within 1 week.


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