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Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer

Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer

Neutralizes noxious EMR emitted from your mobile phone, laptop and all portable devices. Neutralize the harmful positive charged Electromagnetic Fields from all types of mobile & cordless phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, portable Wi-Fi Hotspots +

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    All types of mobile phones and Wi-Fi enabled devices radiate an EMR field which is a potentially harmful positive charge frequency.


    Dangerous EMR emitted from a mobile phone while in use, or when placed in a pocket or handbag, may create electromagnetic stress on the vital life-energy of human organs and meridian channels.


    As soon as someone touches a mobile phone, they may be immediately under electromagnetic stress.  This includes babies, children, teenagers and adults.  Even being near a mobile phone may cause electromagnetic stress on the body, i.e. the phone could be placed on a desk or table nearby.


    The Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer creates a healthy, negative charge energy field that neutralizes the harmful, positive charge energy field emitted from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cordless phones, iPads, Wi-Fi Hotspots and Wi-Fi modems, potentially neutralizing the harmful resonant effect on human organs and meridians.


    In addition, our Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer is unique in its ability to potentially provide further EMF protection from the effects of other EMR fields i.e. Earth Radiation (Geopathic Stress) and Bioplasmic Radiation (Human Generated).


    Do you feel sick, dizzy or have a hot head while using your mobile phone?


    Noxious energy emitting from a mobile phone may cause ‘Hot Head syndrome’ when talking for a prolonged period.  The most frequent complimentary feedback our customers give us is the relief from discomfort they once felt when talking on their mobile phone.


    “A number of years ago, I became concerned about getting a “hot-ear” from my mobile phoneI then researched and bought various products which didn’t seem to make any difference. I eventually came across the Orgone Effects website and I bought the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer. No more hot-ear!  It worked brilliantly.” 
    P. Ferguson, Kinesiologist, Yarra Junction, Vic.


    “Thank you for the Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer.  I have put it on my iPhone and I no longer get a headache or hot head and hands.  Thank you!”
    D. Brown, Brisbane.


    “Previously, I used to use a competitors’ product.  I tried it on my upgraded 3G phone but it delivered no benefit whatsoever.  ZILTCH! I received my Orgone Effects EMF sticker for my phone today, tried it out, and noticed no heating up or buzzing effects in the ear.  Normally it would fry my ear.  I’m relieved to know that it now has no harmful emissions and it’s added peace of mind that my body is not absorbing the dangerous radiation with this mobile phone sticker.  I am recommending this product to my family.”


    Orgone Effects® Mobile Phone & Wi-Fi Radiation Harmonizer has been tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited Kinesiologists and Bioresonance practitioners worldwide.


    Our Harmonizer is flexible and universal in its use, meaning it can be used on all devices including those with compound curves i.e. DECT/cordless phone.