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Stellar Pendant

Stellar Pendant

Introducing the new Stellar Pendant®!  Because of ongoing research, we have discovered that the power of yellow combined with our unique frequency infusion, surpassed all expectations of an EMF harmonizing pendant to deliver a much more powerful pendant for personal protection.  Our testing showed that the Stellar Pendant® offered protection for up to 8 meters around the wearer.   The Stellar Pendant™ is suitable for everyone.


The Stellar Pendant® has undergone a unique infusion process unique which gives the pendant a negative charge frequency.  The infusion has a negative charge, EMF has a positive charge; which is the harmful component to any EMF field.  The negative charge balances the positive charge which then neutralises any EMF stress in the body.


Wearing the Stellar Pendant® may have a supportive and strengthening effect on our energy bodies, meridian system and vital organs which are weakened by the various harmful EMR fields we are exposed to daily when we’re out and about.



GDV Kirlian Photography: The above image shows the Aura wi