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The Energy Band

The Energy Band

The Energy Band has undergone a unique ionic Infusion process (Patent Pending) which feeds a healthy negative charge directly to the body via contact with the skin.

By wearing the Energy Band, your energy levels may be increased due to the supportive and strengthening effect the Energy Band has on our energy bodies, meridian system, and vital organs which are weakened by the various noxious EMR fields, giving you the sensation of feeling more grounded.

The Energy Band does not "give" the wearer energy so to speak, it provides a sympathetic resonance that neutralizes the harmful effects of EMF on our human bio-field and meridian system.  In fact, no energy products "give" you energy.  Some energy products do not operate at the correct frequency and can therefore "drain" you of energy.


The Enegy Band may be especially beneficial to people who are very sensitive to EMF and suffer from Electro-hypersensitivity and Chemical Sensitivity.

The Enegy Band neutralizes the effects of over 30 harmful noxious energies (view list below)

Who can benefit from wearing an EnegyBand?

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