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Premium Package - Ultimate Divine Blueprint Ceremony

Premium Package - Ultimate Divine Blueprint Ceremony

1 x Premium Package, Ultimate Divine Blueprint Ceremony 


All Kyrona’s Divine Blueprint Ceremonies are conducted as distance healings – so no matter where you live in the world, regardless of your time-zone and the free time you have available – you can access your Ceremony with Kyrona. 


Learn more about Divine Blueprint Ceremonies Here

  • Product Inclusions

    With this PREMIUM PACKAGE, You Receive:-

    • An FULL Hour one-on-one energy session with Kyrona
    • A 25 min MP3 Audio Recording of YOUR Unique Ceremony
    • A Mp3 Audio Recording of YOUR  UNIQUE SOUL SONG
    • A 20 min MP3 Audio 'Overview' of your ceremony
    • 4 Pictures of YOUR Crystal Grid that is permanently anchored into the Temple.
    • An intuited drawing of YOUR Akashic Record Book Cover
    • A Map of Your Divine Blueprint (Your Natal Chart) PDF file
    • Your Natal Chart Report PDF File
  • About this Individual Session

    In this 1-hour individual distance divine blueprint ceremony & energy session with Kyrona.

    Once you book your Divine Blueprint - Kyrona will arrange a date/time suitable to you for the facilitation of your ceremony and will email details of what to expect and how to make the most of your session.


    Kyrona conducts her Divine Blueprint Ceremonies by connecting into the Unified Field, Crystalline Grid or Earth and to your DNA.  A process that she has absolutely mastered, as can be seen by the amazing testimonials she receives from clients all over the world! 


    For those who cannot coordinate a synchronised time with Kyrona – time locking is available and is very effective with well over 50% of her Divine Blueprint clients utilising this method of delivery!

    Divine Blueprint Ceremonies offer a very sacred and advanced (albeit ancient) form of transformational healing, that to our understanding is only offered by Kyrona at this time on Earth! This is because her unique spiritual gifts, her lineage, past-life skills and experience, and her destiny & purpose have all united at this remarkable time of Evolution to bring this profound Ceremony back to Earth for all to access no matter where they are located!

    For you, the process is very simple and thoroughly enjoyable.  You simply book your ceremony, provide Kyrona with the simple details she requests, coordinate a time for the ceremony to be performed, and then relax, experience, and enjoy the transformation frequencies!

    The main information Kyrona will need from you is your date/time/place of birth.   With this information she maps your Natal Chart (an astrology map of where all the 12 planets, the Sun, Moon and Chiron was at the moment of your birth and how they were moving – also a map of the energy of your Divine Blueprint) – she will email this map and a detailed report of its meaning to you for future reference.   If you do not have a time of birth, she can still conduct your session and provide you with details.

    To create your Divine Blueprint Ceremony with its Celestial Living Soul Song, Kyrona goes into a powerful ceremony.   She creates a crystal grid to support the ceremony.  She connects into her etheric Star Temple and guides you into this sacred space, she then invokes the energy of your Divine Blueprint. She calls forth the Planetary and Starry Beings, Sun, Moon and Celestial Beings from within our Solar System and beyond – and connects you and herself deeply into the energy of your Divine Blueprint as shown by of your Natal Chart.  At this point she opens herself to connect to your soul, your guides, the celestial beings of our Solar System, as well as the soul group and energies she channels – then she brings through  “your soul song” that is tailored to you and your Divine Blueprint, with the intent to fully anchor this energy into the Earth and attune you with it. The frequencies, keys and codes, weaved into your personal channel will allow you to connect to and align with your souls Divine Blueprint, your destiny and purpose on this Earth. 


    This session will greatly support your healing, empowerment, mastery and ascension now and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

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