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Venus Rises From The Underworld

Venus Rises From The Underworld

1 x MP3 download of Venus’s First Gate Evening Star "Base Chakra" Galactic Shamanic Journey, featuring Kyrona's Celestial Resonance Healing Song.  This is an installment of Kyrona's unique and transformational Venus Synodic Cycle Signature Series - it is a Venus attunement tool of excellence!



Venus RISES from the Underworld!  She leaves her cacoon & prepares to spread her wings through the gate.  It’s time to celebrate as VENUS RISES from her Underworld Journey and enters the Evening Sky.  She has been in the void, she chose to die to who she was, to release and transform (burn-off) all that no longer served her & now she chooses to RISE UP!



  • About this Phase of the Venus Synodic Cycle

    VENUS RISES like the phoenix reborn, the butterfly leaving its cocoon.  She is transformed, restored, renewed, wiser, clearer, stronger, and inspired.  She is ready to start journeying back through the gates as the evening star now, reclaiming her vestments!  Particularly as it relates to the mysteries of the Meta-Goddess ruling the current cycle.




    Well as we view the evening sky above, looking close along the horizon in the early evening you will see Venus once more!  We see her as she moves past 10 degrees from the Sun, though some will see her earlier than others depending on their location.




    This moment feels like a graduation, a celebration, a big aaaahhhhhh outbreathe.


    For those who have been engaging the cycle strongly, you have felt the alchemy, the pressure, the transformation of the underworld.  It may well have been cathartic, you may have entered the void, gone into a cocoon within to allow all that was needed to be burned away.  And now you feel the shift, you feel the light breaking through, you feel the cocoon cracking open and forward movement.  You feel completely different, wiser, stronger, renewed – you may not know exactly where you will fly when you spread your wings, but you are beginning to open them and view their magnificence.

  • How this Healing Tool Will Support You

    It is optimal that you journey with this 6-minute transmission regularly (at least 3 times per week) from when Venus Rises to when Venus reaches the First Gate as the Evening Star, initiating our Base Chakra!  


    NOTE:  You can work with this transmission at any time and receive all the great benefits it offers.  So if you are wishing to catch up on the journey with this current cycle OR  you simply wish to support yourself to complete a journey through the void and rise like the phoenix reborn.  This is possible because Celestial Resonance Light Language operates outside of time and space, so each time you listen to this transmission you will be connecting to that moment.

  • Downloading your File

    When you have made your purchase, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK on the Thankyou Page.

    You will also receive an email with a download link that lasts for 30 days!  Be sure to download your file to a safe place within this time. 

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