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He is taken care of by the villagers and is taught to be a peon by Satyajit Ray (Romesh Sharma). The village is taken over by the people who believe that he is Gajendra, and they are going to execute him, when he returns. He is taken to the village court, where they find out that he is a woman, and she is jailed. Later, on a trip to a nearby town, he is picked up by a truck with only women (Simran). He is ordered to find a husband for one of the wives, and he goes to the same village, where he meets Madan and Jamuna (Shobana). Madan is his brother-in-law, and he has no idea that he is brother-in-law, he knows him only as Gajendra. Madan is a gentle, charming fellow, who believes that his sister Jamuna should marry Gajendra, but his sister is at the time in love with a poor boy named Varun (Chandra Mohan). He takes Gajendra to his village, where he meets his sister. Gajendra reveals his true identity and Madan is forced to reveal his identity. However, Varun's sister is in love with Madan, and she wants him to marry Gajendra, but he knows that he cannot leave his sister and marry her. Gajendra is sent back to the court for execution, and his execution is postponed. Gajendra escapes in the night, and he runs into a temple, where he meets the god Ram. Ram takes him to a cave and asks him to stay. The next morning, Gajendra tells Madan about his experience, which infuriates Madan. After they return, Jamuna tells Madan that Gajendra has gone away. Meanwhile, Varun's sister gives away her commitment, and Ramavtar takes her away. Ramchandra begins to go to work for Chotu, a man who wants to make a film. One day, Chotu goes on a holiday and comes back with the wives of other men. The other men welcome them, and Ramchandra refuses to take the other wives, but he is forced to do so, by Chotu. He is afraid of being beaten and killed, so he accepts, but he has no time to enjoy it. One night, Ramchandra meets Varun and he comes to know about his love. He confronts Madan, who refuses



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RamAurShyamhdfullmoviedownload1080phd hartvol

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