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Discover Your Soul Plan (SP101)

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An 8 lesson (5-hour), self-paced, multi-media, mini-workshop that is guaranteed to inspire & delight YOU! Receive over $300 Value - for just $50! Its a great place to start your journey through Kyrona's Programs! Did you know that your soul came to earth with a unique “SOUL PLAN” and you gave yourself a user manual & travel guide for your life! Trust me you want to know about it! So let me help you start to discover what YOUR Plan is, how to read your User Manual & be aware of the divine timings of your life! There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, access is instant, and you can take as long as you like to complete your journey! So this mini-workshop is a great place to start your Celestial Resonance Academy of Light journey! The 8 workshop sessions are:- Preparation-Training Sessions 1 - Your Important Documents 2 - Demystifying the Natal Chart 3 - Introducing the Constellations 4 - Energetic Preparation for Your Workshop Discovery Sessions 1 - Introduction 2 - Your Sun & Your Moon 3 - Your Venus, Mars & North Node 4 - Planetary Transits Workshop Inclusions - - you will receive a PDF of your Natal Chart (valued at $25), - a PDF of your 3-month Astrology Forecast (valued at $25), - permanent access to the Program / Workshop Hub 24/7 - immediate access to Workshop Discussion Group - a comprehensive PDF 30 Page Workshop Manual - profound Galactic Shamanic Journeys, light language and energy healing technology and 2.5 hours of quality video training!

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Discover Your Soul Plan (SP101)

Discover Your Soul Plan (SP101)

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