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Kyrona's one of a kind, life enhancing services!

GLOBAL: Accessible wherever you are, whatever your time zone!


Potent Energetic Attunement, Clearing & Rejuvenation, Activation, Astrological & Spiritual Guidance! Catapulting YOU forward, in alignment with your highest good!


Sound Healing

Celestial Resonance Healing Songs. Supporting you every step of the way!

Far Infrared Bio Mat Sessions

Remarkable Healing Technology

Massage Table
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Attune & flow with the astrological energies!

Access Monthly Support - via KYRONA'S PATREON

YOU will be greatly supported to attune to and flow with the energies of each month, to grow, evolve, master, to realise your goals and step into your destiny.

Because as a patron you will benefit from Kyrona's timely video guidance and EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to life-enhancing Celestial Resonance Healing Songs in MP3 Download format. SAVE 10% on Kyrona's services & more!

The benefits are many, the energy exchange achievable for all! 

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Kyrona is an experienced spiritual counselor, wisdom catalyst and globally renowned energy healer, who will inspire and support YOU to transform and achieve your goals! Kyrona will assist YOU to change your life, inside and out, with grace, ease, and efficiency!

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