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Kitserver Pes 2011 Pc Download

Kitserver 11 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 DEMO). It is a loader and manager for various modules, whereeach module is built as a (typically) independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect. While originally the Kitserver was developed to "serve" kits for Pro Evolution Soccer 3, a lot more functionality has been added over the years.Below is a quick summary of the available features. Follow the link in the left column to get more details about a particular module.

kitserver pes 2011 pc download


With XP and Vista, and now Windows 7 having more emphasis and enforcement of file ownership and different user rights, and promoting the use of "Standard User" accounts, the installation routine of Kitserver has changed. If you are a "seasoned" kitserver user, please read this carefully, because itwill save you a lot of unnecessary hair-pulling.

By default, krun will consult your Windows registry, to find outwhere you have the game installed, and try to launch an executable from thatfolder, called PES2011.exe. In most typical scenario, this is exactly what you want :)

This used to be the "standard" way to work with kitserver, before theintroduction of krun. There are still scenarios, where it is easier todo it the old way: for example for patchmakers that release a big patchthat includes their own modified version of game exe, a kitserver withpre-configured config.txt, img-folders, GDB, and so for, it is easierto just pre-attach kitserver to the game exe and let users to launchthe game "the normal way"- by double-clicking on the the patched game executable.

Now, go to kitserver11 folder, and run manager.exe. If you placed thefiles correctly, then you will see manager showing you the list of gameexecutables that you can Attach/Detach kitserver to. Click [Attach] button,and wait for the manager to confirm that the attachment was successful.Now go one level up in the folder hierarchy and double-click on the gameexe (to which you just attached the kitserver) and the game should start.

We have already covered the simplest way to use krun tool. However,it may be the case that you have a more elaborate setup. Maybe you have alternative EXEs installed, perhaps those that came from a community-created patch or patches. So let'ssay instead of PES2011.exe from your game folder, you want to launch the gameusing this exe: C:\myPesPatch\PES2011_patched.exe.

This is also possible to do with krun tool: you just need to create aconfiguration file for it, which contains the full pathname of the exe. Wemake a text file called krun-config.txt, which now has the formatsimilar to that of config.txt. You will need to have a [krun] section in it,and the option to specify EXE file is called exe. Here is an exampleof such file:[krun]exe = "c:\myPesPatch\PES2011_patched.exe"IMPORTANT: if the path to or the filename of your EXE contains a non-ANSI character, you MUST save the file in UTF-8 encoding.Otherwise it will not be read correctly.That's it. Now when you double-click on krun.exe, instead of readingthe location of the game from registry, it will launch the EXE that is specified in krun-config.txt.

If you did the MANAGER-WAY, then you will need to Detach the kitserverfrom the game exe. (You can always re-attach later again). Run manager.exe, select the correct exe, and click [Detach] button. Waitfor the manager to confirm that it had successfully detached kitserver.Now run the game exe, and Kitserver will no longer be loaded.

The GDB contains a folder named uni, which is responsible for storingthe team kits (uniforms). The single most important file inside uni is called map.txt.This file tells kitserver where to find the kits for particular team. As you know, each team has a unique id - an integer number from 0 to 499. For every team in the GDB, you must specify in the map.txt where the kits for this team are. Here is an example:# This config maps team number into folder name# Format: ,""# Example: 23,"Russia"23,"National\Russia"7, "National\England"88, "EPL\Arsenal"

Please note that the sample GDB (provided with kitserver) is just one possible way of organizing the teams and folders. It uses "EPL" folder to group all english teams, "National" - to group all nationalteams, and so for. You may find that you just prefer a flat list of folders - without theseextra groups. In that case, just modify the map.txt file accordingly, and createthe structure of folders that you prefer. That's the main advantage of having map.txt - theflexibility of kit organization.

You can see from map.txt above that in order to find a kit for team #88, the kitserver needs to go to the folder GDB\uni\EPL\Arsenal. This folder will contain all of the kits that areavailable to team #88. Inside it, you must create an individual folder for each kit. Like this:For players, 1st kit must have a folder name pa, 2nd - pb. Extra kits can have any folder names that start with letter "p". I found it useful to prefix all extra kits with px-. For example, px-redwhite. For the goalkeepers, 1st kit must be in the folderga, 2nd - in the gb. Extra kits can have any folder names that start with letter "g".

If you have faceserver enabled (which it is by default), just start the game, and then in the kitserver folder, there should appear a text file called playerlist.txt. It will contain the IDs for all the players that you have in your game, sorted alphabetically for easy searching, including the user-defined players that were created from scratch in Edit mode (those typically take IDs starting from 1048576).

LOD-Mixer is the module that allows to fine-tune some aspects of PES2011 graphics engine.These settings can be configured manually in kitserver's main configuration file (kitserver/config.txt), but it is probably easier to use Kitserver's configuration tool (config.exe).

PES 2011 has 4 different ways it can render a player. The choice of therendering used at any given moment depends on several circumstances: how farthe player is from the camera, is this an active player (currently controlledby human), is this a gameplay rendering or a replay, and so for. Here's the picture that shows how these LODs differ visually:

Unfortunately, PES series had always suffered from an overly-conservative LOD configuration, where the switch to low-poly models would happen way too soon, and that would result in various visible artifacts. In PES4-PES6, examples were: balding players, and missing details on kits. In PES2008-PES2011, the players and referees appear to have blurred generic faces, once they move slightly away from the camera.

Programming: juce, Robbie and SteliosBeta-testing: members and guests of Evo-Web and forumsSample GDB: Arsenal kits by mstar, J.Hernandez face/hair by illuminatyKitserver 11 logo: by ArielSpecial thanks to: w!ld@ - for the best PES2011 Editor ever made.

Just set up on my Personal computer a week back and I could not quit to enjoy it.And then arrive an idea that I wish to changes the track have fun with in the game. So I searching and discovered that we need kitserver to edit and deal with the music listing.So I set up the kitserver on my Personal computer. And put the kitserver foIder on thé C:Program FilesKONAMIPro Progression Soccer 2011But when I execute krun.exe, it's not really work.Is definitely I do it correctly?If I just need to edit the music, is now there will be another way?Please assist me with this and bad if I posting this at the incorrect section.Thanks just before.::::: Forget it case solved::::.

More data files for PES 2011 possess been included to our Download Middle. Also when we are close up to the discharge of PES 2012 we keep on adding files to our Download Middle. Luis Advincula Encounter by Starkiller, Alfredo Morales Face by Starkiller, Elia Face by Carva Fánta, Julian Cames Spot 1.0 official by juIiancames, GDB Shamrock Rovérs 11-12 by sheridans, GDB Maccabi Tel Aviv 11-12 by sheridans, Figueirense FC 2011/2012 by Nando, Botafogo FC 2011-12 By Nando, Benjamin Stambouli face by Agiga, Atmosphere Tim Italia UPDATE 2011-2012 by Forzaroma, Emerson - S i9000.L.Benfica by éohugo fabiogonzaga, Leandro Damiaó by Leonardo y J. Tiroles, Umbro Geometra Pro - White colored / Crimson by RIESHIS, The puma corporation v1.11 - Fluo Green / Navy blue / White colored by RlESHIS, GDB Malmo 11-12 by sheridans, RCD Espanyol 11/12 GDB (Revise) by Txak, Fluminense 3 rd 11/12 by Mauriciox, PES 2011 brand-new menu symbol by:sinák8, GDB Juve Stábia Repair by sheridans, Menus perform Manchester Unitéd - by Douglas ánd Weslley, GDB Modéna 11-12 by Sheridans. More data files for PES 2011 have been added to our Download Center. Nike pas cher superfly III tangerine/black/volt (last) greatest pores and skin by GB0Y, EPL facépack by artur171, Palmeiras 3 rd 11/12 by Mauriciox, Christmann Vicenza GDB Folder by Chris, GDB Juve Stabia 11-12 by Sheridans, GDB Verona 11-12 by Sheridans, GDB Brescia 11-12 by Sheridans, Pes 2011 Man United fresh GK kitby:ricardomilad, Rome Saint-Germain 11/12 total GDB by!Páky, Besiktas JK 11/12 GDB by Mert CELIK, Menu 11/12 total GDB by!Paky, Toche face by sotirakis, Facépack by Sotirakis voI14 by sotirakis.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (officially abbreviated ás PES 2011 and identified as Globe Football: Winning 11 2011 in Asia) will be a soccer video game in the Pro Evolution Football series getting created and published by Konami. The UEFA Champions Little league and UEFA Europa Group will function within the sport; and for the first period CONMEBOL Copa Libértadores and UEFA Nice Mug will become fully certified. The game has been recently released on the PlayStation 3, Computer, Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable.Download PES 2011 Package Server 10.0.4. This will be a mod for Professional Evolution Football 2011 video video game.IMPORTANT: This mod was made to become used just with a lawful copy of the video game.


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