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@ inverselab theage : I have worked on several projects like this before. There are so many variables we will need more than just your home and neighbours in ours. We will need things like weather, the age and technology of your home, how you guys use your hot water, your neighbours, how far your neighbours are away, etc, etc. We will also need to look at your electricity supply to see how efficient you are. We will also need to do some modelling on how much energy you can save. My personal opinion is that even if solar and batteries are saving you money, the reality is that unless you are 100% disconnected from the grid it will cost you more because you will need to pay a higher rate of connection.

Hi Ron, You are so very correct. That calculator is 100% rubbish. I have sent the original to a programmer to get fixed. I have also found that the old calculator was based on my original system, which was much smaller than the original. Why was my calculator wrong Because that site is designed to attract new customers with clever marketing so they can make as much money as possible! I guess you should be advertising that you are only selling solar power which has NO COST BUT 2KW SOLAR PANELS.

Hi Ronald I have been starting my computer the traditional way i.e. with a generator, and we have just had a three hour black-out. Instead of going down to the generator I took a whole bunch of batteries out of the garage and ran all of them. The result was almost instant. I also monitored the batteries for 5 days from start to finish, and they remained virtually fully charged. This, for me, is the most powerful myth. 3d9ccd7d82


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