Home or Workplace SPACE Clearing

Home or Workplace SPACE Clearing

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Ever sense that something isn’t quite right with your home? You may find yourself moving furniture and pictures around a lot, or redecorating, but are still unable to get your space to feel right.


Why? Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (now your home!) for reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions. Maybe the energy of someone passed on remains behind. Or perhaps your home has witnessed some turmoil in your own life such as a divorce, a grievous argument, or a death.


Whatever the reason, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can relieve you from the distress of past trauma and the pain of other people’s lives. It’s also a good idea to refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home!


When you have a home and/or office clearing, you are clearing your life! Providing yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible. 

  • More About Home/Office Clearing

    This service will:

    • Clear all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
    • Cleanse the energy & raise the frequency of your environment – sustainably maintaining this for 6-12 months,
    • Align the energy of your space with your energy & that of other occupants, optimising the energy of the space for you all,
    • Create a protective energetic shield & grid around your home that will usually remain in place for at least 6-12 months,
    • Bless the space and persons occupying the space
    • Make the space feel welcoming, comforting, nurturing and livable.


    Inclusions: –

    • Kyrona will energetically connect to your home (or the space) remotely, and along with her healing support team, she will energetically weave frequencies, keys, codes, technologies, clearing, gridding & protecting your space.  There is no fixed length of time for this service, it all depends on the project at hand, Kyrona ends the session when the task is complete.
    • You will receive a light language transmission to support you to maintain the clear & protected energy in your home.
    • You will receive a copy of Kyrona’s HOW TO CREATE A SACRED HIGH-FREQUENCY ENVIRONMENT e-book, which includes 3 key activities for you to utilise to help maintain the new clear, clean, pure & high frequency of your home.


    Note: You will receive an email from Kyrona shortly after your purchase, asking relevant questions and arranging a suitable time for your Home Clearing to be undertaken.


    Some indications of a need a home clearing


    What makes the energy in a living space uncomfortable? It is usually an accumulation of stagnant energies. These negative energies can accumulate in a number of ways because we are constantly creating energies around us with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, etc. There are lots of situations that might call for an energetic house clearing for your home now and then. The following are typical:


    • Can’t get your place in order You may have a ‘feeling’ that something isn’t right with your home. You may be moving furniture and pictures around or redecorating, but are still unable to get the home to feel right.
    • New home As a new home owner you may desire to remove all the energies of the previous owners. Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (your new home!) for reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions. Sometimes the energy of someone passed on remains. Home clearing can relieve you from the distress of other lives.
    • Transitions: Sometimes your home has witnessed the turmoil in your own life such as a divorce/break up, a particularly grievous argument, or a death. Following such events is a good time to do a home clearing, very often the energy of people who have negatively affected the space is ‘stuck’ in the home and has no way to ‘get out.’
    • Bad Dreams/Nightmares/Physical Symptoms:  Young children and sensitives can be impacted by energies attached to a home very strongly.  It is not uncommon for young children to have nightmares, see bad energies, be scared to go into a particular room.  Sensitives or empaths, can be overwhelmed by emotions that are not of their own OR have physical responses such as hot/cold, nausea, dizzyness, headaches and diarrhoea/stomach cramps.  Home clearing can rectify this offering instant relief.


    What are the positive benefits of home clearing?

    Apart from cleaning up messes clearing brings its own positive effects:


    • Enhance your home and your office by creating a sacred space, bringing Spirit more directly into where you live and work
    • Start off in your new home with the cleanest and most sound energy you can have, providing for a warm “homey” feeling
    • Having trouble selling your home or looking to raise the value? House clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically!
    • Refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home
    • People see an immediate difference after a house clearing and often experience an improvement in relationships, finances, and health issues
    • Getting rid of that ‘something is not quite right’ feeling at home brings with it a ‘something so right’ feeling too!
    • Create a discreet “temple” in a specially designated area, providing you with a sacred and holy place for meditation, prayer, and worship
    • And so much more…



    Take charge and get a home clearing!


    Your home should be your haven, but it is also where you can discharge some of our most negative emotions. And what about all the other people around you who are also “contributing” their energy? Consider all of the energies that enter your home every day from electric cables and ley lines, mobile and cellular phones, microwaves, computers, lighting systems, chemicals in food, clutter around the house, etc. Knowing that your actions and habits, as well as your thoughts, emotions, intentions and words, can affect your environment energetically is one of the first steps towards taking responsibility for what you are creating around you.




    When you clear your home, you are clearing your life! You provide yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible.

  • About Time Locking Your Session

    Kyrona explains Time-Locking

    "When I run every healing session or ceremony, I am weaving the healing frequencies, keys and codes in real-time, connecting to the client/s in real-time. Thus I see feel and experience everything in the moment – a moment outside of time and space.

    You may already understand that the concept of ‘linear time’ is an illusion. In fact, time is not linear, linear time is simply a man made concept! For this reason what we consider to be the past, present and future in fact all co-exist in the moment (Einstein knew that, Ekhardt Tolle teaches this concept etc)…. So it is with this understanding, in this eternal moment, unlimited by time or space, that I connect to the unified field to perform my healing sessions and ceremonies!

    In practice this means that at the outset of a time-locked healing, I connect to you via the unified field and set the intent for you to receive the packet of healing energy/technology/frequencies keys and codes at the specific time you have chosen. For this reason, it is at this time that you will receive the energy. I then proceed to perform your session. This means that the time at which I am conducting your session is irrelevant, as the energy from the session is being delivered to you at the moment you have chosen (and also as you listen to the healing summary recording). What is very relevant, however, is that I am remaining 100% connected to you and your energy throughout the entire 1 hour of our session and the packet you receive contains all this energy.

    For me – I feel no difference in the quality of the connection between when a client is in my healing room with me OR when they are at a distance (utilising time locking). In fact, I often find that I can be clearer when I am able to focus through the unified field, connecting to your Soul, into your DNA & energetic bodies – free from the need to interact with the personality body & linear time. I have really mastered working this way and it has always been easy for me! Nowadays approximately 60% of my healing sessions and ceremonies are conducted utilising the skill of “time locking” – clients always comment on the fact that they feel the energy being delivered at the appropriate time very stongly. This is why they keep returning for further sessions.

    So do not be limited by location, lack of hours in your day OR time zones – within the unified field there are no such limits, we are all energy and all connected, in the eternal now moment.”

    Kyrona Unity Hope


"Wellbeing, Empowerment & Business Coach"

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