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FOLLOW UP Inidividual MAFH Session

FOLLOW UP Inidividual MAFH Session

1 X Follow-up Mastery and Ascension Frequency Healing Session with Kyrona.


Receive a potent energetic attunement, activations, relevant supportive wisdom and astrological guidance.

  • About this Individual Session

    If you have already had a MAFH Session with Kyrona, this is the service for you! 

    In this 1-hour individual distance session with Kyrona, you will continue your healing/empowerment/mastery journey - receiving another unique customised potent energetic attunement, activations, relevant supportive wisdom, and astrological guidance.  No two sessions are ever the same and you will always receive exactly what you need.

    When you book your session - Kyrona will arrange a date/time suitable to you for the facilitation of your session and will email details of what to expect and how to make the most of your session.

    After the session Kyrona will email you an MP3 audio file 'Healing Summary' that will discuss your session, answer questions, share wisdom, astrological guidance, a light code activation (Celestial Resonance Sound Healing), perhaps healing/empowerment support tools... whatever she is guided to offer you.

    These sessions are hard to explain - you can learn more here  OR read testimonials.  However the best way to discover the unique power of this system is to try it out yourself.

  • About Time Locking Your Session

    Kyrona explains Time-Locking

    "When I run every healing session or ceremony, I am weaving the healing frequencies, keys and codes in real-time, connecting to the client/s in real-time. Thus I see feel and experience everything in the moment – a moment outside of time and space.

    You may already understand that the concept of ‘linear time’ is an illusion. In fact, time is not linear, linear time is simply a man made concept! For this reason what we consider to be the past, present and future in fact all co-exist in the moment (Einstein knew that, Ekhardt Tolle teaches this concept etc)…. So it is with this understanding, in this eternal moment, unlimited by time or space, that I connect to the unified field to perform my healing sessions and ceremonies!

    In practice this means that at the outset of a time-locked healing, I connect to you via the unified field and set the intent for you to receive the packet of healing energy/technology/frequencies keys and codes at the specific time you have chosen. For this reason, it is at this time that you will receive the energy. I then proceed to perform your session. This means that the time at which I am conducting your session is irrelevant, as the energy from the session is being delivered to you at the moment you have chosen (and also as you listen to the healing summary recording). What is very relevant, however, is that I am remaining 100% connected to you and your energy throughout the entire 1 hour of our session and the packet you receive contains all this energy.

    For me – I feel no difference in the quality of the connection between when a client is in my healing room with me OR when they are at a distance (utilising time locking). In fact, I often find that I can be clearer when I am able to focus through the unified field, connecting to your Soul, into your DNA & energetic bodies – free from the need to interact with the personality body & linear time. I have really mastered working this way and it has always been easy for me! Nowadays approximately 60% of my healing sessions and ceremonies are conducted utilising the skill of “time locking” – clients always comment on the fact that they feel the energy being delivered at the appropriate time very stongly. This is why they keep returning for further sessions.

    So do not be limited by location, lack of hours in your day OR time zones – within the unified field there are no such limits, we are all energy and all connected, in the eternal now moment.”

    Kyrona Unity Hope

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