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INITIAL Individual MAFH Session

INITIAL Individual MAFH Session

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1 x INITIAL Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing® Session with Kyrona (NOTE:  For Follow Up Session choose MAFH Follow Up Session in the shop)

Receive a potent energetic attunement, timely activations, relevant supportive wisdom and astrological guidance.

All Kyrona’s Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing sessions are conducted as distance healings – so no matter where you live in the world, regardless of your time-zone and the free time you have available – you can access a healing with Kyrona.


Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing® Sessions with Kyrona are transformational and facilitate change wherever it is needed in your life – QUICKLY!


Kyrona conducts these sessions by connecting into the Unified Field, Crystalline Grid or Earth and to your DNA. A process that she has absolutely mastered , as can be seen by the amazing testmonials she receives from clients all over the world! For those who cannot co-ordinate a synchonised time with Kyrona – time locking is available and is very effective with well over 60% of her frequency healings utilising this method of delivery!

  • About this Individual Session

    In this 1-hour individual distance frequency healing session with Kyrona, Kyrona will take time to explain her unique system to you as she interacts with you.  

    Once you book your session - Kyrona will arrange a date/time suitable to you for the facilitation of your session and will email details of what to expect and how to make the most of your session.

    After the session Kyrona will email you an MP3 audio file 'Healing Summary' that will discuss your session, answer questions, share wisdom, astrological guidance, a light code activation (Celestial Resonance Sound Healing), perhaps healing/empowerment support tools... whatever she is guided to offer you.

    Who is suited to a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Session®?

    Every individual who is dedicated to actively enhancing, supporting and speeding up their awakening and self mastery journey. Especially lightworkers and healers who wish to excel, to fully realise their true potential, their life purpose ad the highest calling of their soul.

    • If you are seeking healing on the physical, emotional or mental level – these sessions go directly to the source of these issues to create swift and effective sustainable change.
    • If you are wishing to speed up your spiritual growth, to connect to your destiny & purpose, to bring it into your reality – you are in the right place!
    • If you are intending to create balance, harmony & flow in one or more areas of your life, in order to master more in your day to day life – you are in the right place!
    • If you are going through a process of spiritual initiation, to own your gifts and talents and step into the next level of your self-mastery, these frequency healing sessions will support you to shift your frequency and consciousness with as much grace and ease as possible, as quickly as possible!

    You will not believe how swiftly you and your reality can change at this remarkable time, with the support of these incredible sessions.

    The best way to find out about them is to step in and discover for yourself! You can also review some of the many testimonials from clients all over the world who have experienced the transformational power of journey with Kyrona in this way!

    About Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing®

    The Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing® (MAFH) process has evolved through Kyrona’s personal mastership of several healing modalities, in combination with her own unique gifts & talents. The result is a powerful universal, free-form ‘whole being’ transformational process that really gets results!


    Every Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing session Kyrona facilitates is unique and tailored specifically to the individual she is working with, in that moment. For those having multiple frequency healing sessions (and the majority of clients do - usually once per month), these sessions build one upon the other, moving them forward rapidly. No two sessions will ever be alike!


    As the frequency healing facilitator and spiritual counselor Kyrona connects to your energy, then intuitively looks into your multidimensional/physical/etheric body and interacts with it. She is guided in the moment by her intuition, your energy, your soul, your divine blueprint, your astrological transits and more.


    As she works Kyrona clears density, disharmony, illness, karmic wounding, blocks, limiting beliefs etc. She then weaves in frequencies, keys and codes as required facilitating healing, balance and harmony in your physical/mental/ emotional and spiritual planes. Importantly she also weaves in electromagnetic frequencies, keys and codes interacting with your DNA, your electromagnetic body and lightbody – supporting your enlightenment, spiritual growth and evolution at this vital time. During each session she also performs a Self-Mastery Activation.


    The frequencies Kyrona weaves during her healing sessions include; crystal frequency, colour and sound, light language, electromagnetic frequency, the elements (earth, air, fire, water, ether), alchemy symbols, cosmic and planetary energies, sacred geometry, Masters & Rays, Sacred Fire, celestial technologies, shamanic healing, essences and more.



    How will you benefit from a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Session?

    In choosing to journey with Kyrona regularly you will greatly support your awakening and self mastery journey! You will bring more grace and ease into your life. You will become an empowered co-creator of your reality, embodying your highest vision of yourself, stepping into the life you destined yourself to live!

    Buckle down, get ready for change to sweep through your mind/body/soul and reality!

    • You can expect change, death/rebirth, wherever it is needed in your life – quickly! 
    • You will experience healing on the physical, emotional or mental levels (because these sessions go directly to the source of these issues to create swift and effective sustainable change).
    • You can expect positive changes in your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, family & friends, even money, as well as positive changes in your environment.
    • You can expect less struggle, more balance, harmony, grace and ease, more flow in your everyday life!
    • Expect to go into and move through spiritual initiations and astrological initiations at a rapid rate.
    • To connect to your unique gifts and talents, to embody them within your being and manifest them into your reality.
    • To experience your intuitive skills developing and becoming a part of your daily life. Which always leads to increased confidence and an ability to make life choices and decisions, that are aligned to your best life path.
    • To experience a growing conscious connection & communcation with your soul self.
    • To be lovingly supported and nurtured as you constantly move to the next level of your self-mastery, shifting your frequency and consciousness with as much grace and ease as possible, as quickly as possible!
  • How to make the most of your session.

    It’s simple!

    • First step is to secure your place by booking your frequency healing session.

    • Within 48 hours, you will receive an email advising you several times Kyrona is available to facilitate your frequency healing session. This email will also ask you for some specific details – to help her best meet your needs.

    • At the time of your frequency healing, it is great if you can arrange to be in meditation (the initiation will take 1 hour). If this is not possible for you that is OK – simply set your intent to receive your session at another time and it will be time locked to run at that  time/day/location (preferably within 24 hours).

    • It is really wonderful if you can create a sacred environment to receive your frequency healing, so find yourself a quiet space in your home, and relax in meditation. Alternatively you can sit/walk/be outside in nature in a place that is sacred or special to you! The nature spirits love to support energy transference. If none of these are possible for whatever reason, just set the intent to receive the frequencies and integrate them effectively, with grace and ease (this will work just as effectively), as it is an over-riding intent with all journeys I facilitate.

    • Prior to commencing your session Kyrona looks at your Natal Astrology Chart and advises you of any current astrological transits that are impacting you – so that you can consciously attune to these and maximise their benefits (of course your healing session is also supporting this attunement process).

    • At the end of your session Kyrona opens her channel and brings through a personalised Celestial Resonance Light Code that will support you to integrate the energies of the session, she also records a comprehensive summary of your healing journey that is full of insights, recommendations, tips and healing procedures & guidance for you to work with to support and empower yourself.  At this time as guided Kyrona will also usually bring through messages from your higher self and as appropriate (spiritual counselling).

    • All your mp3’s and any other items Kyrona feels you require will be emailed to you within hours of your healing session being completed.

      So there you have it – it’s that simple!

    I look forward to sharing a profound and life changing Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing journey with you soon! What are you waiting for? There has never been a time more perfect than right NOW to surrender the old, open to the new, clear, raise your frequency and master – stepping into the life you destined for yourself!

  • About Time Locking

    Kyrona explains Time-Locking

    "When I run every healing session or ceremony, I am weaving the healing frequencies, keys and codes in real-time, connecting to the client/s in real-time. Thus I see feel and experience everything in the moment – a moment outside of time and space.


    You may already understand that the concept of ‘linear time’ is an illusion. In fact, time is not linear, linear time is simply a man made concept! For this reason what we consider to be the past, present and future in fact all co-exist in the moment (Einstein knew that, Ekhardt Tolle teaches this concept etc)…. So it is with this understanding, in this eternal moment, unlimited by time or space, that I connect to the unified field to perform my healing sessions and ceremonies!


    In practice this means that at the outset of a time-locked healing, I connect to you via the unified field and set the intent for you to receive the packet of healing energy/technology/frequencies keys and codes at the specific time you have chosen. For this reason, it is at this time that you will receive the energy. I then proceed to perform your session. This means that the time at which I am conducting your session is irrelevant, as the energy from the session is being delivered to you at the moment you have chosen (and also as you listen to the healing summary recording). What is very relevant, however, is that I am remaining 100% connected to you and your energy throughout the entire 1 hour of our session and the packet you receive contains all this energy.


    For me – I feel no difference in the quality of the connection between when a client is in my healing room with me OR when they are at a distance (utilising time locking). In fact, I often find that I can be clearer when I am able to focus through the unified field, connecting to your Soul, into your DNA & energetic bodies – free from the need to interact with the personality body & linear time. I have really mastered working this way and it has always been easy for me! Nowadays approximately 60% of my healing sessions and ceremonies are conducted utilising the skill of “time locking” – clients always comment on the fact that they feel the energy being delivered at the appropriate time very stongly. This is why they keep returning for further sessions.


    So do not be limited by location, lack of hours in your day OR time zones – within the unified field there are no such limits, we are all energy and all connected, in the eternal now moment.”


    Kyrona Unity Hope

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