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Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program - Survive and Thrive!

Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program - Survive and Thrive!

1 x complete package - giving you full ACCESS to a revolutionary & empowering Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program supporting you to ‘Survive & Thrive’ during  Mercury Retrograde Motion now and always…


YES for the rest of your life you can ensure that Mercury Retrograde provides you with a time of great growth, transformation & creativity.  A time that rather than being challenging, actually supports you to make great headway in your life!


Kyrona & the Celestial Resonance Academy of Light now offer an incredible ‘Mercury Retrograde Mastery Program’ like no other.  It was successfully shared as an online self-paced workshop and is now available with all inclusions as this single purchase product.


 This program shares empowering wisdom, practical & vital tips that every-one should know, healing techniques to work with, as well as, potent energy healing support.  The package includes:-

  • a remarkable 30 minute Star Temple Celestial Resonance Galactic Shamanic Journey (that you will work with at the beginning of every Mercury retrograde motion in the future)
  • a truly potent “Flowing with Mercury Retrograde” Transmission that offers you daily support at such times.
  • The 18 page 'Survive and Thrive Mercury Retrograde' e-book, which includes wisdom, tips and self-healing practices you can weave during each retrograde to support yourself.


As you journey through this magical program, you will not only come to understand more fully the power of Mercury Retrograde but learn to smoothly & consciously navigate this regular celestial flow.  


You will discover how you step out of the challenge and struggle that can come with this celestial timing & choose to create times of great growth, transformation & creativity!


You will learn how to make great headway in your life at these times.  So what are you waiting for the time is now to access this package and empower your life!



  • Downloading your File

    When you have made your purchase, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK on the Thankyou Page.


    You will also receive an email with a download link that lasts for 30 days!  Be sure to download your file to a safe place within this time. 


    As this product contains multiple files - it is delivered as a ZIP Folder.  You will need to unzip the folder to access your files.

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