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Venus @ 7th Gate Morning Star

Venus @ 7th Gate Morning Star

1 x MP3 download of Venus’s Seventh Gate Morning Star "Crown Chakra" Galactic Shamanic Journey, featuring Kyrona's Celestial Resonance Healing Song.  This is an installment of Kyrona's unique and transformational Venus Synodic Cycle Signature Series - it is a Venus attunement tool of excellence!

  • About this Phase of the Venus Synodic Cycle

    The Initiatory ‘Venus Synodic Cycle’ Journey Continues NOW! We have reached the 7th Gate of MANIFESTATION!  The focus is on the BASE & EARTH STAR Chakras!


    Venus (The Goddess Inanna) connects to the 7th Gate and surrenders her Red Royal Robes (her garment of ladyship) to the gatekeeper.  This action symbolises her conscious choice to surrender her life force energy, and release all the ways she not been fully honoring and nurturing it!  She opens to the Divine Feminine Power of Manifestation, diving into the Mysteries of successfully being in the physical body, being grounded and connected to the Earth!


    So at this gate YOU ARE BEING CALLED to heal imbalances in your Base Chakra (and through this your Earth Star Chakra).  To clear & release old energy patterns, stuck distorted or heavy energies that are connected to your base charka (not only in this physical realm but throughout all dimensions of and space).  To release all that is creating fear on any level, all that is stopping you from feeling safe and protected in all areas of your life, all that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of belonging to this Earth and your community/tribe, all that is stopping your life force energy from being vibrant and strong!    


    My friends at this vital moment, we are very close to the end of our descent into the Underworld.   Venus (and you) are now in the final stages of preparation, you are stripped bare of all the protective garments that no longer serve you.


    It is time to surrender completely, in trust and faith, knowing that you are in a powerful Venutian Initiation, prepared now for your underworld journey.  You are dying to who you have thought yourself to be, who you have been AND opening to the truth of who you REALLY ARE, for the benefit of yourself and the new world we are birthing.  Know that as you emerge from the underworld realms, you will receive precious gift beyond measure.  But first you journey  through the underworld with the Sun (which in fact means we are journeying with the light itself – as we release, purge, die in order to be reborn).


    Obviously, for many, this can be the most INTENSE and challenging moment in Venus’s Synodic Cycle! Consciously attuning and flowing with this cycle at this moment allows you to become aware of/and clear any wounds/blocks/imbalances/ distortions you have in your Base & Earth Star Chakras (for many this will be bringing up your deepest core woundings & fears).  As you consciously attune to these energies and do the work – you will return these chakras to optimal function, perhaps for the first time in this life, in order to heal and empower yourself through the mysteries of being in the physical body, being grounded and connected to Mother Earth.  To the mysteries of maintaining maximum life force energy and through this being a powerful Manifestor!

  • How this Healing Tool Will Support You

    This transmission will support you to align with Venus’s 584-day Synodic Cycle and her journey through the 7th Gate until Venus rises again as the evening star.  


    Working with this transmission daily during this time will profoundly support you to heal your Base & Earth Star chakras. To release all that is creating fear on any level, that is stopping you from feeling safe & protected in all areas of your life, all that is holding you back from feeling a deep sense of belonging to this Earth and all that is stopping your life force energy from being vibrant/strong!


    It will greatly support you to attune to and strengthen your Sacred Feminine energy


    This is a healing tool that will never die, it will always connect you to Venus and her journey through the 7th Gate as she descends into the Underworld & through the Underworld, to support you to receive whatever you need in the NOW moment as you attune to the archetypal “overtone” of each and every Venus Synodic Cycle hereafter.


    NOTE:  You can work with this transmission at any time and receive all the great benefits it offers.  So if you are wishing to catch up on the journey with this current cycle, OR you simply wish to support your Base Chakra and associated organs/traits and Earth Star OR wish to strengthen your connection to Venus and the Divine Feminine, this transmission will still be profoundly effective right now.  This is possible because Celestial Resonance Light Language operates outside of time and space, so each time you listen to this transmission you will be connecting to that moment.

  • Downloading your File

    When you have made your purchase, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK on the Thankyou Page.

    You will also receive an email with a download link that lasts for 30 days!  Be sure to download your file to a safe place within this time. 

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