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Venus Retrograde Conjunct Sun -THE METAMORPHOSIS

Venus Retrograde Conjunct Sun -THE METAMORPHOSIS

1 x MP3 download of Venus  Retrograde - Conjunct the Sun "The METAMORPHOSIS" Galactic Shamanic Journey, featuring Kyrona's Celestial Resonance Healing Song.  This is an installment of Kyrona's unique and transformational Venus Synodic Cycle Signature Series - it is a Venus attunement tool of excellence!

  • About this Phase of the Venus Synodic Cycle

    Venus in Retrograde offers us a magical moment of metamorphosis!  And the Conjunction Moment is the most powerful alchemical window!


    After Venus Ascends through the 8th Gate, she goes into Retrograde wrapping up the current Synodic Cycle - while preparing to commence the new Cycle, which occurs as Venus Rises as the Morning Star.  This retrograde phase is an initiatory window where a profound quantum leap can be made in our lives and in our world.


    This is a period when Venus is at her greatest strength, she has been initiated into her full power, and she is moving from one state of being into a completely different state.


    So during this Venus Retrograde period, we experience a powerful time in which to align ourselves with what we want to create in our lives and world as we move forward.  Indeed we can seed this in a very potent way (a way only possible once every 19 months!).


    This retrograde phase is also a time where a lot of old habits and patterns that keep us stuck and hold us back from our full Divine Nature are coming into our awareness and are ready to be shifted and transmuted and healed.




    This Sun conjunction is the moment of most potent alchemy, where we hone the precarious art of our time – to die and be reborn at the same moment. Can we practice radical compassion and fierce dedication in navigating life as the true pioneers of the soul that we are?  Venus at Cazimi or the Heart of the Sun signals the Moment of Metamorphosis where the Great Goddess dies and is reborn in an instant.



  • How this Healing Tool Will Support You

    This healing song will support you with the Venus Metamorphosis and the potent Alchemy that abounds at the Venus/Sun Conjunction each cycle.  It is beyond Magical.

  • Downloading your File

    When you have made your purchase, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK on the Thankyou Page.

    You will also receive an email with a download link that lasts for 30 days!  Be sure to download your file to a safe place within this time. 

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