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Anchor, Attune To & Activate Your Divine Blueprint!

Experience a one-on-one Ceremony with Kyrona that could change your life!

Everything YOU WANT TO KNOW about YOUR Divine Blueprint is right here!

In the following 5 easy to understand QUICK INFORMATION PACKED VIDEOS,  Kyrona reveals everything you should know about YOUR DIVINE BLUEPRINT! 

Discover what it is,  why it is so important to you & how you can connect with it to navigate your life successfully and so much more. 

This is information EVERY-PERSON on Earth should be aware of, certainly you want to know all about it if you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life and live your destiny & purpose.  Enjoy!

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Your Unique 'Soul Song'

It is one of the greatest healing & empowerment tools you will ever own!

Your Soul Song will support you in the most magical of ways for the rest of your life!

It will remind you of who you really are.  It will support you flow with astrological alignments & receive all the frequencies, keys & codes destined for you from them, so that you can move in alignment with the divine timing of your life.  It will support you to move through times of death/rebirth or initiation.  It will greatly assist you to fully embody your soul magnificence, to move through life in alignment with the divine plan for you, to step into your destiny & purpose, to realise your full potential!

These are no small claims, but over and over, the magical power of an individuals SOUL SONG and the Divine Blueprint Ceremony it births from have proven these claims to be true!

Your Soul Song is a Celestial Resonance Living Light Language transmission channeled for you by Kyrona.   It is channeled during a Divine Blueprint Star Temple Ceremony she facilitates just for you.  It is delivered to you by email, as a high-quality musical production, in MP3 audio format – along with a Natal Chart and Natal Chart Report.  It will provide you with a truly unique, tailor-made, magical,  mastery & ascension tool, that you will love experiencing for the rest of your life!”

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Who are these ceremonies for?

YOU and every human, now and always!

This light language soul signature is especially powerful for individuals who had difficult births and/or childhoods, or who simply found entry into Earth to be a shock. Souls not birthed sacredly and peacefully will often not fully anchor in their energetic divine blueprint at birth and in the weeks that follow – leaving them with an Earth Star & Divine Blueprint that is not anchored or clear.  The result is a pre-disposition for fear and anxiety, a longing to go home, a feeling of not belonging, struggle in life, a lack of purpose or direction and much more.

The fact is that without your Divine Blueprint being firmly anchored OR without your being finely attuned to it – your life can be far more challenging and less flowing than it should be.  This is because it is extremely difficult for you to align to and flow with the Divine Plan for your life and to step into the life you have chosen for yourself. 

The remarkable technology supporting your Divine Blueprint Ceremony and working with your transmission thereafter will strongly anchor your Divine Blueprint via your DNA and EarthStar Chakra, into the crystal ley lines of the Earth.  It will also ensure that the communications channels between your DNA and the Celestial Realms are clear and highly functional.  The result of which will allow you to access the frequencies, keys, and codes you need during each listening experience and beyond. 

You will finally feel home on Earth and begin the process of creating your heaven here, stepping into the life you destined for yourself.  

The Divine Blueprint Soul Song Ceremony is also perfect for everyone who is consciously working with their spiritual growth and wishing to embody their full soul potential. And those working towards creating wonderful lives of passion for themselves lives full of love, joy, health, and overall well-being. Receiving an attunement and activation ceremony will ensure that the Divine Blueprint is fully anchored and that clear energetic channels are functioning smoothly. Thereafter listening to your Celestial Resonance Light Language Transmission (your Soul Song) will support you to make the most of your major life transitions, natal chart planetary transits, and key Earth Transits – ensuring that you always receive the frequencies, keys, and codes you need from these celestial timings. Maximising your growth, minimising struggle. 

Each time you listen you will receive a completely new healing and attunement in line with your unique Divine Blueprint and its transits at that moment.  Your SOUL SONG is a tailor-made, unique navigational tool of excellence, created specifically for YOU, to support you for your entire lifetime!

Finally this is truly a remarkable healing tool for children, supporting them to fully integrate into our Earth Plane and to stay connected to their soul self and gifts! Simply playing the Audio CD at their bedtime will greatly facilitate their integration onto Earth and their life journey!  This being said – as a vital aspect of her Childs Healing Sessions Mother & New Baby Sessions, Kyrona also ensures that the Divine Blueprint is Anchored & often brings through the childs' Soul Song.

Divine Blueprint Ceremonies also make a  TRULY UNIQUE AND OUTSTANDING GIFT – for someone you love, supporting them now and into the future to manifest the life they were destined to live!

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What is involved in your Ceremony?

All Kyrona’s Divine Blueprint Ceremonies are conducted as distance healings – so no matter where you live in the world, regardless of your time-zone and the free time you have available – you can access your Ceremony with Kyrona. 

Kyrona conducts her Divine Blueprint Ceremonies by connecting into the Unified Field, Crystalline Grid or Earth and to your DNA.  A process that she has absolutely mastered, as can be seen by the amazing testimonials she receives from clients all over the world!  For those who cannot coordinate a synchronised time with Kyrona – time locking is available and is very effective with well over 50% of her Divine Blueprint clients utilising this method of delivery!

Divine Blueprint Ceremonies offer a very sacred and advanced (albeit ancient) form of transformational healing, that to our understanding is only offered by Kyrona at this time on Earth! This is because her unique spiritual gifts, her lineage, past-life skills and experience and her destiny & purpose have all united at this remarkable time of Evolution to bring this profound Ceremony back to Earth for all to access no matter where they are located!

For you the process is very simple and thoroughly enjoyable.  You simply book your ceremony, provide Kyrona with the simple details she requests, coordinate a time for the ceremony to be performed and then relax, experience and enjoy the transformation frequencies!

The main information Kyrona will need from you is your date/time/place of birth.   With this information she maps your Natal Chart (an astrology map of where all the 12 planets, the Sun, Moon and Chiron was at the moment of your birth and how they were moving – also a map of the energy of your Divine Blueprint) – she will email this map and a detailed report of its meaning to you for future reference.   If you do not have a time of birth, she can still conduct your session and provide you with details.

To create your Divine Blueprint Ceremony with its Celestial Living Soul Song, Kyrona goes into a powerful ceremony.   She creates a crystal grid to support the ceremony.  She connects into her etheric Star Temple and guides you into this sacred space, she then invokes the energy of your Divine Blueprint. She calls forth the Planetary and Starry Beings, Sun, Moon and Celestial Beings from within our Solar System and beyond – and connects you and herself deeply into the energy of your Divine Blueprint as shown by of your Natal Chart.  At this point she opens herself to connect to your soul, your guides, the celestial beings of our Solar System, as well as the soul group and energies she channels – then she brings through  “your soul song” that is tailored to you and your Divine Blueprint, with the intent to fully anchor this energy into the Earth and attune you with it. The frequencies, keys and codes, weaved into your personal channel will allow you to connect to and align with your souls Divine Blueprint, your destiny and purpose on this Earth – greatly supporting your healing, empowerment, mastery and ascension now and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

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Incredible Reviews


Ultimate Divine Blueprint Ceremony

Hi Kyrona, thank you very much for a magnificent experience during my Blueprint Ceremony. Even before it started my husband could sense a powerful stream flooding me, I could feel instant relief of all the tensions of the night and by the time it was completed, I felt completely rejuvenated for the day! I know it has made a huge shift within me & I can’t wait to start my journey with your Online Divine Blueprint Self Mastery Workshop now! With love Sylvianne

Sylviane G: FRANCE

Attractive Young Woman

Soul Song Divine Blueprint Ceremony

I am very grateful for my soul song – it was beautiful!  I am also grateful for the incredible energies I received during my ceremony with you.

I know why you call it ‘soul song’ – my heart center seemed to be singing along. Understanding every word.   Today I feel, for the very first time – that spirit has merged with my physical form.  I sense open space not just around the heart but completely around the body and beyond. Deeply grounded and fearless.

Again, very grateful to have found you. You have changed my life!  Blessing, Annabelle

Annabelle: SYDNEY, Australia

Mature Woman

COMPLETE Divine Blueprint Ceremony

I want to express my thanks to you for the Divine Blueprint Ceremony you performed for me.  All the time I felt a lovely light energy with me.  I now feel more sane and normal than I have ever felt. I feel accepting of myself like I’ve never felt before. I’ve always felt attached and affected by the past, which I don’t now.   I am now working with the Soul Song Twice daily and it has brought great happiness and sometimes tears. Thanks again! Gail x

Gail F: MELBOURNE, Australia

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

COMPLETE Divine Blueprint Ceremony

My Divine Blueprint Ceremony was awesome! My soul song is amazing & even involves throat singing, which I have been known to do from time to time!

The crystal grid is also fabulous, with many crystals I already work with! My book cover also includes a pyramid (I’ve always been very connected to ancient Egypt, Greece & Atlantis) & Archangel Michael’s sword, which I also work with! I truly felt like I was coming home & resonated very strongly with the ceremony & feel like I’ve found what I’ve been looking for my whole life – it just makes sense! I’ve always worked with white light but this is on a whole other level!

Thank you so much, I feel much more grounded and present & things are already starting to change for the better – it has been truly life-changing & very powerful & perfect for me! I can’t wait to continue my journey! Blessings Catherine

Catherine K: MELBOURNE, Australia

About Divine Blueprint: Testimonials
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