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Spiritual Counseling

Heal, Grow, Transform - find Balance & Joy!

Kyrona is an experienced Spiritual Counselor and Business Coaching Professional who works in partnership with you, listening deeply, utilising psychotherapy, astrology, intuition and her personal experience to help shape your perspective into a healthy, positive and productive one.

Whether it’s your spiritual gifts, your career, a relationship, relationship breakdown, parenthood, or anything else that’s important to you, Kyrona will help you gain insight, direction and peace of mind.  Journeying with Kyrona, will empower you to step forward, to effectively deal with the challenging situations and emotions you encounter in life.  To co-create change, a new more aligned reality and balance.

Spiritual Counseling: Welcome


"My spiritual counseling sessions are way more than listening and applying my counseling training - each session is uniquely SUPER-CHARGED! 

As YOU & I journey together, I may weave in my healing gifts, astrological insights, intuitive guidance and my ability to commune with your higher-self (as guided and appropriate).  Finally, I can also channel Celestial Resonance to wrap up our time together - if you desire!"  KYRONA

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Passion & Experience

"I have had a lot of big experiences in my life, these gift me a deep understanding & desire to support others!"


While I happily work with all attracted to my energy and methods, I am particularly experienced and passionate about working with:-

  • Women of all ages

    • Women in peri-menopause

    • Single Mothers

    • Women who are pregnant

    • Women wanting to access their spiritual gifts

  • Those dealing with anxiety

  • Relationship breakdown & the challenges that brings

  • People dealing with domestic violence currently or with the impacts that flow on from it

  • Sexual abuse survivors

  • AND of course, as an experienced business professional, I love supporting women to start and/or grow their small to medium businesses!

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Rave Reviews

Danah 2.JPG

Spiritual Counseling & Frequency Healing

Ky, seriously had I not had your loving, frank, nurturing and empowering support over the past year, I would not be working towards growth and blessings in every area of my life. Your gifts are truly tremendous and to know that you are out there working so very hard day/night (no excuses…I see how many emails you send out online…I know you work darn hard) is just a wonderful contribution to humanity. The world is a much better place with your love and guidance around. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do…..


Dahah Wood:  Sunny Coast, Australia

Hayley Meskanen.JPG

Counseling & Frequency Healing

Everyone who knows me will know I’m typically a bubbly gal, but… being Human means we all have days where we wonder where the hell our sparkle ran off too in the middle of the night…

So if you’re like me, then perhaps sometimes you have days where your thoughts appear to absorb you, and if so, then like me, you’re in need of strengthening your connection with self (retrieving your sensational sparkle) once more.

And to help you bring back your bedazzle on those days of need, I wish to share with you a really great tool…

Her name is Kyrona Unity Hope (and I swear she has real fairy dust and a wand, because her sessions for me, have been miraculous). 

I love to listen to her transmissions when I wake up so I start my day calm, clear and positive, cos regardless of whether you’re already sparkling or in search of your MIA sparkle, we can always ALWAYS, say yes to a little more SPARKLE and light up our lives and inner self with more joy, clarity, love and gratitude.

Thanks Ky, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve blessed and thanked you, I’d be a VERY financially abundant woman!

Hayley M: Hawaii, USA


Spiritual Counseling

Kyrona is truly an amazing spiritual counselor and to be very honest, I do not know what I would do without her! She has helped me tremendously
through our spiritual counseling sessions. I would definitely recommend these sessions to anyone who is looking to expand their spiritual knowledge.
I started listening to her light language in 2013, I have completed all of her workshops and continue to receive monthly MAFH’s. These counseling sessions have really brought all these aspects into perspective and I now have a much deeper understanding of my true purpose!

Millicent Walters: Florida

Happy Mature Woman

Spiritual Counseling  & Frequency Healing

After session 1….. “This was all so amazing and beautiful! As I listened to your words, I even became a little emotional. With every fiber of my being, I knew this was exactly what I was being called to do at this time … to journey with you! It was immensely Divine and filled with such wisdom, guidance and direction. From the depths of my heart, thank you so much"

After session 2 ….. “This was another beautiful, healing, insightful, and inspirational session!!  It’s exactly what is needed to support me on my journey to self-mastery and self-realization. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Julie S: Minnesotta - USA

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