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Uranus in Taurus (2018 - 2026) BUNDLE

Uranus in Taurus (2018 - 2026) BUNDLE

This is a must have for your personal healing tool box! Supporting you 2018 - 2026!

There really is no better way to support yourself to flow with Uranus in Taurus!


The bundle is amazing value and includes:-

  • 40 minute MP3 Download of the Galactic Shamanic Attunement Journey (Meditation),

  • 6 minute MP3 Download of the FULL Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Activation & Attunement Transmission taken from within the above journey,

  • A 30 minute MP3 Download of a teaching/ceremony overview and preparation guide,

  • A PDF Download with preparation recommendations and support information.

  • More About This Product

    On the day Uranus entered Taurus 16th May 2018, Kyrona entered the Energy Field she knows as the Celestial Temple and facilitated a Global Ceremony. During this Sacred Ceremony she facilitated a potent 40 minute Galactic Shamanic Journey (which includes over 12 minutes of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language within it).


    In this journey you connect powerfully into your body, its wisdom and pleasure centres. Through the technology/magic of the Celestial Temple you travel to a sacred and extremely powerful Monolith in Australia for a breathtaking/life-changing ceremony. You meet, commune with & receive huge energetic upgrades from the BEing Uranus and the Taurus Tribe - you receive etheric gifts from each to support you moving forward. You are supported by Kyrona's starry healing team to shift your energy in alignment with your highest good, and more....

    The purpose of this ceremony and its light language is to support those connecting to it (between 2018 & 2026) to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of the Uranus in Taurus cycle, to clear their energy field with ease & to catapult their spiritual growth / evolution, to master experiencing joy and pleasure in the body, to BE Heaven on Earth, fully energised - so that they may most effectively BE a Warrior of Peace!


    As is the magic of Celestial Resonance and all Kyrona's Ceremonies/Transmissions -this bundle offers those who access it a gift that keeps on giving. Every time you listen you receive tailored energetic support, celestial downloads, healing & DNA light code activations! The changes occur, with each listening experience, because the energy in the skies above is different, your energy is different and Uranus has shifted in position. As such working with these profound 5d healing tools regularly, builds upon your awakening/evolution journey in a completely tailored, profound and effective way!


    There really is no better way to support yourself to flow with Uranus in Taurus!


    LEARN MORE about Uranus in Taurus here.

  • Downloading your File

    When you have made your purchase, you will receive a DOWNLOAD LINK on the Thankyou Page.


    You will also receive an email with a download link that lasts for 30 days!  Be sure to download your file to a safe place within this time. 


    As this product contains multiple files - it is delivered as a ZIP Folder.  You will need to unzip the folder to access your files.

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