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Uranus in Taurus (2018-2026) - Wisdom, Top 5 Tips & Light Language Attunement

With Uranus in Taurus the emphasis is on the Earth, the body, pleasure & physical processes!

Uranus in Taurus:- In 2018 Uranus entered Taurus for the first time since 1942! Our world is so different now, our frequency & consciousness much higher. An evolutionary wave is building and is set to sweep our world, creating much needed change in its wake. Uranus, the Great Awakener, will get us on track, no matter what it takes! Get conscious, co-create with Uranus and the Taurus Mystery School and you can expect to be surprised and delighted!

Listen to Kyrona Discuss this Uranus in Taurus transformational transit

Topics in this article:-

1. Important dates to note.

2. About Uranus and Taurus

3. What Uranus in Taurus Means to YOU! - Will you be personally on the front line? - Personal Audit?

4. My Top 5 Tips to flow with this energy!

5. A Uranus in Taurus BUNDLE - the most powerful way to flow 2018-26

6. A FREE GIFT - of the Uranus in Taurus Attunement Healing Song (audio player)

6. Inspiration for Uranus in Taurus (don't miss these gems!)

1. Uranus in Taurus dates to note 2018 - 2026

Uranus enters Taurus - May 15/16, 2018

Uranus Rx enters Aries - Nov 6/7, 2018

Uranus enters Taurus - March 6/7, 2019

Uranus enters Gemini - July 7/8, 2025

Uranus Rx enters Taurus - Nov 8/9, 2025

Uranus enters Gemini - April 26/27, 2026

2. Firstly a little about Uranus and the constellation of Taurus.

Uranus is "The Great Awakener" he brings with him great change, shifts in consciousness and reality. He does this by creating unplanned, unexpected, uncontrollable events that take us in new directions (think of him as your GPS Navigation System, who will get you on path "no matter what it takes!").

Uranus operates from the Celestial Realm; it's not in the body, it's not in form, it's not a feminine planet, therefore it has to do with principles that stand outside the universe of earth and water.

Uranus has an orbit (transits) around the Sun and our Earth that takes 84 years. So when he changes sign (approximately every 7 years) OR when he is connecting to/initiating a specific aspect of your unique Divine Blueprint - it is a very big deal! YOU absolutely want to know when you are in a Uranus Initiation (you can learn if you are in a Uranus initiation now OR if you will be as Uranus moves through Taurus over the coming 7 years by having a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing Session with me).

Uranus sends to us high frequency electromagnetic energy - specifically for the purpose of supporting us to increase our frequency and anchor our lightbody, supporting us to shift from 3D to 5D frequency and consciousness.

In Shamanic Astrology (the Astrological Mystery School I most resonate with) it is beleived that "The intent of a Uranus Cycle is to produce change. The mechanism Uranus uses to bring about change is, Whatever It Takes! Uranus’ job is to monitor a person’s life and to notice any patterns that have been in place too long. They may be successful patterns or not. What Uranus notices is when a person is in a rut and it’s time for a change to take place.
A Uranus cycle brings buzzy, ungrounded, fast energy into your life. It brings unexpected, un-plan able, uncontrollable events creating course deviations from the course we thought we were pursuing. The events that take place in a Uranus cycle can be marvellously wonderful or devastatingly difficult depending upon what is needed to produce the necessary changes.
These events occur outside of the plans that have been made and produced unpredictable events that shift perception and often the direction of a person’s life. If you are in a personal Uranus initiation it is not a time to try and make changes or to solidify something in form. Rather it is a time to go with the flow of what is happening and allow the changes to occur. If a person is not attached and not trying to hold on, then the Uranus cycle is often experienced as a time of excitement, adventure and brilliant out of the box insights and ideas." The Shamanic Astrology Handbook

It is important to understand that the Uranus principle is not about producing situations or difficulty and disaster. Difficulty and disaster happen when there is resistance to the changes that need to take place. So working consciously with a Uranus transit is very important and empowering.

Taurus is an Earth sign and a self-interest sign, focused, determined and persistent. Taurus rules the 2nd house in an astrological chart, thus is interested in pleasure, aesthetics, receiving and the use of resources. It is left brain feminine in nature.

Taurus is the only sign 100% interested in receiving. The purpose of Taurus is to bring Spirit into the physical to enjoy and savour it (to BE Heaven on Earth). Thus it is interested in the experience of being in a body, for the purpose of enjoying the experience as an end in itself. If imbalanced and in shadow Taurus energy can be lazy, stubborn, lack focused, insecure and possessive.

Taurus doesn’t really care about function & purpose, its simply about seeking the highest quality pleasure, going deeper into it for as long as possible (without causing harm to the self or others). Taurus knows 'there is nowhere to go, this present is all there is!'

"The Taurus Archetype investigates the mysteries of beauty, pleasure and receivership, desiring to be fully honoured, loved and appreciated as a master of deep personal intimacy. Taurus focuses on experiencing the ecstacy of Life Force Energy as the essence of intimacy, investigating the full range of physical and spiritual intimacy in the body. As and enlightenment path Taurus is best described as the Garden of Eden with the intent to bring spirit fully into matter for the purpose of pure enjoyment and the full sensual experience of what is beautiful and without any fall from Grace." The Shamanic Astrology Handbook

Uranus in Taurus: So with Uranus dancing through Taurus over the next 7 years, things are going to get very interesting indeed! Uranus will be urging progressive change, no matter what it takes, to support humanity to align with the mission & purpose statement for Taurus at this time. The mission statement is "To restore the Garden of Eden without the fall. To restore the sacred feminine and a valuing of our physical incarnation for the purpose of enjoying it!" while we also fully embody our roles as the Warriors of Peace we are here to be!

3. What Uranus journeying through Taurus means to YOU & our world?

Uranus in Taurus: Uranus brings disruption and change wherever he goes. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942. If we look back to this time we can see that this energy was partly responsible for the depression (serious weaknesses in the economy), the dust bowl in America (created by over-farming, over-grazing & drought), World War 2, fascism and a cultural swing away from overindulgence to fear based scarcity consciousness. It was a real exploration of the depths of shadow! It certainly was not a pleasurable moment in our Earths history, with Uranus using the universal big stick 'whatever it takes' approach to bring about change.

I am certain the world has changed a lot since 1934, certainly we have experienced huge shifts in our frequency and consciousness over recent decades. However we are still not managing the Earth's natural resources in sustainable ways and the world economy is not strong and certainly not serving the many - so we can anticipate change in these areas (especially as Taurus does bring focus here). Additionally the restoration of the divine Feminine has begun, with it comes a call to heal mother Gaia, to use her resources sustainably, to honour and respect women, indigenous wisdoms etc... we can expect a focus for change to continue here. While I am not 'Pollyanna' enough to assume it's going to be all rosie this time around (especially with the big alignments of 2020 due), I do feel that our goal through this next Uranus in Taurus cycle is to use our newly embodied consciousness and our mastery of our co-creative powers, to consciously attune to this evolutionary wave and flow with it to heal our lives, our communities and our Earth, with as minimal struggle and maximum pleasure as possible!

"So as you attune to this energy over the next 8 years YOU can expect to slow down your pace and ground into the Earth and to experience a deepening of your connection to Gaia. You can expect to become more fully present to each moment. To have inspirational downloads allowing you to create innovative and unique ways to experience greater pleasure in your physical body and to enjoy greater intimate connection with others. In fact Uranus having just left Aries (with Chiron just entering Aries) is supporting you to find a path forward that allows you to experience the full pleasure/joy of your humanity, while also being a Warrior of Peace.

This means YOU are BEing called to witnesses the injustice and imbalance in our world, to be vulnerable enough to feel the effects of this compassionately and to act (as best you can, in your own unique way) to bring a world out of balance, back into balance once more, to create justice & liberty for all, to restore the cosmic order of things! WHILE AT THE SAME TIME Uranus will be guiding you to be progressive in all things Taurus. To find a balance within, as to how to concurrently enjoy your life to its fullest, to be maximising and extending feelings of joy, pleasure and playfulness in your life. The bottom line is that we have a big job to do to heal our world and we need to be fully energised, alive and lite up to do it! That is why this divinely time revolution has arrived and YOU are called to a new way of BEing, you are on the front line of this evolutionary wave! It's time to embody the 5D Warrior of Peace who totally thrives in their human form, living Heaven on Earth!

If it is an issue for you, Uranus in Taurus will be calling you to surrender any scarcity consciousness/fear you hold within. As a result there will be a focus on transforming the physical structures/systems that operate from a foundation of scarcity in our world, especially all things to do with resources and money - it's so needed!

Finally there will be a focus on innovative and creative ways to sustainably use the Earth's resources! The Great Awakener Uranus comes to facilitate a sustainable energy renaissance in perfect time!

This wave and the shift it calls us to, will not always be easy - the Great Awakener Uranus will do whatever it takes to get you on path! This celestial timing is big and it holds huge surprising potential! To best surf this wave, you must become one with it, listen, observe, adjust, adapt, be swift on your feet and flow with its urgings, while being fully present to the moment, feeling the rush, the joy & pleasure of the ride as you do!

Remember always my starry friend, YOU are a powerful co-creator who informs the mysteries, as much as they inform you! Together let's call upon Uranus to "Surprise and Delight US" allowing magic, miracles and brilliant out of the box ideas to light up our life and our world!" Kyrona, 3 May 2018.

Will YOU be personally on the front line of this Uranus in Taurus Journey?

As Uranus moves into and through Taurus over the next 8 years, he will be initiating those with personal planets/points in the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius OR those turning 42 during this time! If this is YOU it is really important be aware of the dates & nature of the personal initiations and divine timings you will be experiencing, because it will enable to consciously attune to them, flow with them, make the most of them and avoid unnecessary struggle.

You can find out what, if any, Uranus Initiations you are having during the Uranus in Taurus time by having a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing with me (where I will look at your current transits/initiations and give insights + energetic support), or, you may see an astrologer to gain the details. Note if you are turning 42 soon (or just done so) - you are in your a Uranus Opposition and its really important to be aware of it!

Simple strategies for flowing with a Uranus Transit:

  1. Roll with the punches

  2. Trust you are being taken where you most need to go (he will get you back on track with your destiny and souls calling)

  3. Be open to everything, especially new and innovative brilliant ideas

  4. No clinging or holding onto anything

  5. Ground regularly

  6. Know that you will never be able to get all your great ideas, inspirations etc done quickly enough, your not meant to! So relax and journal your ideas etc, then you can apply them over the coming years as guided.

  7. Ask Uranus to surprise and delight you!

PERSONAL AUDIT:- Questions to contemplate to support your attunement with Taurean Mystery school (as Uranus is urging you to do).

It is well worth taking time to go within and feel into the following questions as Uranus shifts into Taurus. I would recommend revisiting it at least annually, to see how your going and adjust accordingly!

Ask the questions:-

  • Are you savouring and enjoying your life in ways other than ambition, success and fame?

  • Do you think you have to earn the right to feel good?

  • Do you give more than you receive?

  • Do you have anything against receiving?

  • Do you feel guilty and selfish when you put yourself first?

  • Do you stop and smell the roses?

  • Do you constantly feel you lack enough, money, love, pleasure etc?

  • Do you feel safe and secure in your body?

If in asking the above questions, you identify any aspects within/in your life, that are not serving you now is the time to start addressing them, to open yourself to maximum presence, pleasure, joy and wholehearted living!

You may also like to consider how you could add 1 or 2 things into your life for simply indulging your senses, emphasising what feels good to you. This is not about giving to anyone else, unless giving to them gives you pleasure!

Contemplate how you could emphasise the essence and the artistry of true intimacy for its own sake (remember you are the standard measurer in your life for beauty, art, intimacy, not others). The goal is to feel safe and secure in your body, ensuring you are not selling out to external concepts and security as a substitute.

4. My Top 5 Tips to flow with this energy!

Now to my top 5 tips.... do be sure to read part 3 about what Uranus in Taurus means to you above because it is the why to my my top 5 tips.

  1. Do a personal audit - take time to contemplate the questions shared at part 3 above and determine to address any areas you can improve upon! It is really important to be open to guidance and change here - this is the way to avoid the big stick across the knees!

  2. Get aware of any personal initiations you will be having with Uranus as he journeys through Taurus. Note: one way you can find out what, if any , Uranus Initiations you are having during this time by having a Mastery & Ascension Frequency Healing with me .

  3. Remember to "Ask Uranus to Surprise and Delight You" regularly.

  4. Access energy work and/or light language support to assist you to attune and flow with this huge energy, to assist you to really embody the "pleasure/joy/heaven on Earth, while being the 5d Warrior of Peace" and reflect this into the world. No matter where you live, I am available for healing sessions & the light language above will support you incredibly!

  5. Regularly take time to contemplate the causes close to your heart and consider how you can take action, to energetically participate in being a part of a solution, in ways that will not drain you or stop you from feeling joy/pleasure in your life. Better still call upon Uranus to assist you to find ways to be part of the solution that you totally love and enjoy - perhaps its about being a member of an active, vibrant, passionate community. Creating fundraisers that uplift and inspire and are enjoyable. Deep profound meditation and dream seeding... No rules here, its simply what will work for you - anything is possible - get inspired and get out of the box!

5. A Uranus in Taurus Celestial Resonance Attunement & Activation Bundle

This is a must have for your personal healing tool box! Supporting you 2018 - 2026!

On the day Uranus entered Taurus 16th May 2018, Kyrona entered the Energy Field she knows as the Celestial Temple and facilitated a Global Ceremony. During this Sacred Ceremony she facilitated a potent 40 minute Galactic Shamanic Journey (which includes over 12 minutes of Celestial Resonance Living Light Language within it).

In this journey you connect powerfully into your body, its wisdom and pleasure centres. Through the technology/magic of the Celestial Temple you travel to a sacred and extremely powerful Monolith in Australia for a breathtaking/life-changing ceremony. You meet, commune with & receive huge energetic upgrades from the BEing Uranus and the Taurus Tribe - you receive etheric gifts from each to support you moving forward. You are supported by Kyrona's starry healing team to shift your energy in alignment with your highest good, and more....

The purpose of this ceremony and its light language is to support those connecting to it (between 2018 & 2026) to energetically align with the evolutionary imperative of the Uranus in Taurus cycle, to clear their energy field with ease & to catapult their spiritual growth / evolution, to master experiencing joy and pleasure in the body, to BE Heaven on Earth, fully energised - so that they may most effectively BE a Warrior of Peace!

As is the magic of Celestial Resonance and all Kyrona's Ceremonies/Transmissions -this bundle offers those who access it a gift that keeps on giving. Every time you listen you receive tailored energetic support, celestial downloads, healing & DNA light code activations! The changes occur, with each listening experience, because the energy in the skies above is different, your energy is different and Uranus has shifted in position. As such working with these profound 5d healing tools regularly, builds upon your awakening/evolution journey in a completely tailored, profound and effective way!

There really is no better way to support yourself to flow with Uranus in Taurus!

The bundle is amazing value and includes:-

  • 40 minute MP3 Download of the Galactic Shamanic Attunement Journey (Meditation),

  • 6 minute MP3 Download of the FULL Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Activation & Attunement Transmission taken from within the above journey,

  • A 30 minute MP3 Download of a teaching/ceremony overview and preparation guide,

  • A PDF Download with preparation recommendations and support information.

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