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Business Coaching & Marketing

From start-up to growing your Wellness Businesses

Kyrona is uniquely qualified and experienced to support YOU to clear fears and blocks, to develop clear vision, to clarify issues, identify solutions and develop effective strategies for forward movement.  She will activate your business mastery and assist you to; start-up, re-position, pivot and/or grow your wellness industry business!

Not only is Kyrona university qualified, but she has also got 2 decades of experience running a wellness business behind her.  

In 2003 Kyrona left the corporate world & became self-employed, at the time she was at the top of her game, an award-winning marketer with National Management responsibilities.  Since 2003 she has owned/managed several businesses including a marketing company focused on the wellness industry & several local service based businesses. While always keeping her key focus invested in mentoring & coaching thousands of individuals around the world through her online “Empowerment, Wellness & Business – Service, Membership, Events & Training programs” via this website and its services.

Certainly, all who connect with Kyrona, are left in no doubt, that she is a CHANGE AGENT, a driving force who will get any business challenges you face addressed and resolved, while also co-creating EFFECTIVE, PRACTICAL, EFFICIENT, BALANCED and RESPECTFUL, ACHIEVABLE strategies for forward movement!  

With her unique skillset, she will work intuitively and collaboratively with YOU, empowering you, growing your confidence, and ensuring you implement action plans in the most joyful, harmonious, and efficient ways!  She will walk beside you and cheer you on, as you co-create your dreams/visions into reality!

Kyrona also offers Marketing & Web Development services to those she works with as required.  Feel free to talk to her about your needs and how she can assist you.

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"My business counseling sessions are way more than listening and applying my business experience and marketing skills - each session is uniquely SUPER-CHARGED! 

As YOU & I journey together, I may weave in my healing gifts, astrological insights, intuitive guidance, and my ability to commune with your higher-self (as guided and appropriate).  Whatever is needed by you - is what you will receive!"  KYRONA

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