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American Horror Story NYC - Episode 2

This, fans will know, is usually how American Horror Story is released. But the difference with Season 11 is that the show will come out with two episodes a week, which has not happened before in the franchise's history.

American Horror Story NYC - Episode 2

The real twist, however, is less about content and more about timing. "Drive" was followed by Season 2, Episode 4,"Milkmaids" -- a radically different story centering around a colonial town's ghoulish efforts to stop a lethal plague in their 17th century community. That echoes NYC's overarching threat: the arrival of the AIDS epidemic, which is hinted at in various chilling prophecies throughout the first two episodes. In this case, Dr. Hannah Wells -- a scientist played by Billie Lourd -- diligently tracks the nascent path of HIV while the season's other characters respond to the human killer in their midst.

And with the spinoff American Horror Stories (featuring a different storyline each episode) now part of the expanding universe (it returned for a second season in July), fans have a lot to enjoy from the franchise.

Every season of "American Horror Story" focuses on a new plot and cast of characters. This year's season is titled "American Horror Story: NYC." The story follows a doctor who uncovers something terrifying and a local reporter who becomes front page news during a wave of strange deaths and disappearances across New York City. The horror anthology series is created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

The demand for "American Horror Story" was so high that Murphy and his producing partner Brad Falchuk created a spinoff show, "American Horror Stories." While both are anthology series, the spinoff features standalone episodes, whereas the original features one continuous storyline throughout the entire season. 041b061a72


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