Some Background: – In 2003 Kyrona left the corporate world & became self-employed, at the time she was at the top of her game, an award-winning marketer with National Management responsibilities.  Since 2003 she has owned/managed several businesses including a marketing company & with her husband several trades based service businesses. In addition, a key focus of her time has been invested mentoring & coaching thousands of individuals around the world (especially women and mothers) through her online “Empowerment, Wellness & Business – Service, Membership, Events & Training programs” via this website.

Kyrona’s 2020 Vision: – In January 2020 Kyrona decided to put aside the majority of her mentoring/coaching work, and fully commit to stepping up into community leadership at an entirely new level, entering the Government/Political sphere.  As an inspiring and unstoppable force for positive progressive change, Kyrona brings her extensive life experience, wisdom and skills to this new path.  She is intending to stand for election in Queensland, Australia during 2020.

WHY? After reading the 2018 IPCC Report  Kyrona felt urgently called to take action, to ensure humanity met the emissions targets signatory governments agreed to by the 2030 & 2050 timeframes!  Since then she has been very disheartened by the lack of unified proactive climate mitigation & adaptation action across all levels of government in Australia.  So:-

  • as a mother of a blended family of 6, and a grandmother to 4 – who is passionate about the world & lifestyle her children (all children on Earth) are going to inherit,
  • as a woman who is deeply connected to the environment and respectful of biodiversity,
  • as a successful businesswoman with a business degree behind her – who understands the economy and the realities of small-medium business,
  • as a woman experienced in working/inspiring individuals and groups to implement change,
  • as a woman with an extensive scientific foundation, and
  • as a proud Australian who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for the majority of the last 20 years…

Kyrona has decided to ‘walk her talk’ and do absolutely all she can to facilitate the change needed, to not only meet our Carbon Targets but to position Australia as global leader when it comes to climate action! 
Kyrona firmly believes Australia as one of the wealthiest and most innovative countries on Earth, has a moral obligation not only to its citizens (especially its youth) but also to humanity, all animals and ecosystems on Earth – to lead by example and drive the global evolution needed!  We are one Earth and one Humanity and it is going to require all hands on deck to achieve the task at hand!

‘So in 2020 Kyrona is choosing to BE the change she wishes to see in the world – more so than ever before!  She is offering herself as a representative of the people.  She is choosing to enter government in order to facilitate unified CLIMATE ACTION in Australia & around the world.’

Certainly, all who connect with Kyrona, are left in no doubt, that she will be a driving force in co-creating EFFECTIVE, PRACTICAL, EFFICIENT, EQUAL & JUST climate mitigation & adaptation strategies!  And that with her unique skills, she will work collaboratively within government, with businesses and the community, to ensure the implementation of these strategies in the most swift, harmonious and intelligent ways, to ensure ‘no-person’ or township is left behind, to ensure ‘everyone’ is supported to transition, and importantly that ensure that we retain ‘the unique character we love about our country and our Sunshine Coast communities’, while actively taking all the steps vitally needed to RENEW OUR FUTURE!

Of course, Kyrona has other key areas within her Sunshine Coast community that she wishes to bring improvement, investment, further attention and change to – but these will be revealed in due course!



All Kyrona’s existing and past clients can be assured she will stay connected through her existing email list.  Kyrona is committed to continuing to support you all with wisdom, insights, tips, inspiration and one-on-one support as needed.

For all those NEW to Kyrona’s world, if you are keen to follow her progress in this her new 2020 path, be sure to visit her new website KYRONA HOPE  (currently under development) which will offer details of Kyrona’s credentials, experience, policies, activities and more.   You may also like to link up with her new Public Profile ‘Facebook Page’ (coming March 2020).