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DUY DaD Tape is a plug-in that simulates the sound of analog tape recorders in the digital domain. It was originally developed for TDM in the mid-90s, and now it is available in native formats for Mac OS X, including RTAS, Audio Units, VST and MAS.

DUY DaD Tape models four of the most representative tape machines on the market: a vintage valve machine, a transistor-based machine of the late 60s, an operational amplifier-based machine of the 70s and a modern machine. It also simulates three of the most common noise reduction systems, plus a proprietary noiseless-tape mode. Users can switch between tape speeds (7 1/2 ips, 15 ips and 30 ips) to achieve different sonic characteristics and effects.

Download Zip:

DUY DaD Tape can be used to add warmth, saturation, compression and harmonic distortion to electronic and acoustic instruments, either individually or by sections or sub-mixes. It is especially suitable for percussive sounds, as it rounds off peak transients and enhances the low-end. It can also be used for mastering of complete mixes, as it delivers an analog tape character and smooths out the digital harshness .

DUY DaD Tape has an easy and intuitive user interface, with only a few controls to adjust the input level, output level, tape speed, tape type, noise reduction mode and bypass. Users can also access a preset menu with various settings for different musical genres and applications.

DUY DaD Tape is priced at 299 EUR, but registered users of EverPack 2.5 & 3, Magic Spectrum 1.0 or MagicEQ LE 1.0 can get it for a special price of 239 EUR. It can also be purchased as part of several native bundles that include other DUY plug-ins.

DUY DaD Tape is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, and requires an iLok or a disk-based authorization. It supports sample rates up to 192 kHz and bit depths up to 32 bits.

DUY DaD Tape is a plug-in that offers a realistic and versatile emulation of analog tape sound in the digital domain. It can be used to enhance the sonic quality of any instrument or mix, and to create vintage or creative effects. It is a must-have tool for any producer or engineer who wants to add some analog warmth and character to their digital recordings.


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