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Muzaffar Nagar - The Burning Love Full Movie In Hindi 720p

Muzaffar Nagar - The Burning Love Full Movie in Hindi 720p

Muzaffar Nagar - The Burning Love is a 2017 Hindi movie directed by Harish Kumar and produced by Manoj Kumar Maandi. It is based on the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots, a series of violent clashes between Hindu and Muslim communities in Uttar Pradesh, India. The movie depicts the love story of a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl amid the communal tension and violence. It also shows the role of politicians, police and media in the riots.

The movie features Dev Sharma as Dev, a sharpshooter who returns to his hometown Muzaffarnagar on a break and falls in love with Sara (Aishwarya Devan), an aspiring IPS officer. Their romance faces opposition from their families and communities, who are divided by religion and politics. When the riots break out, Dev takes up arms to protect his love and his people from the goons and the corrupt system.

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The movie also stars Anil George as Shaukeen, a local politician who instigates the riots for his personal gain, Ravi Khanna as Inspector Chauhan, a corrupt cop who aids Shaukeen, Mursaleem Qureshi as Arshad, Sara's brother who opposes her relationship with Dev, Sandeep Bose as Dev's father, a retired army officer who supports his son's fight for justice, and Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj as Gaurav, Dev's friend who joins him in the battle.

The movie was released on November 17, 2017 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the movie for its realistic portrayal of the riots and its message of communal harmony, while others criticized it for its poor direction, editing and acting. The movie was also accused of being biased and sensationalizing the issue.

The movie is available to watch online in Hindi with English subtitles on various platforms. You can also download the full movie in Hindi 720p quality from some websites. However, we do not recommend or endorse any illegal or pirated sources for watching or downloading the movie. Please watch the movie only from official and legal sources.

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We hope you enjoy watching Muzaffar Nagar - The Burning Love full movie in Hindi 720p. Please share your feedback and comments with us.

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